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  1. BillShiphrr

    Site for Small business

    Since you got some replies according to the coding side I'd add about appearance. In order to make it less hobbyist you can try to work with site designers. Even though the business is small it still should look professional. I myself used Awesomic services to get a professional design and hired...
  2. BillShiphrr

    what browser do you use

    Chrome. Still the best IMHO
  3. BillShiphrr

    massage chair for use at computer desk?

    This one looks super comfy. I'd like to have such a chair
  4. BillShiphrr

    Review the game you finished recently.

    I've just finished Devinity Original Sins 2 and it's great. I'm so gald I spent so much time on it Btw, tried playing with a friend but it's not the same. It's better to play alone. RPG after all
  5. BillShiphrr

    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Rainbow Six Siege Trying to hit diamond