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    Hidden windows folder help ???

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    A8N32 SLI deluxe buzzing/poping in speakers

    I get a very weird buzzing and crackling noise in my speakers and headphones. I have unplugged each the headphones and the speakers still have the noise. I unplugged all the usb devices and still have it. I updated the drivers for the sound same thing. The "noise" changes when the hdd is active...
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    SLI and dual monitors

    Will dual monitors and SLI working together? If not can you use a pci card to get it to work? other ways to get it to work?
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    Hidden windows folder help ???

    My windows folder has some how become hidden. The only way I can see the folder is too uncheck the "hide protected operating system files [recommended]". I cannot uncheck the hidden box under its properties. I also tried creating another admin account this was uneffective. Do you guys/girls have...
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    x800xt and x800xt pe difference?

    can someone please tell me what the differences are between these 2 cards?
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    WooHoo its back

    ^ what it says
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    Downloading HL2 with voucher

    I can figure out how to get this thing started to the life of me can anyone help If i click on browse games it says "page cannot be displayed" thoughts?
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    Collaborate with you (spam pm)

    "On this side Editor in Chief of Polish computer service (in English version avalible after clicking on the English flag on the main site). I've got a question, would you like to be administrator of news board on this servis? at the beginning your job would be making news...
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    Issue with showing updated posts

    When I click on my user cp it wont show new posts in my subscribed threads until I refresh the browser this is also the same for all sections of the forum I cleared my cookies and my temp files and it still does it thoughts?
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    R-3603 Tygon cheapest place online in stock

    anyone know the cheapest place to get some R-3603 Tygon 1/2id x 3/4od thats in stock
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    Danger Den customer support is on par with newegg!!

    I sent dangerden a email showing them my gpu block had corroded even with water wetter I asked them if I could get a new top Hi Kevin, Wow, that looks real bad, we have do some improvements to the anodizing process to help prevent this from happening. We would like to send you a new...
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    Help Fixing this monitor

    I have a rebadged sony trinitron 17" flat screen. I found the monitor in a dumpster it had a refurbished sticker on it. It would turn it self off and on. If I let is set for a few min it would work again so I added a 120mm fan to it. I was told that I could replace somthing on the inside of the...
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    My new Lian Li

    I had to do the following drill and mount the "stealth" driver bay covers the window and the 120 blowhole came with the case I mounted locking casters on the bottom they work nicely I paid 160 for it with 6 x blue led fans and a 900u heatsink and i picked it up :) dont mind the mess its a...
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    New T-breds and barton mobiles multi unlocked?

    same as the subject?
  15. B cleaner dont work ok well aparently i installed somthing that installed somthing else when i do a google search it randomly brings up that website with a random search of bullshit is there anyway to tell what the cleaner.exe on the website does or trys to uninstall so i can manually target it?
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    Recording fullscreen video of games

    anyone know of a program that will record full screen video of bf1942 for 3 of 4 min ?