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    How many of you are experiencing crashes with AMD/Nvidia GPUs in DS3?

    It seems to be affecting quite a few people and especially so at bonfires. So far I've had zero crashes on a 390x. I'm just curious if any of you Nvidia users have been running into crashes or forced to lower shadows to "low" to prevent them?
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    So I've done some recent upgrades (6700K overclocked to 4.6Ghz , 16GB DDR4 3000mhz) to my well aged i7 930 setup (wow night and day difference!). My GTX 780 is next on the chopping block but I'm conflicted. I haven't really been following much of the past few years of GPU's and based on what...
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    Netduma R1 router for gaming questions.

    Here is the site : The Geo filtering looks amazingly useful and very simple to setup. From what I've read only the Wifi is really the glaring issue but I've got an AC router I can set to be an AP. They support quite a few games and it seems to work on the fly and even...
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    After going through Note 4's Lollipop upgrade experience...

    I've decided to go back to Apple. Got an iPhone 6 plus and man I love it. The Note 4 is just brimming with issues since Lollipop. The battery life is awful. After doing 4 factory resets and keeping Android barebones its just pointless. Once I get my apps on there (the majority of them) it just...
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    I think I've reached an odd point in my gaming hobby.

    So after being a gamer since I was 5 years old and receiving NES for Christmas my gaming passion has been explosive in its continued growth. I've never really strayed from gaming , only during my divorce and some other critical life altering experiences really , by and large however I've always...
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    Linustechtips does a $300 Gaming PC that's better than any "next gen" console. Both ran with a goal of 1080p 60fps (which neither next gen console does well at all..) and easily achieved this. I recommend watching all three videos to see exactly what they went through. I'm positive I could have done...
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    Sony Morpheus details announced. 2016 First Quarter release. Talking points : 1. 1080p Native OLED display. 2. 120hz Refresh rate. 120 FPS target frame rate. 3. First half of 2016. 4. Low input latency (<16ms) 5. Frame interpolation for 60 FPS games to keep 120 FPS...
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    Acer C720 vs Samsung Chromebook 2 vs Toshiba Chromebook 2 : Fight!

    WALL OF TEXT So if you are going for a Chromebook there are a dizzying amount of options without question. There is the Acer C720 which is the performance king in the i3 configuration. There is the Samsung ChromeBook 2 ( yea inventive like the Toshiba :p ) and there is the Acer Tegra Kepler...
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    Bought a Sony W800B 50 inch. Impressions.

    *WALL OF TEXT* So for a while I've been waiting to get a large display for my monitor setup and I've finally struck gold. Plasma are out of the question since Panasonic's last run of panels basically had absurd input latency. Samsung's as well. And they are hard to find at a reasonable price...
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    Kickstarter updates its TOS. Its about damn time.
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    Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Amazing.

    I love both game series. Professor Layton tickles my puzzle urges and Phoenix Wright is just hilarity. Its been in development for ages (4+ years) and it shows. Polish galore and really well translated. I've been playing since release a few days ago and its been great. Level 5 is a great studio...
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    External hard drive failures..

    Ok so I don't have dirty power , allow me to squish that notion. I have power being fed through a quality UPS with active line conditioning (sine wave approved as well) so I know that's not what is killing my external drives lately. I did have a power line blow off a transformer recently but...
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    Share Play from Sony , what a failure already. And Via Gamespot : Seriously Sony are you fucking high? Why even bother with this feature. I can only think of maybe a...
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    Maximum DP 1.2 cable length for use with a G-sync monitor.

    So I bought a 35 foot DP 1.2 cable and it "claims" it supports 1080p 120hz but my ASUS G-Sync upgraded monitor only allows a maximum of 85hz when connected via this method (G-sync works fine at 85hz as well by the way). If I go back to a shorter cable (3 meters) it works just fine at 120hz...
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    Playstation Now beta service review.

    Alright so I rented a game for $2.99 for 4 hours (that is the most I'm willing to spend for such an absurdly short amount of time) and what follows are my impressions of playing and using PS Now. Game : Enslaved: Odyssey to the West So the actual buying process is painless and really nothing...
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    Summer Games Done Quick 2014 It has begun! If you enjoy watching games speedrun then this is your bi-yearly Mecca. It runs from June 22nd to June 28th so 6 days of 24/7 speedrunning. All donations go to Doctors without Borders which is a very worthy charity. SDA is also running a...
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    Philips Fidelio X1 - a mini review and serious contender

    *WALL OF TEXT INC* So I picked these up after lots of great buzz from the community at large at the value you can get out of these. They launched at $400 I believe? (not sure) but Amazon has them for $232 right now and has gone as low as $150 during a sale. So let me start off by saying...
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    Goat Simulator. Because.. duh.

    This game is simple , cheap and so fun. Anyone else grabbing it? Its official release is on April 1st. But you can download the beta right now. Its utter hilarity incarnate. If you haven't heard of it :
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    Just got G2 4.4.2 Android update.

    Loving the update. Anyone else get the G2 4.4.2 update? Its great to see LG actually updating their flagship and not leaving it with the same OS version for .. just about ever.
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    Target render versus actual final render Watch Dogs video comparison. Man.. the difference is quite easily seen and this demo footage for release is from the PS4. Looks like the PC version will be the one to get.. Target renders can be quite deceptive of what actually turns out to be the final release as recently...
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    Xbox One update removes the dreaded sharpening filter.

