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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    I was actually relieved I didn't have to see my family and sit down for dinner with all of them.
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    What exactly is the deal with GPUs

    Sooo basically you're not getting a new video card for the next 2-3 years at least unless you get lucky? ...This is now an unattainable hobby/interest and I refuse to pay scalpers.... I actually wanted a 3080 but I'm about to check out.
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    RTX 3070 Microcenter Overland Park KS +25 in stock

    You can thank the imbecile that was in the White House for the last 4 years for that. Herp derp lets start a trade war and put tarriffs on moar chinese goods! Guess who's paying the price ultimately? US consumers.
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    Who is buying a 3090?

    How do you guys actually know if the card will be in stock somewhere to want to wait in line?
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    I'm just kidding btw.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    2 out of 10. We're not going back to the days of mustard and ketchup. Stop being lazy and sleeve those PSU cables like a real man would.
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    RTX 3070 Microcenter Overland Park KS +25 in stock

    Sure, because it is called MicroCenter and not NicroCenter.
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    Scalpers Have Sold 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 GPUs

    The problem is definitely the idiots that are willing to pay the scalpers. That's the whole reason this happens. If there was no market for it, this would not exist.
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    Hell Let Loose Kickstarter

    Don't go to the same spot. Problem solved. Thank me later.
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    Mine seemed to work fine...if you go under options there is a section to input the email address associated with your IOI get sent a confirmation email or something that you just have to click on and log into. Before this I already signed up for an account using Hitman 2 so all my...
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    Hitman 3 (2020)

    How does this work between the Steam version of Hitman 1 and 2 and Epic Games Hitman 3?
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    EA to buy Codemasters for 1.2 billion With yearly bullshit releases for F1 and Dirt, they'll fit right into EA business model.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    I think I'm gonna use this Asus chakram as my daily driver even though the name sounds feels decent enough and I like the idea of being able to easily swap out the switches in the likely event that I break them. I just wish the palm cover was more grippy instead of being smooth.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Looks like the game flopped. I'll wait until the Christmas sale for it.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    I tried the ASUS ROG Chakram also...feels good but the only thing I don't like is the DPI switch being on the bottom of the mouse. Some times I like to change DPI between 700 - 900 in game and it gets annoying to have to lift it up to do it.
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    Immortals Fenyx Rising Ubisoft

    Looks pretty bland and dumbed down to me.
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    3090 extra 8pin power help (ghetto rig)

    Not enough RGB. Needs more tbh.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    No RGB no buy. So I got the Basilisk V2 no complaints so far it's relatively light and a little less bulky feeling than the ones I've used the past year. There's no adjustable weights tho...lets see how long this lasts. I'm intrigued by the drop in switches on those ASUS ROG mice...
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    UBI games 20% off already sale price Cyber Monday

    I tried using the 20% off code I got with 100 UBI points on that Immortals Fenyx game but it wouldn't work. Guess I'll just buy it when it goes on sale.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    So after hearing about these "optical switches" here I'm going to try the Razer Basilisk V2 and see how long it lasts.
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    Suggest me a new mouse.

    Steelseries 650 Steelseries 710 Corsair Darkcore Corsair Glaive Corsair M65 All gone to shit within a year. I looked at the Logitech G502 (apparently widespread doubleclick issues?) and Razer Basilisk V2 Wired... Also I should add that the mouse should survive me slamming it down on the pad...
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    Amazon Prime Day is Oct 13-14

    There's really nothing of interest...I did put a few all-in-one printers on my wishlist hoping there would be some sort of discount but nothing.
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    CD PROJEKT RED Mandates Six-Day Work Weeks Ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch

    This sounds to me like they mismanaged their time while working from home and misrepresented deadlines to everyone. Fire them all and scrap the game TBH.
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    HOT - Dell S2825cdn Multifunction Color Laser Printer $150 shipped!

    OMFG I bought this around Jan 31, 2018. I maybe printed 30 pages max and scanned 10 documents max and it's dead because of the 062-380 error. I cannot do anything. Fuck this.
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    When do we get cards from MSI?
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    I'm gonna get a 3090 when MSI one comes out.
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    Gotham Knights (WB Montreal)

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    Mortal Shell

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    Desperados 3

    :) It's a really fun game if you were ever into the Commandos games. Some of the missions take a few hours (on first try) on the harder difficulty levels.
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    10900K Back In Stock @ Newegg

    I keep thinking about it and whenever I get the notification about back in stock i say nah not worth it. They come in and out of now almost everyday. I think silicon lottery also has binned ones.
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    Samsung 980 PRO

    Let me know when 4tb SSD drives hit a consumer friendly price. SSD market has stagnated over the past couple of years.
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    Steam Summer sale

    Copied straight from Epic Games Store lol ....SMH
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    Anyone take a second look at their temps with the heat wave today?

    I look at mine everyday...I switched from a Corsair h100i v2 to the EKWB P360 kit and my temps idle in the low 30s even when it's above 26C ambient and around low 60s under load. I rarely even hear my pump or fans ramp up even while gaming.
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    Can I change my power supply without changeing the cables?

    Thanks never even knew that chart existed.
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    Can I change my power supply without changeing the cables?

    They're both fully modular I want to go from a corsair AX760 to RM850x.
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    Borderlands 3

    The irritating part was having to do it twice for each character. I quit playing because of that. They should just allow you to create level 50 characters after you beat it once.
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    Madden NFL 21 Is Coming to Steam

    Launch steam to launch Origin to launch game launcher to launch game. Are you launchpad mcquack?
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    10900k can't reach 5.3

    Return it.
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    I wouldn't consider going AMD until they catch up on the ghz race but make no mistake about it, this is just a garbage being shoveled by intel just to keep their name relevant.
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    No excitement about intel's latest offering??

    250 watt processor generating obscene amounts of heat/power. This is dumpster fire.