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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    Well, the problem is in the OP's own statements: Which led me to believe this individual has no idea what he's talking about, but then again I am not so smart either.
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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    Synergy also requires a LAN, something the OP hasn't been sold on yet.
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    biocide recommendation

    A few drops of 1.65% benzalkonium chloride works well for me.
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    How can I connect three laptops to a fourth one?

    You would put them on a LAN because that is the cheapest and smartest thing to do. Then you could use software that is free for personal use like Teamviewer that has the built-in capability of connecting over a LAN (no Internet). It's the only way I know of to stay under $25, a cheap switch and...
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    3dfx Voodoo 5 6000 Comes Back To Life Better Than Ever

    I was astonished to learn that the VSA-100 chips are still readily available. I would imagine that most get used as keychains, though.
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    Folding@Home bigadv EOL 2nd Anniversary Challenge: The Race is over.

    Wow, that was a nail biter! Great job on a hard fought contest.
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    Folding@Home bigadv EOL 2nd Anniversary Challenge: The Race is over.

    Things are looking a bit more interesting this morning!
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    NVIDIA to Re-introduce GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER GPUs

    Anything that increases supply is welcome right now.
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    Folding@Home bigadv EOL 2nd Anniversary Challenge: The Race is over.

    I'd wish you all luck but I wonder if it's the scrappy little gang at TAAT that will need the luck this time around!
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    How Often do you

    I thought it was difficult for most to get a license for that, interested to know if mere mortals can obtain it.
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    How Often do you

    Only when absolutely necessary. I think it's been several years now on my office, home, and home theater PC's. If something gets messed up, I fix it. No sense having to set everything back up again. Pre-Windows 7, I think it was prudent to re-install occasionally, but with the last few releases...
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    WCG - 16th Birthday Challenge

    Good luck, everyone!
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    AMD Radeon RX 6000 series for distributed computing

    Typically AMD cards haven't seemed to live up to their theoretical potential, but this time around seems different. I would presume the main problem to be getting project devs to write/mod their apps to work with RDNA2.
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    WCG THOR Challenge 2020

    I'm going to help out a bit this time around, though participation in the FB Sprint may cut me short.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    I delivered it with one of my own 2060's to get him going, we'll see if 3070's even become available enough in October to be able to snag one.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    It's a little late for me to make changes now, since it's sitting on my desk burning in right now, but thanks for participating. At least I didn't buy a 2070...
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    Noted, though since I already have the unit I am going to burn it in with a 250W TDP GPU and see how it goes.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    Thanks, I've had some Phanteks stuff that's been good, but it turns out that this is their lower end unit, so we'll see. Regarding the 3070, afaik it's supposed to have a 220W TDP, so I don't think we are in danger with a 550W PSU, are we? The calculator put the system at 432W with a 250W TDP GPU.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    Thanks all for your input, see updated list as purchased above. Several changes, two due to lack of stock. I'm not sure about the case, it might get sent back if it's a POS.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    Thanks, learners permit . I'd read that the new connector was being reserved for the highest-end cards for now, and adapters will be available as mentioned. At any rate, I would not expect any GPU we pick in the near future to exceed the capabilities of the PSU, although it is something to keep...
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    BlueLineSwinger , thanks for the response. I agree that I was aiming pretty high with the SSD. Also I would say that the GPU selection is in flux given the imminent release of Ampere. I've edited the list to reflect the change in SSD.
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    Please Vet This PC Build

    Hi, everyone. I've been asked to build an upper midrange gaming PC for my bother in law to run mostly MMOs like New World on a large 4K monitor and a VR setup yet to be purchased. I don't have a clear picture regarding how demanding of games he might want to run in the near future, so I think I...
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    Thanks for all the fish ...

    It's somewhat discouraging to run across this thread, since the BOINC Pentathlon 2019 was the first time I ever team-switched, temporarily leaving TeAm Anandtech for [H] on Einstein. I've always been hesitant about switching, because I have a difficult enough time keeping track of my own...
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    Free-DC about to go under. Please consider donating if you like the service.

    Hey guys, I sent some cash but also set up a very modest recurring donation. Like auntjemima, I check stats on that site many times a day most days. I can't imagine DC without Free-DC! If you want to make a recurring donation, don't click the Paypal button, click the "Donation Page" link below...
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    Where are the new chips? Broadwell/Skylake/Braswell

    But the 6600K is available now.
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    Where are the new chips? Broadwell/Skylake/Braswell

    It certainly is a departure from what we've been conditioned to expect. I'm told that the Americas are the only place where Broadwell-C boxed CPUs have not been made available so far; the only explanation I can think up is that Intel made a deal with some OEs so that consumers would have to buy...
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    Finally settled on an i7-4790 build

    A mild 4.2 OC on a 4770K is going to be better (and cheaper?) than a 4790, unless there are some other improvements besides binning on the refresh of which I'm not aware.
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    5 mistakes Every Videogame with a morality system makes

    Most great games have at least a passable story, and most passable stories contain a protagonist and an antagonist of some sort as the basis of the narrative. Some nuance is good, but to satisfy the lowest common denominator demands a certain easily identifiable simplicity to the characters and...
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    Are Seagates really as bad as they say?

    I haven't dealt with enough drives even in the 20 years I've been working on PCs to make any statisticly valid conclusions, but it is rather interesting that my anecdotal experience matches the Backblaze report rather closely. My drives of choice are HGST now, but who knows what is inside the...
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    CPU bottleneck

    Preprogrammed fan speed curves are biased toward noise reduction, so making your own fan speed curve can help. Running the fan flat out 100% for testing can help reveal if a better cooling solution would help matters.
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    Upgrade question

    Enthusiasts are looking for games that use more than 4 threads to justify moving to hexcore CPUs, but they are still few. Depending on what you do, a 3770K might give you a decent bump, but I think a lot of hardcore enthusiasts are waiting for Haswell-E. It will be expensive, though. I wonder if...
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    Can cheap 1150 motherboards overclock or not?

    As far as I have seen, Haswell boards do not allow Turbo bin overclocking on non-K CPUs like Ivy boards did, so you need a "K" to overclock now.
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    CPU Choices

    The Phenom is less suited as a 24/7 file server because it will generally use more power and create more heat than the 4130, which, in contrast, could probably be passively cooled, depending on the load.
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    So been out of the building for awhile whats best CPU for money right now

    Sometimes the urge to upgrade defies the logic of delayed gratification. Haswell-E is almost a year away. The release of IB-E is imminent. Upon seeing some concrete benchmarks of the new enthusiast offering, a decision can be made whether a 4770K or 4930K would be best.
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    worth it to buy an i3-3220 right now?

    It depends upon your usage patterns. The i3 has much better single thread performance than the Phenom II it would be replacing, but if you manage to fully load the cores, the advantage disappears due to the i3 being a 4 thread capable dual core. For most light to medium tasks the i3 will be...