    After updating my console I can now confirm that this awful useless filter is GONE. Games looks so much better (not 1080p better but very nice now). So watch out for the update as its rolling out over the weekend. To receive the update put your Xbox One in stand by mode (make sure you have...
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    On the prowl for a new HDTV that will get prime time PC usage.

    Ok I've had my Samsung A650 40 inch PVA panel for years now and its gotten non-stop usage. So since its been used so much I'm starting to notice that the backlight is failing and starting to "light band" and its quite annoying especially compared to my computer monitors which are all LED and...
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    Sony streaming gaming service "Playstation Now" announced. We all knew this was coming and its great that good games will be available day one but we've also seen this song and dance before. Onlive attempted to pull this off and is still considered largely a failure...
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    Playstation 4 refuses to stream Netflix Super HD but PS3 does?

    So my problem is that for some unknown reason my new PS4 refuses to stream Super HD via Netflix. My PS3 however streams Super HD without even more than 4-6 seconds of buffering. Both systems are connected via Ethernet so wireless is not a factor. Both Ethernet cables are short runs so there is...
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    So I bought a PS Vita today.

    Amazon is running an amazing deal on a PS Vita Bundle ( and I've been on the fence about the Vita for a while. Its got some good games on it but also the assload of PSN+ free games I've been given I would like...
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    Looks like the disc drive issue on the Xbox One is growing in number. For context this is what's happening : The good news (quite the effort on turn around) :
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    And the sloppiest launch title honor goes to? BF4..

    What a mess BF4 is on the PS4 and it seems somewhat on the Xbox One. Error codes so abundant that I can't even finish one game of Conquest which is another point to be added , Conquest JUST started functioning today which just HAPPENS to be the official Xbox One launch day. The frame rate in...
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    Xbox One reviews. Census? Here is a raw IGN demo of it and I have to say I'd be annoyed as fuck repeating myself. Also a not so great tid bit from the Kotaku review : Lots of micro management going behind the scenes of the Xbox One. Also...
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    Another Xbox One .."issue" that will make public headlines.

    Welcome to "Penisgate". Nothing else needs to be said. Watch the video.
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    PS4's sabotaged by forced migrant workers/students? :eek::eek: Wow , quite the story. Now its possible it could be bullshit but considering Foxconn and how it treats its...
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    Its official : 1 million PS4's sold in 24 hours in North America. Albeit many were preorders regardless this is a great start. I personally love my PS4 , its been a totally pleasurable experience all around. PSN problems were taken care of much faster than I expected and I was able to download full retail...
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    I am a gamer and I do not have a preferred platform.

    So as with any launch of 2 or more consoles the entire gaming community bursts out like a CME from the Sun and in a pretty big way. Anyone here besides myself planning to purchase a PS4 AND an Xbox One while ALSO continuing to be a PC gamer? I'm the kind of person that believes in choice and...
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    Panasonic leaving the Plasma business for real. The writing has been on the wall and with rumors previously it's not a big surprise. If you want a really amazing Plasma better act soon. Once late 2014 is upon us no more high end Plasmas to look forward to. Without Panasonic in the...
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    Stalker Fallout : a Polygon article about the game's history and final days.

    Figured since there are so many Stalker fans on this forum. Very interesting read. I wasn't a huge fan of the series but I always respected its quality and modding community.
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    We are getting shafted as HTPC users.. at least from Netflix.

    So overall I would say that my experience when using Netflix on the PC is downright shitty. Yes , its easier to browse but that's the nature of a real full fledged PC. But after recently repurchasing a PS3 and using Netflix on it , I've come full circle and I'm not happy how PC users are treated...
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    Ni No Kuni , is it worth buying a PS3 for?

    I've heard nothing but great things about this game and I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki anime so my question is for any of you that have played this is it worth buying a PS3 for ? ( I can get one used off Ebay for less than retail for about $139) I'm rarely ever willing to spend...
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    Question about Seagate's extended hard drive warranty and data recovery.

    So I've got two new external 3TB drives , Seagate is offering a 2 year extension with data recovery .. My question is , how far will Seagate honor the data recovery portion of the warranty? They can't possibly spend thousands of dollars recovering data with only a $24.99 policy cost. Is it...
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    Need a laptop in 500-700 range , with a quad core and dedicated GPU

    Basically I need a decent laptop at a reasonable price for some medium amount of gaming but nothing heavy , I like it snappy as well so dual core is a no-no. Any suggestions? I don't care if its Windows 7 or 8 so no worries there.
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    Getting a new router for a friend. Need some suggestions.

    Ok so my friend has a fairly large apartment and he has a lot of wireless devices to stream to and two HTPC's so I'm thinking a robust router with the new AC standard so he's a bit future proofed. Which AC router would you recommend? Also I'm not really interested in building a linux firewall...
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    E3 Thread : Post your links and update to the minute info.

    Figured we do not need 30 new threads with lots of duplicates threads. Lets see if the sub forum users can attempt to herd the information into one thread. We all know the usual sites for coverage : (probably some of the most level headed coverage here)...