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  1. AdamK47

    My home theater / gaming PC

    I thought I'd post my PC here and get opinions about the setup. I use to be desk / desktop only, but since TVs and receivers have been more PC friendly I've transitioned into this. My work gets done on a laptop. My home desktop PC has always been mostly for entertainment. Gaming, movies, and...
  2. AdamK47

    $6400 budget gaming rig

    This rig will primarily be used for gaming. Here's what I've speced out so far. CPU: Intel Core i7 3960X: $999.99 Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Deluxe: $379.99...
  3. AdamK47

    Painted entire system

    Not just the case, but the monitor, keyboard, speakers, trackball, and drives. It's a color called twilight blue. It's so dark that in low light it looks black. It took almost 2 gallons worth of primer, paint, and clear coat with a total of about $160. The...