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    2080 Ti overkill for older Dell Workstation Xeon?

    Machine: Dell T7910 64gb Ram Dual Xeon E5-2687w V3 10 cores each (20 core total at 3.10GHz-3.37ghz) Cinebench R15 Single Core = 136cb (Top current CPU’s can hit 210) Multicore = 3035cb After recently upgrading to an 38” LG Ultrawide with a cropped 4K-like resolution, 3840x1600, my trusty 980...
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    1080's idle clock too sensitive?

    I'm having an issue with the NVIDIA 1080 FE and its idle clock. Within the modeling software Modo, there's a stutter upon initially rotating, panning, and zooming the 3D viewport in a heavy scene. I found the cause to be the 1080's behavior to instantly idle the GPU core/memory to...
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    Dell Precision T7810 (E5-2687w v3/32GB/1+1TB/Quadro K4200/3 year Warranty

    Dell Precision T7810 (E5-2687w v3/32GB/1+1TB/DVD RW/Quadro K4200/3 year Warranty
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    Dell NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Video Graphics Card 12GB (68CR1) $2,699

    Dell NVIDIA Quadro M6000 Video Graphics Card 12GB (68CR1)
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    Wii U and Surround Sound

    Anyone caught off guard by the surround sound options on the Wii U being HDMI and only 5.1 PCM for surround sound? Are you now looking for a new receiver that supports 5.1 PCM through HDMI? At first I tried to send audio to my TV with HDMI, then optical from the TV to my receiver, which...
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    WD Raptor 74GB failing, what are my recovery chances?

    Just out of the blue, I turn on the computer to find error screen saying Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to the computer, or something to that effect. Suggesting many things that could be a problem, or oddly, try reconnecting any recently removed devices...
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    How do I stop Vista from locking software

    Damn this is getting annoying, and I can hardly find any topics on the internet. Vista has a new feature where it locks you out of software, even graying out the application, and if you click, it says it's not responding. Thing is, the program is working perfectly fine. It keeps jumping the...
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    Crazy, which of these 2 changes caused Vista to need Re-Activation?

    Change 1: Messing/Changing the memory? Change 2: Updating the bios? I just recently jumped on the cheap ram deals to upgrade my 2gigs to 4gigs. But I got a picky motherboard and only had nothing but issues getting more than two sticks to run. For a week I ran on the 2 new sticks I bought since...
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    Worlds worst MOBO for RAM,

    What the heck is with the GA-965p-DS3!!!!!!! It's so damn pickey, even with ram listed on their support site, even after the ram has already worked with it. Unless I'm just doing things wrong. I've been using Corsair 2x 1gig sticks for a year. But seeing all these deals for 2gb pairs, and...
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    G54HP errors with my 10 key WEP64 and says should be 5

    Can nothing every just work :( Anyway. I'm setting up the wireless ethernet converter Buffalo WLI-TX4-G54HP. Setup is explained well and almost there but now this. Logged into the configuration software through the web, I search for my network, I select my network. Then I need to enter my...
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    Wireless Bridge for more than one device?

    Really confused here. I have my wireless router in my bedroom. But in my living room, I have a PS3, Tivo, and 360, all which need broadband. The 360 adapter is $100, the Tivo adapter is $50 or so, and no real official adapter for the PS3 20gig model. I search for wireless bridges on Newegg...
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    Monitor for 360/HD-DVDs that....

    I'm posting for someone that can't register here. He's looking for a new monitor and I can't answer a few things. Here's what he's looking for (I modified it some to be a little more clear): -LCD at least 20 inches widescreen -1080p input support over VGA to fully take advantage of the...
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    Simple sidebar question

    Is there a way to bring the sidebar to the front when there's an applications on top? Atleast a different way other than having to click the small icon on the taskbar? Maybe a key command? I'd simply like the cursor to activate it by moving to the edge of the screen the sidebar is on, then...
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    Dual background method messed up in Vista

    With a dual monitor setup you have always been able to get a background for each by doing one big image with both backgrounds side by side. Then with tile it causes the image to be set full size on the first screen and the right side jumps to the 2nd monitor to give it it's background. Requires...
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    Stumbling with rearranging XP and Vista on drives

    Just bought retail home premium. Though, my computer currently has XP on my Raptor 74GB. I also have Vista RC1 installed on another drive's partition. XP's drive is C: and Vista is D: at the moment I want to move XP off the Raptor so I can install full Vista onto that drive. I just used used...
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    Do CPUs make high pitch sounds? I'm going nuts!!!!

    The guy in the cubicle next to me has this cheap compact HP computer (probably a P4 2.8ghz). When he resizes or creates a square (text or image boxes) in a pagination software his computer tower emits this high pitch squeel, like squeaky wheels rolling, which happens as long as he resizes these...
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    My Audigy 1 acting wacko

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    Redoing wireless network with gaming adapters

    I've searched, checked reviews on newegg, which is tough as there always seems to be plenty of people with trouble on any router. Well, I plan to replace an older D-Link DI-524 Wireless router, which has been stable most the time I've had it for several years. But it never did great...
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    Logitech Z-5500 $243 shipped before tax (good deal?)

    Normally its about $265 at newegg, plus $35 shipping. At, they have it in small business area for $270, but when you log-in at the cart you get 10% off and free 3-5 day shipping ($45 value) So...
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    Vista RC2 doesn't see DVD-rom burner?

