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    2.5G Ethernet Switch Question

    I currently have a PFSENSE router connected to a standard unmanaged switch. I ordered 2 pcie ethernet adapters (Realtek 8125) for my main rig and server. From what i understand i will need a new switch for these to communicate at 2.5G speed? What is the cheapest solution? Are there unmanaged...
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    2 XBOX 360 Controllers and OEM Wireless Adapter Thank You.
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    32" LG 32GK850G-B 2560x1440 G-Sync 144Hz [$549 Free Shipping]

    BuyDig has the 32" LG 32GK850G-B QHD Gaming Monitor on sale for $549. Free Shipping APPLY COUPON CODE: NOV18 I own one of these and they are great overall. Paid $650 for mine.
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    980Ti GPU clock stuck at 963Mhz

    Can someone help me out. When i play games my 980Ti Classified GPU clock seems to be stuck at 963Mhz. Reported by EVGA Precision and GPUZ. BF1 and GTA5 have the same issue. Any ideas why this may be happening? Temp never went above 68 degrees.
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    Battlefield 4 Premium ($20 Amazon)
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    GTX 770 2GB, 4GB or Wait?

    Im playing with a GTX580 @ 1920x1200 right now and most games i play are fine, for the exception of Titanfall. I have to lower the settings in order to get acceptable performance. I also plan to play Watch Dogs when it comes out. What should i do? A) GTX 770 2GB B) GTX 770 4GB C) Wait for a...
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    Creative Zx Control Module ruins sound

    When i have my headphones hooked up to the Control Module, the sound is significantly worse then when they are plugged in directly to the sound card. Is this normal? This is the module im talking about for anyone who doesnt know.
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    ASUS RT-N16 300 Mbps 4-Port Gigabit Wireless N Router

    This router was used for some time but is in perfect working condition. It will ship with the latest ASUS firmware already flashed. This router is also excellent with custom firmware such as DD-WRT and Tomato...
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    Routing traffic through WiFi

    Is it possible to route only torrent traffic though the wireless connection and still have that PC on the LAN?
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    Blu-Ray Question

    OK so i just got a new TV (LG 55LA7400) and i have an internal Blu-Ray drive which plays movies with Total Media Theater. Since the input is marked as "PC" all the image enhancement features are disabled. The TV is forced into 1080P @ 60Hz. The question is, would my movies look better through a...
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    HP TouchPad 32GB w/ Touchstone & Case $99 NR Ends 12/18
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    iPod touch 5th Generation Black & Slate (32 GB) ends 12/6/12 $100

    Brand new factory sealed.
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    Need headphone & amp recommendations

    Im looking to spend about $200 for a pair of headphones and a headphone amp. Will be used for games and music. I currently have an Omega Strike sound card and M-Audio AV40's. What are my options? Should i get a new sound card with an amp built in, or should i get an external amp for the headphones?
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    Recommend a Sound Card

    OK so i had an HT Omega Striker in my main rig connected to AV40's, which sounded good. I just moved it to my HTPC and only now do i see how shitty on board sound really is. I dont want to spend a lot of money and was just wondering if there was a card i could get that would make my AV40's sound...
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    Ceton InfiniTV 4 Digital Cable Quad-tuner Card PCIe Amazon $199 + FS

    Price dropped from $299 to $199, hot deal if you want one of these.
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    A few questions

    Right now my desktop has an HT Omega Striker sound card which is hooked up to M-Audio AV 40 speakers. I just got a pair of the Panasonic RP-HTF600-S headphones and when i plugged them into the AV40's they sounded OK. When i plug them into my Onkyo receiver they sound 10x better... Are the...
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    PC freezing after adding RAID 0

    Guys i need help please....After adding a RAID 0 array to an existing RAID1 array, i get freezing in WIN7. This is the exact issue im having: "In the last month I have built a new desktop PC around an ASUS P7H57D-V EVO motherboard with an i7-860. Since day 1 I have been having serious issues...
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    EVGA Step up Extension

    Im 9 days late on my step up from EVGA, any chance they will extend it for me and let me upgrade? Have any of you succeeded in doing this?
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    Very weird issue, Win7 freezing

    My second pc freezes right after getting into windows as soon as I click anything. I just recently re installed win7 and it started happening. I boot into safe mode and it works fine. Tested memory and no errors after 2 passes. IP35 Pro E5200 4gb gskill Hd 4350 I also tried to restore...
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    Quick question about swapping boards

    I have 2 pc's: one with an IP35-Pro and the other with a P5Q-Pro Basically i want to swap the boards without reinstalling OS They are both running Windows 7 Ultimate. Will i have any problems? Driver issues? Thanks
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    Kingston 40 GB SSD SNV125-S2BD Amazon $112 Shipped

