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    new build done 3900x 4200mhz all cores

    so I got my new build done my 3900x is sitting all cores 4200mhz @ 1.275v and corsair h100 for the cooling. Idle Temps are hi 30s and in Cinebench 70c. Games are only in the 50s, My question is just leave it or is it better to just focus on higher overclocks for a couple cores and leave the...
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    Need advice on new build, or hold off.

    Hi guys I dont really need a new build but I'm itching to go amd. So I currently have 6850k @ 4200mhz all cores, just sold both 1080tis and went with 1 2080ti, also just got a new 38in lg ultrawide. I was looking at going with a 3900x, 32gigs of ram, 2 sabrent rocket 2TB m.2 drives, MSI Meg...
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    Wow, has it been 15 years since i broke the street date here with sli 7800 gtx 512 meg cards

    So funny that I just saw a old thread of mine when I broke the street date showing off 2 xfx 7800 Gtx 512 cards in Sli. HardOcp was trending all across the Net, Good old Microcenter sold me the cards early, in fact they called and asked me to bring them.back.... Click! The good old days...
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    Need help with new CPU for build, been awhile!

    Hi guys now that my son is older and really into PC gaming im giving him my 6850K setup coupled with 2 1080 cards. I mostly game but would like to stay with a 6 Core or possibly 8 Core chip, Big question is I will be running 2080 tis in sli and I am curious about the amount of PCI lanes...
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    I figured out how to REDEEM 2 Nvidia Codes on your PC from the TI code give away

    Ok guys I finally got my codes and the first one worked and the second code did not, you will get a Error stating, You have already redeemed a coupon for this campaing on your GPU. Key word was GPU, here is what they did. Each Code is tied to a GPU Id number, you have to literally pull one card...
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    Guys i recieved my 2 1080 Tis do we get any free games?

    I see they are offering 2 games for free with purchase of a 1080Ti, I purchased from the Nvidia store but never received anything. Has anyone go a code for a free game?
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    I need help buying a XBOX One Wireless headset for XMAS Present

    Hi guys I bought my son a XBOX One Minecraft edition and I know he will need a nice wireless headset with a Mic. I'm in need of a couple of suggestions, My budget is $50 to $125. Thanks In Advance!
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    Origin Keeps Crashing Detail inside, all games crashing

    Guys every game in Orgin is crashing to a White Screen saying the game needs to be shutdown. This is only in Orgin not Steam/GOG/ All drivers are up to date. Windows 10 64 bit, 1 EVGA 1080 Founders Cards, 6850K, MSI x99a Gaming Pro mobo. Nothing Overclocked I left everything...
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    Need Help on New Wireless Gaming Headset

    Guys ive been pulling my hair out with a set of Corsair 2100 Vengance headset for months and just have given up. Cant get it to work right with 3 different PCs. I keep losing connection for split seconds and its frustrating. Ive tried every fix thats on the Internet so im starting over. My...
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    Selling 2 Galaxy Gtx 770 2gb cards together $129 for both starting bid

    Time to clean house, these cards were barely used and look like new! Selling them both and starting them out at $129 for the pair!!! Look at this on eBay 2 X Galaxy Gtx 770 2gb cards ready for SLI!!!
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    Sli Evga Gtx 1080s Overclocked with my system only pulling 556 watts full load

    I was worried that in my new system I'm building this week I might not have enough horsepower with a New Corsair 1000Hxi, 6850K and a bunch of other stuff drawing power so I put the 1080s in my current system. 2600K @ 4500 Mhz, 4 sticks of ram, numerous fancs, blu ray drive, corsair RGB Keyboard...
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    A Corsair HXi HX1000i should be beefy enough for Broadwell-E and 1080 SLI RIght?

    Guys I'm building another Rig but I'm not dismantling my current Rig which as a Corsair 1200 watt Powersupply. I went with the HX1000i and now I'm second guessing myself, Am I worried over nothing? Here is my build. Also running 2 GTX 1080s CPU Is a Intel 6850K along with all of this fine gear...
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    Doom on my 2 Gtx 1080s in Sli is no bueno

    After swapping out my gtx 980s with my 2 Evga 1080s all my games played great ( i know I'm using the older sli bridge ) but when I ran doom it was only getting 45 to 70 fps on ultra settings on my Acer predator 34in 3440x1440. I disabled sli and now I'm over 105 fps with 1 card. Is this just a...
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    Finally have 2 EVGA Gtx 1080s coming, What SLI Bridge?

