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  1. P4B

    was this happening? 970 fiasco

    Since i still have 2 5800's i have not kept up with gpu's An nvidia engineer was interviewed about the memory problems the GTX 970 users are facing, this is what he had to say! Read more at
  2. P4B

    Just a ? or two about ebay.

    My bro thinks i could sell this on ebay. Could anyone tell me if they would except such a large item to be sold from a first time seller? I do have 5 stars from buying parts for this rig. Where should i list this? In the CPU or guitar AMP listings? I found a nice place in the AMP list...
  3. P4B

    vandal switch

    Hi i im having a tuff time with a switch that said it was good for a on/off switch. A Red Illuminated Bulgin Style "Momentary" Vandal Switch - 16mm from and dont know a thing about wiring. 4 wires shouldnt be hard. after going over the webs i cant seem to find my switch being used...
  4. P4B

    My Rocksmith Rig!

    Hi [H] and everyone. I have a new idea im working on now. I'm sure most have heard of Rocksmith by now. I use to play the guitar along time ago and got this game. Its kinda fun and im getting better at playing again. So i thought lets bring them closer together.I have been running the game on...
  5. P4B

    My Rocksmith Rig!

    moved to modding gallery!
  6. P4B

    need a small display for a mod case

    HI [H] and everyone! I have started a new case mod for my mini ITX. I could use some links or pointers on getting a laptop display to work on this build since laptop displays seem the best fit in my plans. Ok this is what I'm going for. I'm sure most have seen Rocksmith! Since i have...
  7. P4B

    need a small display for a mod case

    HI [H] and everyone. Im looking for a display for my 2nd case mod. The display will be the face on this case. I have been drawing out the layout and have gotten stuck matching a display of ANY kind to this. looking for a 14'' to 15'' none widescreen I need something no bigger then 13.5'' H x...
  8. P4B

    COD news

    lol COD got caught hating on our new overlords
  9. P4B

    my htpc mod

    Look down for new post on my LIAN LI