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    Halloween 2013 wallpepr 2560x1600 :)

    I work up a new wallpaper of this style each year. Here's this years - thought I'd share. 2560x1600, enjoy!
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    BIOS Re-flash AsRock 890gx to 880g

    Alright so I purchased an AsRock 880g Extreme3 in 2010 and about a year ago I found out it's a rebranded, more expensive model (890gx Extreme3) and that it could be flashed as such. I flashed it from 880g to 890gx with zero issues. However, ever since getting an AMD FX-8150 a couple months ago...
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    Mice with force feedback?

    I love force feedback in my controller when I'm playing racing games...and I would love force feedback in my mouse when I'm playing shooters. Does anyone know of any good mouse with force feedback? Or does that kind of thing not exist? I think it would be great!
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    Best place to get Pavilion dv4-2145dx inverter?

    The screen on my wife's HP Pavilion DV4-2145dx recently started flickering, then went dark. Screen still works and the laptop works, the backlight is just out. I've never really shopped around for something like this so I was hoping someone could direct me to a reputable place online where I can...
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    Fallout 3 - some of the best texture mod packs?

    I've decided to fire up Fallout 3 for the first time in a long time, and I was wondering what some of you thought were the best texture packs to use? Any suggestions would be great!
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    Resetting file permissions?

    Pretty much all my files have traveled with me from install to install over the last 5 years. I always keep my Windows install on a hard drive separate from the ones I keep all my stuff on (libraries in Windows is wonderful). I've noticed that whenever I reformat/reinstall Windows and need to...
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    What to get: FX-6200 @ 3.8GHz or FX-8120 @ 3.1GHz?

    The first one is a six-core processor with a stock speed of 3.8GHz (which I'll run at 4-4.2GHz). The second on is an eight-core processor with a stock speed of 3.1GHz. I'm fairly certain I'll be able to hit the 4GHz mark with...
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    Sonic 2 HD Alpha Release!

    NOTE: I've removed the download links as it's been reported that there is a keylogging software of some sort included in the game executable. Read the following articles for more information:
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    Software comparable to Precision or Afterburner for taking screenshots?

    I'm currently using ASUS GPU Tweak software for overclocking and voltage adjustments but I noticed it lacks one thing I find important - a way to take screenshots. I'm used to EVGA Precision and MSI Afterburner where you can specify a hotkey for it to take screenshots and save them for you on...
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    Rosewill Armor - video card clearance?

    I've been searching and searching but have gotten no definitive answer yet. I'm purchasing an ASUS HD 6950 DCII 2GB video card and want to get the Rosewill Armor case while I'm at it. My only question is - will it fit inside that case? I've seen a few posts while Googling for an answer and while...
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    Looking to upgrade from GTX 280. What's the best card now for around $200?

    Specs in the sig. Upgrading from a GTX 280 (1Gb GDDR3, 600MHz core). Obviously my board is "ATI friendly" as it's an AMD system with triple crossfire capability. With that said - I'm not exactly up to speed as to who's the boss in the graphics department right now. What is the absolute best card...
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    Sticky Note gadget performance got crappy. Ideas?

    I keep two sticky note gadgets on my desktop. Always have, probably always will. My last reinstall was this last October I believe and I have been filling the sticky notes up with whatever important info I need to. I noticed the other day that they were getting laggy. When I mouse over them, the...
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    Switched to integrated VIA VT2020 - any good X-Fi MB alternative?

    So I've used my X-Fi Platinum (PCI version) with front I/O bay for the last 2 years, and I've just gotten sick of the random driver issues and such as well as the ever so slight input lag when recording the line in/mic connections. My motherboard is an ASRock 890gx and it has a VIA VT2020 vinyl...
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    An [H] Wallpaper I Made (1920x1080)

    UPDATED 12-19-11
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    Was the [H] mobile app canceled?

    Hey, I tried searching but couldn't quickly find a definite answer or update on this. A while ago I read that there was a [H]ard|Forum standalone app coming to Android 'soon' and I was really excited about it. Then I came across posts about the site being 'good enough' on mobile browsers, giving...
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    Use W7 Ultimate disc to repair install of W7 Premium?

    I use Windows 7 Ultimate, and my friend has Windows 7 Home Premium. His logon "situation" got corrupted and I need to 'repair' the install. Would I be able to use my W7 Ultimate 32-bit disc to use the repair options to fix his Home Premium 32-bit install with? Thanks :)
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    Hardforum...It works! (Weird issue in Firefox)

    So when I try the site with http:// or www. or just or any combination in Firefox, it does the same thing. This: I'm using whatever the hell the latest version of Firefox is right now. The site seems to work fine in Chrome, though. Any idea on what's going on, am I just...
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    Halo 4 - thoughts? Expectations?

    I didn't see a thread for this in the console section so I figured I'd start one. I'm not deep into the Halo lore (books, or comics-wise), but I'm taking a shot at what that huge metal-planet thing is: An adopted homeworld to a specific alien race of course - but not like a regular planet -...
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    Official Xbox Magazine Disc 1?

    If I remember correctly, the very first OXM demo disc was only watchable videos and had a few interviews on it, one with Seamus Blackley. I've been trying to get a hold of those interviews. I've just wanted to watch them lately but cannot, for the life of me, find the interviews anywhere -...
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    Free or cheap video intro loops for wedding video?

    I wasn't exactly sure where to put this, but - My fiancee is keeping a little video blog on Youtube about our upcoming wedding and while we found some decent free intro loops, she's looking for something else. I came across and found something she wants to use and it's only...
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    $50 to spend, looking at some ATH-M30 headphones.

