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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    Assuming the old HardForum Crew still watches these forums... Has anyone, with VMware in a datacenter, started, has started, already completed... a project to migrate workloads into AWS? Google search does turn up some blogs and a list of tools. AWS - at enterprise scale - does come with...
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    Dell T640 - Non Dell parts?

    Posting here because I assume most of the folks messing with 'Virtual' have their hands in some form of Server class hardware... I know some of the folks that post here frequently are Data center guys. (enjoyed VMworld this year?) I run a lot of HP and Cisco/Cisco UCS gear at work. Just...
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    Vmware - vDistributed Switch - Load Based Policy

    While the reach of this post might be small, I know a few important ones do read them. Does anyone use Distributed Switches with port groups configured with the Load Based policy and on vSphere v6? If you do....I have reason to believe that you should change to a different load balance policy...
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    HTPC Under TV Soundbar ?

    I'm looking for feedback if anyone has a TV with sound bar mounted to the wall for their HTPC setup and what Soundbar do you have or suggest? I have a TV with great picture but sound is lacking. My father in law has the Sonos Soundbar and it sounds great. But, for the $600 price tag, I...
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    Large JBOD chassis without a backplane?

    I'm looking for some feedback or suggestions for a rack server or tower sized case that can hold greater than twenty 3.5 hard drives, but, contain no back plane. A simple chunk of sheet metal to hold a wad of drives and let me plug in a bunch of sata/sas + molex connectors to each drive. Proper...
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    ESXi 5.5u1 and Nvidia Grid GPUs?

    Has anyone played with this setup? I'm still trying to get my hands on a Grid 1K. I'm even tempted to hack a GTX 680 into a grid to play. I'm interested in View 6 PCoIP graphics performance. PCI pass through and connecting a monitor to the a ESXi server sounds terrible but I understand its...
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    Sas expander help - Adapter 71605Q

    I have an Adaptec 71605Q and I'm looking for some feedback or if anyone has attached any expanders to this card. Maybe any tests with this family of cards? I contacted Adaptec and they responded with, "we do not test or support expanders we test and support enclosures." I love this card...
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    10Gb help on Esxi 5.5

    I need some extra Brains here..... Hardware: ESXi Server with a ton of resources... CPU/Mem running below 10% Intel x540-T2 - connected via Cat7 cable to Netgear ProSafe XS708E. Running ESXi 5.5 build 1331820. One VM on ESX Server with local SSD array (trust me, its not an IOPS or GBPS issue...
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    Raid question for the vmware tinkerers...

    I'm playing with a new Adaptec HBA\Raid adapter and would like some feed back from the board about stripe size. My options are 64,128,256,512. The default is 256 but figured 64K would be better? I've tried 256 and 64 and ran some IO meter tests inside a VM. The raid rebuild time is a little...
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    Non published ESXi 5.5 drivers?

    Does anyone have an inside track to hardware venders that have not published their ESXi 5.5 drivers? Emulex Adaptec Areca LSI etc.... Sometimes they will push it out to a few customers or on a forum before their main download page is updated. Thanks, Nick
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    Adaptec 72405... Pulling the trigger?

    Days of research has pushed me to choose the Adaptec 72405 with the AMF700 Backup. The only HBA I can find that makes me second think this purchase is the Areca 1882ix-24. Could I get some quick feed back from the forum? Yes, no, Adaptec, Areca, PCM, head explode? Thank you for your...
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    HBA purchase feedback or suggestion?

    I'm looking for some feedback on a HBA purchase for my home lab. The card will spend most of its time running in an ESXi server but I tinker a lot so it might get ripped out at random time to test IOPS on a new line of disc, SSD etc. Im looking to future proof as much as I can without going...
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    Small, basic, low profle ATX case?

    I've searched and searched and figured I would post asking for some help. Im looking for the most basic ATX case. Just some sheet metal that can hold my ATX motherboard, power supply, low profile video card, and maybe a cutout for a fan. No drive slots, (maybe a place to screw a 2.5 SSD...
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    Anyone need a HP SAS expander?

    I wanted to give the Data Storage System groupies a chance at it before throwing it in the for sale/trade area. I bought a HP SAS expander from Dustin as I was planning my server build for the Norco 4224 and 1880i upgrades. Work downgrade, new baby, and general life has stolen my server...
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    Judge my Norco 4224 build!!

