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    4850 - crashes on new games

    Hey guys, I have the following system: Q6600 (stock) Abit IB9 8 gigs memory ATi 4850 (newest drivers) Windows 7 Ever since I've started playing newer games I've had huge problems in those games. Arkham Asylum, Just Cause 2, and Borderlands are a few examples. I can play them...
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    New processor, now I have problems

    It's not on a Raptor. I really think it's just a processor driver issue with 7. Again, I had the ram and video card for over a week without a problem. I dropped the new processor in, 7 said it installed a new driver as soon as it booted, and then the problems started. It's completely stable in...
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    New processor, now I have problems

    Hi all, I just got a q6600 for my Abit IB9 motherboard, the best processor that can fit in it. About a week ago I put in 8 gigs of RAM and an ATi 4850 card, both which worked great. But with this new processor, I can't get Windows 7 (build 7100, the RC) to be stable at all; it freezes...
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    Squeezing the last out of my IB9

    For graduation my parents gave me a budget of < $600 for a computer upgrade. I would go for i7 but to get the processor, mboard, memory, and vid card, it would far exceed that, plus I also REALLY need a new case, as I have lost the door to this one, so therefore I need to get the last bit out of...
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    Politicians Threaten Schools Over Campus Piracy

    I totally see the connection between downloading music and murder/drug use.
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    Politicians Threaten Schools Over Campus Piracy

    I lol'd This is pretty dumb. Most universities take the threats from the RIAA seriously. Mine does stop as much as it can short of throwin' the internet switch off, in a few ways, for instance, they regularly try to bust the on-campus DCC hub (and have only succeeded once and then...
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    Intel shows off their 80 core processor

    My friend was trying to intern at a company developing one thousand core processors :eek: They were 8 bit PPC processors, granted, but apparently the thing performs at insane rates, is reprogrammable on the fly, and used something like 10watts of electricity total.
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    wow on a mac?

    WOW on Mac has issues, not to mention that whatever Vent server he uses will have to have Speex installed to be compatible. I know my guild has that all set up but I have heard a lot of bitching in other guilds who don't know things about that. He was better off with a PC.
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    Cheating in Half Life 2 Multiplayer?

    Counterstrike 1.6 has a problem with invisible players knifing even the most skilled.
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    Quad core means no physics card needed

    While the PhysX is, from what I've heard, pretty much not worth the cash by any leap of the imagination, your claim is faulty as, by your reasoning, you could also extend it to video cards. There's 4 cores after all, why not put one on video processing? That's because video card processors...
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    First Pico-ITX Review

    Link to mythical $400 laptop with core duo processor? /edit: Even assuming it exists....they are totally different. Nobody here seems to understand that these boards were created with very specific requirements, basically, small size, ultra-low power consumption, both which also lend themselves...
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    Mobile-ITX showcased

    :confused: they are completely different. the pico ITX is NOT designed to run this low power, with integrated peripherals (video, etc). The form factor may be small but its not designed to be a PDA. as for "small enough", pico ITX would be an absolute brick in your pocket compared to...
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    Trying to remember name of a game

    I found it and its counterpart. It basically evolved/split off into But the original that is still around is I like eternal wars a bit better so I am grinding that now :) thanks for the suggestions
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    PC Gamer takes a crap on Penny Arcade

    I agree with the article. While I do not agree that putting them as the cover is either a good way to show theyre not that popular or even a non-dickhead move, I agree with what the article says. The guy even says "I find it entertaining." I too find the comic entertaining. However, it has...
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    Trying to remember name of a game

    Back in high school (~7 years ago) we played this game in CS class. It was a browser based RPG with magic and swords and crap where basically you just clicked a button until the thing died, autolooted gold and items, and from a dropdown box selected a harder monster or clicked a button and got...
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    Back in the game - memory has becoming confusing

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading a pretty old computer in the way that I'm throwing out everything but the case and harddrives. I am going for this processor: and Newegg says that this RAM is compatible...
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    Want to get a TEC?

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    is comcast slow for anyone else?

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    Force ALL links to be in Firefox

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    Almost broken PS2; any ideas?

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    Almost broken PS2; any ideas?

    I got a PS2 from my friend that has a strange problem. It plays PS1 games perfectly, but does not read PS2 games at just spins them up, slows it to a stop, spins up, slows back down, until I just eject the disc and give up. If anyone has any ideas how to fix it tell me. I am going...
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    Office Depot Black Friday Ads

    Viewsonic VA721 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitor - $179.99 yoink
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    free land

    "*American Acres, Inc. hereby registers the aforementioned as a land owner of the property described and numbered above. If a hardcopy legal Deed is not purchased, AA, Inc. will require land owner to update their land owners Registration on a quarterly basis via returned email generated by AA...
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    PalmOrb just lost at life

    there a demo... its obviously a bit slow but its pretty cool. thing is it seemed to slow down my computer, but that couldve been all the other things i was doing at once... it JUST came out so of course, i forsee improvements :)
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    PalmOrb just lost at life oh yes..color, good looking PDA's acting as an extra monitor.
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    Help me raise my overclock

    Its possible ClockGen isnt actually giving those speeds right? did you benchmark before and after to see if it works? And as many people will tell you (and I will confirm), a platform that cant prime95 for at least 24 hours straight is too unstable to be worth using.
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    The Unofficial List of Good mATX Motherboards (Overclocking and Not)

    eh, for XP, I have an Abit AV-10. It has onboard everything, including a pretty impressive onboard sound setup (optical, etc). It unfortunatly has a :rolleyes: Via :rolleyes: chipset and therefore makes using my mobile processor...interesting. Interesting in the way that it boots at 1.0 ghz with...
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    amazed by quicktime 7

    if it took them this long to give features that most other FREE applications have, while hording secrets of a "standard" they refuse to share with other companies so they can produce compatible players, they are in fact, crap.
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    Exos Al failed catastrophically - Fumigation Warning!!

    wow a koolance failing? imagine that...
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    4 1/2'' Hole saws

    i never had a problem finding em :confused:
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    Can you run a computer without a video card?

    very few BIOSes have that option anymore...
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    Baute Besitzen!

    makes me want to get back into WC top notch job, man
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    HOT: Eternal bedsheets that will get you laid

    on the floor or on the bed, i dont notice the difference when i'm sleeping you people are freaks
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    10% off any single item @ GoodGuys

    the hell is "good guys"?
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    99 Cent Shipping on EVERYTHING at NEWEGG

    what do you mean "still", they were ahead of ZZF about a year and a half ago, then...then they turned stupid. theyre spending so much on advertising like on here (which is the DUMBEST POSSIBLE THING) so they have to jack up prices.
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    Four Cards in SLI!

    are we ignoring the fact that prices will change?
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    Recommend me a mini ATX case

    Well I downgraded from a dual processor board to a single microATX because, well, i wasnt using the power, didnt need the heat and noise. Anyway now I need a case as my mini ATX case is horrible for cooling,a nd is really struggling with two harddrives, a 2400+ (which is only at 1 ghz due to the...