    Kingston SSDNow V Series 40 GB Solid State Drive SNV125-S2BD/40GB $111.99 Free Shipping Sold By I just ordered one and it says there are 3 in stock. Good price with no mail in rebate and free shipping. Tax for some.
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    Cat 9.8 HD4350 Win7 Media Center Problem

    When i install the latest Catalyst 9.8 on Windows 7 32bit i get a weird problem when exiting Windows Media Center. Everything looks kind of hazy. It has something to do with the refresh rate because when i go into the ATI settings and reset the refresh rate from 60 to 59 and back to 60...
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    CDROM Bay Fans

    Im looking for a 5.25 Bay cover that has fans built in. Does something like this exist? I've googled and looked around but could not find it. I've seen this done as a custom job, but would rather buy it. Thanks
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    Sharing Movies with Family/Friends

    My friend has a bunch of movies on his pc that he ripped from DVD. He wants to set up his pc as a server so only his friends/family could download/stream them. What is a good program to use to do this? He says he tried some but they have a 4GB file size limit. Thanks
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    Quick Question on invites

    Is it against the rules to trade invites? If not, what is the appropriate forum to post a trade offer? Thanks
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    [H] Experts I need your opinion

    I built my system a little over a year ago, system specs are in sig. I overclocked my Q6600 to 3.0GHZ right away by changing the cpu clock speed to 333. I did not change any other settings. The system was rock solid until about a month ago when i started to get BSOD's. They would be random and...
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    EVGA 285 w/ Corsair HX520

    Hey guys, I have the opportunity to step up to the EVGA GTX285 right now but im not sure if my PSU will handle it. My specs are in my sig. I will also be taking out one of the hard drives, and maybe adding another 2GB stick of memory. Thanks:)
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    Small Budget Case for Torrent Box

    Im planning on building a small torrent box/file server so i dont have to keep my main rig on all the time. Main concern in power efficiency and low noise. Would someone please recommend a Micro ATX Mini Tower or Desktop with a power supply built in. I want it to be as cheap as possible please...
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    Logitech Z-5500 $195AR Free Shipping! has the Logitech Z-5500 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System for $195 after a $40 MIR. Logitech rebates are not bad so this is not a bad deal. Free Shipping as well.
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    8800GTS 512 SLI or HD4870

    I currently have an IP35Pro and a single EVGA 8800GTS 512. I will be looking to upgrade my video card in the near future. Im thinking of either getting a single 4870 for $260 or Buying a P5Q Pro and another 8800GTS for a total of around $240. What do you think would be the best choice in...
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    HTPC Home Theatre

    Hello folks, im building a HTPC for a friend and he asked me to put together a home audio system for him as well. The budget for the speakers and receiver is $1200 Here are some things to consider. - He does not want huge floor standing speakers.. he will be hanging them on the wall. - I...
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    Please Help !!

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    Help With Vista Lag

    I just re-installed Vista64 on a RAID0 Array with 2 WD500AAKS Drives. Now i have a really weird problem where my pc will hang for a few seconds at a time. The mouse pointer will freeze and come back. This happens randomly and if im watching a movie, it will freeze and resume playing. When i had...
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    Please Help !!

    I just re-installed Vista64 on a RAID0 Array with 2 WD500AAKS Drives. Now i have a really weird problem where my pc will hang for a few seconds at a time. The mouse pointer will freeze and come back. This happens randomly and if im watching a movie, it will freeze and resume playing. When i had...
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    TomsHardware GTX280 Review,1953.html After reading all this, i think it would be very smart to see what AMD has to bring to the table, Especially considering pricing.
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    Monitoring Software

    Does anyone know how to monitor the screen of a pc that is on your network? I am the admin and the other pc is in the workgroup. I do not want to use the pc, just see what the user is doing without them knowing. They are running XP32 and im running VISTA64. Any simple software tools i can use...
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    Please Recommend Phenom Cooler

    Im building a new rig with a Phenom 9500 on a Gigabyte MA78GM-SH mobo and an Antec Sonata III Case. I will not be overclocking but i want a reliable CPU cooler that will keep temps down with minimal noise. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    New Build For Grandma!

    My grandma has a 4 year old Sony PC which at this point cannot even load a website correctly. She came over to my house the other day and after checking out my rig begged me to build her a new pc. After talking to her, i decided on the following. Antec Sonata III Case w/ 500w PSU $80...
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    8800GTS 512 LOW FPS FEAR

    I just installed Fear 1.08 and im getting 38FPS Max in the benchmark. I tried both the latest Nvidia and XtremeG drivers and get the same results. First i was getting 9FPS Max and after doing some research found that disabling HID devices in the device manager solved these issues. I'm now...
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    Question regarding NewEgg Open Box HD

    I was looking to buy another WD500 AAKS and newegg has an open box one for $79.99. As i understand they were tested by WD before being sold as open box correct? So is there any reason why i shouldnt buy it over the OEM drive for $105? "Open Box items have been opened and touched and/or...