    Guys will my older bridge from my 980s work? On Nvidias webpage the Bridges aren't available yet, Should I buy a newer one from EVGA directly the Version 2? Thanks in Advance :)
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    Broadwell-E Release on may 31st according to Microcenter

    Guys I went in to try to Grab 2 GTX 1080s ( which failed miserably this morning ) but the Manager said I can cheer you up then he said that on May 31st they will be selling Broadwell-E CPUs. I tried to get a screenshot of the moniter screen but that was a no go.
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    Can anyone get DOOM to run in 21:9 mode? I cant get to work

    I'm trying to 3440X1440 res to work on my Predator, ive tried the Right Click option in the Steam Library and tired to tweak the Launch options with this g+set r_mode -1 +set r_customwidth 3440 +set r_customheight 1440 but it doesn't help.
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    Guys since moving to Windows 10 im getting black screens then a Reset at random

    Hi guys ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my PC has been randomly resetting, It seems like its mostly in games. I have reinstalled my video card drivers to no avail, Temps are ok on everything. I migrated to Windows 10 a few months ago but this is a recent issue. System specs...
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    Just installed Windows 10, where do games install from the Microsoft Store?

    Guys I only have about 24 gig free on my windows SSD drive after installing windows 10, I want to purchase Gears Of War from the Microsoft Store but I cant find out how to specify where this game will download and install. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!!!!
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    Anyone going 10 Core Broadwell?

    Guys ive been waiting long enough to upgrade from my 2600K, ive been doing some light video editing and re-encoding as of late so I think this CPU will be great for that mixed with my gaming on a SLI setup. Thoughts? Im sure the best bang for the buck will be the 6 Core variety but ive been...
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    How long to wait for Windows 7 update?

    Hey guys I just installed windows 7 Pro retail and its been 30 minutes in the Still Checking Updates, I switched to 10 awhile ago and don't remember it taking this long. Thoughts? Is there another way to do this?
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    Wife bought me a Saitek X55 for Xmas what to play?

    Hi guys my wife got me a Saitek X55 and combat peddles for Christmas, The surprise was wrecked when she used a Joint Credit Card and I got the bill lol. Anyways I love all types of games, I plan on building a dedicated Flight sim/ Space sim setup alongside my G27 setup. Question is what games to...
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    Windows is defaulting to a higher refresh rate on my X34 then it will handle

    Long Story short I got my new Acer X34 today and I set it up and everything looked great. I overclocked it to 100Hz and it worked, so then I went into the Nvidia control panel and enabled 100Hz as a refresh, Loaded a game and got flickering, loaded another and same results. So I went down to...
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    Running Gsync do i disable Vsync now.

    I noticed that in my Control panel I have Gsync enabled with the default having Vsync enabled as well. Is it preferred to turn Vsync off? Doesn't it introduce lag? Thanks guys, id rather have input here then from GOOGLE searches. Im using a Acer Predator X34 and loving it so far.
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    Guys is it practical to buy a 5930K now or wait?

    Guys with a 5930K being $399 at Microcenter I think its time to jump in, Im replacing a 2600K @ 4800 Mhz which im moving to a dedicated Flight Sim setup. Or does Intel have anything worthwhile in the pipeline? Ill be gaming with a Tri Sli 980- Gtx setup and a Rog Swift 27 in Gsync, Moving to a...
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    Upgrade CPU in 2016, Skylake-E or Cannonlake?

    What do you guys thing for next year, Skylake refresh or Cannonlake? I know there is not much info out there and im still gaming fine on my 2600K @ 4800Mhhz but next year ill upgrade no matter what these cpus shake out to be like.
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    Getting error ( 4013 ) when i try to restore or update?

    Hi guys I have a Iphone 5s and when I turned it on this morning the phone had a connect to ITunes graphic on my phone when its powered on, I cant get past that screen. So I pugged it into ITunes and choose Restore, in the middle of the restore I get the ( 4013 ) error. So I Google the error and...
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    At this point 980 Gtx owners wait for Pascal or switch over to Ti?

