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  1. RadioActiveLobster

    Neogaf imploding over allegations of sexual misconduct

    Even though I was fairly active there in the gaming section, The Gaming OT threads were great, the high res pc screenshot thread was always great for a browse, I avoided Off-Topic like the plague (because that's what it was) with a few exceptions, like the thread about the recent Star Wars...
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    GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Evaluation Thoughts

    I have a 144Hz 1440p screen and I need to know how close I can keep games to that 144Hz at 1440p. I also still game occasionally at 7680x1440p though that is becoming less and less frequent.
  3. RadioActiveLobster

    Best Airflow for CaseLabs S8S

    This is how I currently have my case setup and I'm wondering if there might be a better option. Particularly with the top fans. If I reversed the ones above the GPUS it would bring a lot more cool air to the GPUS but that might cause more hot air to go through the AIO. Normally I'd be...
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    The desk is a UPLIFT Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame - 2-Leg with a custom built top on it (about $60 in lumber, stain and a few days time). If you have the ability, highly recommend going this round as it's a lot cheaper than the tops they sell and you can customize it. For example I have...
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    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Just switched over to a CaseLabs S8S that I got used in pretty good condition (some minor cosmetic issues).
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    Marvel Releases First Look at Avengers: Infinity War

    The comics themselves are so convoluted I'm not even sure who is more powerful that who at this point. Sure Thanos is powerful but depending on what era/universe/multi-verse/etc... you're referring too so is everyone else. Dr. Strange at the top of his game protects multiple universes at once...
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    Consumer Office 365 Subscriptions Plunged 62% In 2016

    I haven't used an Office product in years since Open Office exists.
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    GTX 1080 Ti May Have 10GB Of VRAM

    At first I said I'd never pay $1000 for a 1080Ti but then I remembered I paid approx $1200 for two 980's when they launched.
  9. RadioActiveLobster

    GTX 1080 Ti May Have 10GB Of VRAM

    The Titan X(Pascal) is still available on Nvidia's site for $1200 I'd expect the 1080Ti to be $1000.
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    Elite: Dangerous

    You should be able to. A lot of people on the subreddit are using wheels.
  11. RadioActiveLobster

    Elite: Dangerous

    Oddly enough I find myself enjoying Elite more since I got my sit/stand desk.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Got a new desk! Rig is in the sig. Setting Height Standing Height Cable management is a work in progress.
  13. RadioActiveLobster

    How To Disable Windows 10 Spying

    He didn't say he wasn't aware of what the remote registry is, he said he wasn't sure if the reason it was already showing as disabled was due to the settings chosen during the initial OS setup. Jerry worked for Microsoft on the Windows OS for 15 years as a programmer.
  14. RadioActiveLobster

    Elite: Dangerous Makes a Surprise Jump to Steam

    You should probably edit that as the only platform the game is "now available" is the PC (Unless you count the Mac beta client that launched last week) Xbox One doesn't even have a release date, just that it's a "time exclusive" and the only mention of PS4 is that it's "down the line".
  15. RadioActiveLobster

    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    I'd test out 3 way SLI to see what all the hubbub is about.
  16. RadioActiveLobster

    GTA 5's Misogyny Must Be Addressed By Its Creators

    Dan (Nerd³) sums it up a lot better than I could...
  17. RadioActiveLobster

    Quick-switch between Extended Desktop and Surround?

    I did the work around in your post (Windows DPI setting) and that still doesn't work. You made no mention of the work around not working constantly.
  18. RadioActiveLobster

    Quick-switch between Extended Desktop and Surround?