    Just curious if anyone else has trouble. I have a new Lite-on DVD burner that's part of my new Core 2 Duo system I put togethor a while back. The RC2 works perfect, every drive and device working, but for some reason the dvd-rom (only rom installed) is no where to be found let alone give it the...
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    New Gateway trouble, or nightmare, please help

    Well, it was one of those things where you had one problem, you try to fix it, and bang, another problem until you give up and do a system restore. This is for my roommates new Gateway. The only problem was this Media Center computer using a Hauppauge TV PVR PCI card that came with it. After...
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    PC posted, but got e6400 question (please help)

    I'm sort of a noob, been close to 3 years after building my first pc, so I need a few quick answers. I have the Gigabyte DS3 combo, finally got some Corsair ram after the incompatible GSkill ram and just relieved the computer finally posted. So now I just want the E6400 to run at normal...
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    ZipZoomfly normally slow?

    After making the mistake of ordering that ZX GSkill ram that's incompatible with the Gigabyte DS3 mobo I needed something quick to finish my new Conroe system It was time to overnight new ram as everything in town was going to be $100 more plus tax. I was about to order from Newegg but what I...
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    Freaking out, Fans Run, No Post HELP!!!

    First, I did try searching. I have a new system: Gigabyte DS3 e6400 Sycthe Ninja cooler with fan to cpu-fan pin and AS5 GSkill 2x 1GB Lite-On DVD Burner WD Raptor 74gb Powercolor X1600pro dual dvi Antec P180 case PSU is Enermax Noistaker PSU eg495p-ve...
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    Real quick Mobo question

    I tried searching for an answer but kept getting too much other stuff like questions on the difference between a 20 and a 24 pin connector for a mobo and stuff. I'm nearly ready to turn on the power to my Gigabyte DS3 with Conroe and I have the PSU connected to the mobo with the 24 pin...
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    Some quick questions for new system

    I'm building my Conroe computer and I can't move over my current AGP 6800nu since the new mobo is PCI express. So now a I need a new card. I'm not gaming much at all since I use a 360 at the moment, but I still want a quality card with dual monitor support (dual dvi?) and great picture quality...
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    Conroe locations and prices

    I was putting this togethor for my own use but I might as well put it here, and others might be able to add to this: Monarch: Shipped August 14th or earlier Retail: E6600 for $345 E6400 for $246...
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    Highest cpu for an Asus A7N8X Rev 2.0?

    I was wondering what the best cpu you can get for this mobo, Asus A7N8X Rev 2.0 1005bios, can it take 64bit Athlons and such?
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    A sign my PSU is failing?

    I have an Antec True430. Lately during startup at the point WinXP load screen appears one of the HDs starts going on and off, 6+ times, must be my C drive since it makes Windows take that much longer to load. At the same time the lights on the fans would flicker, as if the power was dropping...
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    Half-life 2 Lost Coast HDR videos

    Check them out in the middle of the page, top of gameplay videos (3 of them):
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    PSP Midnight Club Dub screens

    I took these from a PSP version trailer of MC Dub Edition, check them out: You can dl the trailer here:
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    So... No way to connect the PSP to a TV?

    I was hoping the PSP had some kind of video output, but a quick search online says there isn't, not even a third party accessory. I find that hurts the device some. Playng the games on your tv might be fun, but even more useful for the umd movies and mpeg movies on memory sticks. Or even to...
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    LCD screen offset and wrapping after reinstalling system.

    I was reinstalling my system, I have a 6800 and nforce2 A7n8x Asus mobo, and for some reason now, even without the video drivers installed, when I reach a res that has the max 1050 vertical that my 2005fpw can do, the screen will be offset to the right by 20 something pixels and wrap around to...
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    Hot deal or not? Save $100 on the iRiver H10 5gig player, but...

    EDIT: I hope I didn't break any rules by posting this, after all it's not some crazy scheme to get a free ipod for nothing. First 1000 to sign up for "Napster to go" for 1 year get a free iRiver H10 5gig player. The H10 costs alone $280, the 1 year subscription costs $180. So it's like...
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    HOT: Emachine m5405 $499 after Best Buy and extra $100 rebates

    These are hard to find at the store, but todays ad I think did advertise it again. The m5405: WXGA screen 6.6lbs and 1.4inches thick DVD Combo Drive 2800+ AMD Sempron 512mb Ram 60 gig drive Built in Wireless Review:,1759,1706488,00.asp Best Buy...
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    My Audigy 1 acting wacko

    I'm having some odd problems with my Audigy. 1. One, the volume goes louder for a while, I adjust my speakers down to correct, then the audio goes back down to where I can't hear it, so I have to adjust it. This can get very annoying being so often. 2. Also, at first I though it was my...
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    A way to boost system audio? New speakers too low sometimesa

    I just picked up some new speakers, and well, my last set of speakers I never had to go above 75% volume, but my new speakers I find I need to turn it all the way up for some low audio files and still not loud enough. The previous speakers had enough left over in the volume to make any file...
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    D3 pics with stronger muzzle flash :)

    I won't be afraid of the dark too much now, no need for a flashlight mod: LOL, notice his skull at the top left, and I thought the brain shot out fast. Here's the instructions I got off a thread at another site (Note, in WinXP, all I needed to do is to access...
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    How come no talk on modding 6800nu to 16pipes, if it even has the extra 4?

    Ever since the x800pro, there have been many threads trying to hard mod/ soft mod it to get the extra four pipes. But what about the 12pipe 6800nu, what's the story with that card. Does it even have the extra pipes on the board, or is it a totally different design than the 6800gt and ultra...
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    Mobo beeps as I insert 6800?

    I'm installing my 6800 non-gt and the second I get it in the slot my mobo starts a long constant beep. The PSU is off and power cable removed, so it must be the battery. Also, I haven't connect the power cable yet from the card to any of the PSU cables. Anyone ever experience this. Do I just...