    Guys ive almost pulled the trigger and dumped my G1 980s for some 980 Tis but gaming in sli on my Rog Swift I havnt really found a reason do it other then to scratch my upgrade itch. Smart money on waiting for Pascal next year?
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    Thoughts on Nvidia releasing a another card this fall Refresh of 980s?

    Guys I know Pascal hopefully will arrive late in 2016 but do you thing Nvidia will have something to offer this Fall? Im close to dumping my 3 980 Gtxs and going with 2 980 Tis, Otherwise I was just going to wait. The [ H ]ard Ocp in me has me wanting to just order these damn 980 Ti's!
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    Will Titan X be the fastest Nvidia card released this year?

    Hi guys im thinking of diving in and grabbing 2 Titan Xs and selling off my 980s, Mostly outta of boredom. Do you think Titan X will be the fastest card until Pascal is released next year?
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    Need a Decent Headset with Mic

    Hi guys believe it or not ive been gaming online forever ( 40 years old ) and I only play with my Brothers and friends and we actually just call each other on our cell phones and use a Bluetooth headset. Well im finally going to buy a PC headset with a mic, Any suggestions? Im looking to spend...
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    Thinking of getting 3d Vision 2 is it worth it?

    Hi guys im thinking of getting the Nvidia 3d Vision 2 kit, my system is a 2600K @ 4800MHZ, SLI 980s, 16 gigs of ram, Asus ROG Swift moniter. Im just looking to have some fun messing around with something since I wont be upgrading anything in the near future. I play mostly FPS, MMOs and Civ 5 as...
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    How to install Fresh install Win 7 off a USB stick

    Hi Guys ive never done a install of Windows 7 off of a USB stick before, I researched Google but wanted to ask the Experts. I have a Legit Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate on Disc and wish to install it onto a machine that only has USB ports as my option and I have a 32gig USB stick handy. Do I just...
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    PSN still down? I still cant login this morning.

    My PS4 is passing the Connection test but fails the PSN sign in, Times out. My lil guys have been mad since Xmas morning, Luckily they have no trouble with the Xbox One. Getting frustrated with Sony now. I do know about the DDOS attacks but I thought that was over.
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    Lords of the Fallen question

    Hi guys just picked it up and having fun so far but I have a question regarding Spell Points. I have spent some experience into the Spell side and have 2 extra points I can seem to put into any of my spells. I meet the level requirement. Maybe I'm missing something.
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    I cant get DSR Factors in SLI with my 980s

    Guys ive tried multiple drivers, refresh rates and moniters and I cant seem to get the DSR Option when im in SLI mode. If I turn it off and run 1 card it will show up in the global options, getting frustrated at this point. 2 G1 980ss in SLI, Latest drivers, Windows 7 Ultimate 64, 2600K, Asus...
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    Assasians Creed Unity SLI Performance, Mine Sucks

    Guys just wondering that you guys are getting in SLI with AC Unity. Im running 2 980 GTXs at 2560X1440 game settings maxxed, When I enable SLI im getting 5 FPS to 8FPS more on the New Game Ready drivers. Hmm I get like a 3FPS to 5FPS enabling 2XMSAA or TXAA, this game is jacked! If it wasn't...
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    Thinking of ditching my 980s for 970s

    Well with the 970s running so strong and the looming Nvidia cards coming out with more VRAM I'm considering doing this in the short term. Rog Swift moniter by the way, so Ya or Nay?
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    what are my options on upgrading hard drives on PS4 and Xbox 1

    Hi guys just realized space is starting to be a issue on my Xbox 1, so what are my options on increasing my storage space. Money is not a issue ( no budget ) I just want to go [ H ] ard on both systems, thanks guys.
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    could a 4 year old Sli bridge degrade performance of a gtx 980s

    Long story short it seems while benchmarking my scores seem low, games are playing fine it seems ( Gsync makes almost everything feel good... works even on my wife ) and I saw the new Nvidia bridges and read they are optimized for the 7 and 9 series of cards. It could be all a gimmick but do you...
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    Guys replace gtx 770 2 gb in Sli with a 1 gtx 970

    Hi guys I'm running 980s in my main rig and I have a Dedicated pc in my basement for just racing games ( Playseat, Logitech g-27, Panasonic IPS Led 37in 1080P ) pc is 2500K @ 4500 mhz, 8 gigs of ram and windows 7. I'm looking at selling the Galaxy gtx 770s 2 gb versions for around $140ish a...