    This refuses to work for me and I do not know why. It will change from NVSurround to the Extended 3 monitors but will not change back to NVSurround. I just get an error and the next time I launch it, it's back at the "First Time Setup" thing. Rig is in the Sig, using latest drivers (344.75)...
  19. RadioActiveLobster

    The elusive Gigabyte GV-N980G1

    It was a Fermi card, they has to use asbestos as anything else burst into flame.
  20. RadioActiveLobster

    The elusive Gigabyte GV-N980G1

    They were in stock at NewEgg for about 5 minutes the other day, I just happened to be looking at that second. I have one in my current rig (see sig) as I am waiting on other parts before I can build the new computer.
  21. RadioActiveLobster

    Core i7-5960X 5930K 5820K Overclocking & Performance @ [H]

    If you went 3 card yes, if you go 2 it will be 16x/8x with 4x left over for other things (M.2, Raid card, etc...) At least with the ASUS X99-Deluxe (click on the CPU 28 Lane 3-Way/2-Way)
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    There are times I wish I didn't live in a rural area....
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    Core i7-5960X 5930K 5820K Overclocking & Performance @ [H]

    Looks like the 5820k is the sweet spot. The PCI-E lanes shouldn't be an issue for a 2 card SLI setup and you still have 4 lanes left over for a M.2 SSD (4xPCIe) unless I am mistaken...
  24. RadioActiveLobster

    The Official Post Pics Of Your Rig 2014 Thread!

    Ok, we definitely need to see the basement in this thing, I must know how those fittings are run.
  25. RadioActiveLobster

    Metro Redux - Uncovered Trailer

    Everyone should read this... (The below is not the full post)
  26. RadioActiveLobster

    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Got a new stand, plan to put a ROG Swift in the middle spot
  27. RadioActiveLobster

    Microsoft: More Must Be Done With PC Gaming

    Anytime Microsoft says anything about PC gaming be sure to remember this (From Angelus Errare at NeoGAF
  28. RadioActiveLobster

    SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD, Hopes for 8TB Next Year

    I didn't need that house anyways, I'll buy 2.
  29. RadioActiveLobster

    NVIDIA Launches GeForce Experience 2.0

    You do know you can turn that off right? I have to manually optimize all my games
  30. RadioActiveLobster

    Phanteks Enthoo Primo Ultimate Chassis Review @ [H]

    This is the case I plan to use for my next build. It's been winning out from the 900D for me.
  31. RadioActiveLobster

    Firefox To Put Ads In New Tabs

    I run an addon that replaces my "New Tab" page anyways so it's "meh" to me unless they stop addons from blocking them.
  32. RadioActiveLobster

    Facebook Debunks Princeton Study

    We all know who is going to benefit from FB's recent study
  33. RadioActiveLobster

    Seasonic Topre Type Heaven Keyboard and S12G PSU Lucky Draw

    I don't have any Seasonic parts in my rig (That I know of) This must be rectified.
  34. RadioActiveLobster

    Crucial Could Release DDR4 Memory Next Month

    Any word on when the motherboards (consumer versions, not server/workstation) will be coming out? Also, won't this be Haswell-E (or Skylake) only?
  35. RadioActiveLobster

    Power Outage Murdered My Monitor - 2560x1440 Replacement Wanted

    Had a bad storm last night, power went out multiple times in a very short period. One of (possibly two) my ASUS VW266H monitors isn't going to be with us much longer. It still works but you can tell it's dying. Picture is really f'd up, after a few moments it seems to normalize and will work...
  36. RadioActiveLobster

    Going from SSD -> SSD, reinstall?

    I've always read it's best to do a clean install to any SSD setup instead of a clone.
  37. RadioActiveLobster

    Assassin's Creed Pirate Gameplay Video

    Anyone else remember when Assassin's Creed was about assassinating people?
  38. RadioActiveLobster

    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I might go outside. I've forgotten what it looks like.
  39. RadioActiveLobster

    Metro: Last Light Discussion

    Lots of people saying (I haven't tested it yet) that the newest patch (today) has fixed all stuttering problems in the game.
  40. RadioActiveLobster

    Metro: Last Light Discussion

    There is a bug if you are running multiple monitors. You either need to unplug the extra monitors or edit the resolution in the INI files.