    The Nnew Norco 4224 is going to be released in August. The new Areca 1880 is going to be released next week. Why should I spend money on this stuff? Because I can I guess…. Wants: Low watt consumption but not green, great Ghz on the cheap, easy to build, grow, and will have vender...
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    PCI-E power board?

    I'm working on a Norco build using an HP SAS expander and I'm researching options to power the expander without using a PCIe slot. The forum for the expanders exist at the URL below and with the 746 posts, some have spoken about the possibility but I did not find a solution...
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    FareWell Adaptec?!

    Glad I didnt pull the trigger on a new Adaptec... 10th May 2010 17:44 GMT Adaptec is selling its RAID channel storage business to PMC-Sierra for $34m, but will keep its Aristos ASIC technology business as it looks for ways to invest its $400m cash pile. Activist investor Steel Partners...
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    16TB NAS (mini?)

    Very interesting read about a homemade NAS that can write at 88MB per second and read at 266MB per second. Not too bad for a home grown project.
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    Norco 4224 and Areca 1880 updates?

    Two different posts are tracking the info: (see links at bottom) Any of our experts have an update on timeline, price, 1680 price drops, and expected issues? I'm getting very itchy and want to buy a Norco 4220 and Areca 1680i. I already have a pile of Hitachi 2TB drives and the HP SAS...
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    Frys - Hitachi 2TB 7K2 32MB = $125.00

    We talk a lot about these drives in a raid setup. Visit your local Frys for some more space! I just called the local Frys and they had over 200 avaliable lol.
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    VelociRaptor without Icepack in Norco OS drive?

    Is anyone else using a VelociRaptor removed from the heatsink so it will fit into the 2.5" drive slot? (used as OS drive) The case is loud, might as well add another loud drive to it. Im also interested if someone has filled a Norco 4220 with twenty VelociRaptor drives in raid 0. Fun...
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    Drive Selection for Areca + Hp SAS expander.

    Up to 12+ hours of digging through HardForum and the interweb on this subject. I've found the complete spectrum with every drive. Some individuals have installed Western Digital 2TB Green drives and had no problems. Some have tweaked the settings to get it to work and others have crashed...
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    Norco 4220 build review + question

    Current system: Windows 7 PC with lots of disk (GA-965P-DQ6 + Intel E6600 + 4GB XMS2 Corsair + Corsair TX750W PS) Project: Migrate current storage system to Norco with expansion options. Currently has six drives and will grow up to twenty drives. Current Raid requirements: Hardware Raid...
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    Norco 4020 Price? is selling a Norco 4020 for $279.99 + $23 shipping. Know any other place that can beat that price? Side note: I contacted Norco about selling me a 4XX0 case without the Fans, Fan mount, hardware, and backplanes. They quoted me $240.00. :(
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    Norco 4220 knockoff?

    I love the Norco 4220. Link for those that need to see it: Does anyone know of any cases that provide the same setup and drive bay count but does not have the hot swap and backplane? I'm looking for a 20 drive case that I...
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    Research help - surround sound

    My HTPC has the "Optical SPDIF OUT " connection and supports 8 channels of both Dolby and DTS high quality audio. The quick trip to Frys and Best Buy will only provide the theater system that includes the bluray player etc. Im just looking for the nice amp and speaker set. The main purpose...
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    DVI to HDMI Adapter question

    Quick question! Video Card has a DVI connector TV has an HDMI connector. Will any videocard (with DVI out) support the small DVI to HDMI adapter. This item: Any gothas with res, freq, etc? It's one of those "just in case" questions...
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    Raid Controller Selection - Trick or Treat?

    If someone were to drop one of these into your pumpkin (pillow case) while trick-or-treating, which would you want? 3Ware/LSI 9650SE-8LPML $490 Adaptec (3805 kit)...
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    Raid Adapter for 6+ 1.5TB drives?

    system: MB : GA-965P-DQ6 (rev. 3.3) HD : six Seagate 1.5TB 7200 drives (ST315005N1A1AS-RK) Problem: Ive researched Areca, Adaptec, 3ware, Highpoint, and Promise Raid cards. None of them say they "support" the Seagate 1.5TB drives. Adaptec 5805 gets close with the ST31500341AS. So...
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    WD Caviar Green in raid - any issues?

    I've searched the [H]forums and google and im trying to figure out if anyone has any real world issues with using any of the "Green" HDs in a raid setup. I've seen info about TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) feature on the "raid edition" and how some raid setups will kick out a drive if it...