    I'm looking for the best pair of headphones for listening to lossless music (rock, jazz, percussion tracks, the occasional movie) from an X-Fi Platinum. So far I've been led to the Audio-Technica ATH-M30. I can get it from HERE for $39.99 plus $10 for 2 day shipping, essentially $50 out the...
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    Phenom II x3 740BE unlocked, cache hierarchy errors.

    Alright so I've been running it with the 4th core unlocked without issue since October 13th. I have it overclocked to 3.4ghz. I've done increments of 3 hours at a time with Prime95 without fail. (I know some of you will say that's not good enough, though that's a different issue). I game quite a...
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    Best video card for around $100 (specific conditions inside)

    I have some family in the Philippines who are asking what I want them to buy me (they're buying gifts and stuff). They buy stuff on ebay all the time - I never really have, but I looked around a bit and saw a ton of video cards, new and used. They'll be ordering from the Philippines using their...
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    I have components deal? Help me do better!

    Here's the deal. I've got a cart at Newegg right now with the following items: Case: Power Supply: RAM...
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    Quick question (EVGA P55V RAM compatibility)

    This could possibly have gone in the memory subforum, but it fits here, too. I am soon going to purchase a pretty cheap new system. I originally wanted a barebones kit from TigerDirect but decided to select my own parts at Newegg. The motherboard is an EVGA P55V (LGA1156, supports DDR3-1600)...
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    Oblivion Save Game Issue (items disappearing)

    I have an issue where I save the game and then next time I load it, some items are missing that I had when I saved the game. For example, I got something called "Glass Sword" (I believe it was called that). It glows green, I got it from the quest where I found out that the vampire slayer guy...
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    W7 clean install on family member's machine, activation issue.

    Alright, I have a family 3 pack upgrade license and discs for Windows 7 Home Premium. I just put my brother in law's computer together yesterday and got it up and running with my 64-bit disc of Home Premium (clean install), and, as expected, it's giving him 30 days to activate. I didn't want to...
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    Disable folder preview, but keep thumbnail previews in W7.

    I have tried going to "organize", "folder and search options" and selected "always show icons, never thumbnails", and it fixes my problem partially. It gets rid of all the 3D-ish thumbnail previews that show up over folders...but when I go into the folder, I no longer get image thumbnails, just...
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    Washed out blacks over HDMI

    I am using an NVIDIA 9800GT and was wondering if anyone knew why blacks are gray over HDMI? In order to get blacks to be black, I've had to put in a "custom" resolution of 1920x1080 and select that in order to get nice blacks and all around good picture. When I select "1080p, 1920x1080...
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    Far Cry 3?

    So, after a year of keeping my copy of Far Cry 2 on the sidelines, I've decided to get back into it. X amount of hours later, I've come to determine that this game should have been called...I dunno...just nothing close to "Far Cry", because it is nothing like Far Cry. It has it's own kind of...
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    Restarting Issue

    Whenever the system does any form of restarting (ie: coming out of hibernation, or simply selecting "restart"), it freezes up when the computer restarts. The first screen that shows up (where it shows Intel logo, etc) freezes. It never shows "F2 for system setup" or "F10 for boot options". It...
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    New [H] news editors?

    When did this happen? I didn't care to make a thread about it initially, but when each and every news post made by each and every one of the recent news editors isn't tech related and lacks basic grammar skills, it gets one thinking. I mean, even the titles of threads raise eyebrows; "iPad Will...
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    How to keep gadgets from trying to "snap" together in W7?

    I can disable "Aero Snap" in Windows 7, but I'm talking about Gadgets. I have two sticky note gadgets, a clock and a system monitor on my 2nd display. I would like to organize them differently, but Windows makes it hard because when I try to put a gadget next to another one, it tries to "snap"...
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    Overclocking 9800gt xlr8

    I recently got a PNY GeForce 9800gt xlr8 1gb and I was wondering if anyone knew how high these can safely overclock? The stock speed is 550mhz and I currently have it up to 615. It runs pretty cool under load (around 62 celsius) and is totally stable. So my question would be - does anyone have...
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    Thought I'd leave some feedback. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really don't see how RadioDude's simple question/suggestion called for such rudeness. He wasn't being all bitchy or actually complaining about anything -...
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    I need a Silent Hill Homecoming save file!

    I just reformatted the other day, and the one thing I missed in the backup was the Silent Hill game saves folder - D'OH!!! I couldn't really find anything that I thought was reliable online, so I'm asking [H]...does anyone have a save file at the first hotel save point in the upstairs room? It's...
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    $300. Need video card, mobo, W7.

    Alright, I built my fiancee a system that consists of an Intel D641RQ motherboard, an Nvidia GeForce 9500GT, and Vista Business x64. I'm looking to upgrade those 3 components. I'm looking to spend $100 on a motherboard, $100 on a video card, and $100 on Windows 7. Can you guys link me to...
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    Cannot shrink volume

    I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate RTM and I want to shrink ANY of the volumes so I can dual boot with another OS. The problem is, when I go control panel>administrative tools>create and format hard disk partitions, and I select a volume to shrink, I get the "Querying" box for a second and then right...
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    Windows XP extended support question(s).

    I'm no longer using XP, and haven't been for a few years now, but I was wondering something. On the MS website, it says that XP has entered the extended support phase, meaning that if someone needs tech support they'd have to pay. It says that XP mainstream support is totally done, but it says...
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    Computer Power Usage Question.

    Alrighty, I don't know much about amps and actual power usage and stuff like that - so I'm wondering if any of you might be able to answer some questions for me. What is the actual power consumption of a computer with, say, a 250-400w power supply compared to something like a fridge/freezer or a...