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    Fallout 4

    You exhausted all the locations? Not as many as skyrim?
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    Why I Love The “Star Wars” Prequels (And You Should, Too)

    If you take out anything to do with boy-band skywalker and the existence of naboo, take out 80% of the nonsense, then yeah, it was a good movie.
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    Bing Reveals Top Searches Of 2015

    I'd they at least used to be better about privacy. Maybe they are still just by virtue of Google probably being more competent in retrieving your data. Furthermore, better privacy is also not putting all your eggs in one basket. But, as far as getting things done, or even power gaming...
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    Fallout 4 Console Commands Can Break Your Saves?

    Let me guess, racemenu can sometimes reset your stats?
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    No flash or daily deals during Steam autumn, winter sales

    They might have data for the publishers showing how nobody buys their games during the sale until the time it gets marked down. Edit, on second thought, publishers already have that data. Some publishers may want this to get longer exposure.
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    600K Cable Modems Have ‘Backdoors In Backdoors’

    Tiered access to the highest bidder. I wonder which governments get the double duty and which didn't.
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    Star Wars Takes Over Disneyland’s Tomorrowland

    Some of tomorrow is almost today land.
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    1900 series driver for win 7?

    Thanks! Catalyst 10.2 worked for me
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    Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    The startups have more jobs created and more enginuity, more of the capitalistic entrepreneur spirit for anyone who wants to work hard and live their dreams. But, alas, the deck is stacked against small business as in favor of big Corp. Big bussinesses have armies of lawyers to work the legal...
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    1900 series driver for win 7?

    I have an old 1900 that I'm using for an old rig, and I was wondering if there was a trustworthy win 7 driver out there. Supposedly not officially supported, but I thought I saw some decent drivers back in the day.
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    Why are we getting weird neutered games?

    Lol, well yeah, that's just service without giving good service. The goal of every service is to get as lazy as possible while increasing prices and customers.
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    Leaked Comcast Doc Admits: Data Caps Have Nothing To Do With Congestion

    Eh, maybe politicians don't know. Still, nothing gets done unless people get shocked. So I'm all for people getting themselves shocked in this case.
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    Why are we getting weird neutered games?

    Agreed, except you surprised me about the "other industries" part. Have a few examples?
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    Why are we getting weird neutered games?

    If you sign up early you get this platinum hamster wheel, and if you pay $1.99, you get 10 revolutions credited to your wheel.
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    Paragon (new title from Epic Games)

    A good story has a point
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    As Sites Move To SHA2 Encryption, Millions Face HTTPS Lock-Out

    If Firefox 3 users are the die hards, then what class do the IE6 users fall under? :D
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    AMD Ellesmere And Baffin “Arctic Islands” GPUs To Enter Production In 2016

    Then your hangup caused you to miss my other point, and this lesser comment about "console CPU's". Profitability is irrelevant to that comment. PS4/Xbone kept intel out. When when competing companies wine and dine the same business partners, that's competition. If AMD were gone, Intel could...
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    AMD Ellesmere And Baffin “Arctic Islands” GPUs To Enter Production In 2016

    captain hyperbole much against the maker of console CPUs? Why would Intel increase prices now and give AMD shot at becoming profitable?
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    China Tried Hacking U.S. Firms Even After Cyber Pact

    U.S. might actually be honest. Is there a reason to hack China for commercial reasons? Now for military on the other hand, yeah, all bets are off.
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    New Motorola Droid Phones To Be Announced Oct. 27, Details Leaked

    Lets get down to the important stuff. 48 hour batter with how much usage?
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    Intel, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Lenovo Unite for Big PC Advertising Push

    Oh boy oh boy, here we go! PC gam.... oh I mean xbox timed exclusives.
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    New Adobe Flash Zero-Day Used in Pawn Storm Campaign

    Thought Firefox disabled flash by default
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    The Witcher 3 Patch 1.10

    The crank is strong with this one.
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    Video game voice actors vote in overwhelming favor of strike

    I can see both sides, hopefully the indies don't get hurt.
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    Destiny Getting Paid Cosmetic DLC

    No prob with paid higher res texture packs?
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    $5 Service That Cancels Your Comcast In 5 Minutes

    It's not too terrible if you're moving. I mean, less painful than breaking a leg.
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    DDR3 And DDR4 Prices Keep Falling

    hard to feel sympathy after all that price gouging after the shortage.
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    Snowden Gets Hammered With 47GB Of Twitter Notification Emails

    And thus the NSA know what twitter users to add to it's higher priority profiling database.
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider

    Careful what you say. Windows store exclusive? Or maybe timed Windows store exclusive.
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    From Radio To Porn, British Spies Track Web Users’ Online Identities

    Karma police Arrest this man He talks in maths He buzzes like a fridge He's like a detuned radio
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    China’s NeoKylin OS Is A Windows XP Clone

    Does it come with the almighty king of awesomeness: IE6?
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    Divinity Original Sin 2 Kickstarter 11 days left

    Chris Avellone joins the writing team, now you gotta back it now if you were on the fence before.
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    Man Hit With $2M Cellphone Bill

    Where are the programs that under charge?
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    Google OnHub Teardown

    Would you trust an honestly proud creepy sex offender with your kids?
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    Why is BioWare the only company making games like Mass Effect?

    Tech is something to be discovered/recovered. Brootherhood of steel style. Sci fi is a general term anyways.
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    Why is BioWare the only company making games like Mass Effect?

    You'd be surprised. Fallout isn't as cartoony as the pip boy makes you believe. Sci fi is there, it's just that the tech is lost and is more elusive, especially early on in the game. Choices and consequences? Check out new Vegas especially. Dark bleak world? Check, especially some of the the...