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    Witcher 3 or Cyberpunk 2077 - which Universe do you prefer from CD Projekt Red?

    Cyberpunk's world was better aesthetically. It has enough variety to feel like each zone is a different place. Even the highway system felt impressive. I really wish there was more gang/region specific content for the northern and southern districts. I feel like I spent 2 quest in Pacifica...
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    Looking for a gaming chair.

    Herman Miller Embody. It's designed to support but not push back on your body too hard. I can comfortably sit in it for 10hrs +.
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    Site for Small business

    I am still looking to hire someone for this. I do not have the time to do this myself. I want to make the following changes to my site. 1 - Spruce up design and formatting of the site when viewed on desktop. (maybe put text into columns? I'm open to suggestion) 2 - When viewed from a...
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    CPU stolen

    I had a claim filed over a lost in transit motherboard. It took about a month.
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    Site for Small business

    My personal experience. I used Host Gator to host a Wordpress built site for a while but the site took a long time to load and looked generic anyway. I switched over to my own HTML & CSS hosted on namecheap. The performance is pretty good. It took a few weeks to get comfortable coding. I...
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    Why nintendo do that

    Check the timed deals on switch news.
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    Naming your systems - how do you pick?

    I like video games. Desktop - Sol (guilty gear) Server - Mother Brain (metroid)
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    Site for Small business

    Thanks, sent it over.
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    Site for Small business

    Hello all, I have been trying to build a small site to showcase my work for a while now. I picked up a book on HTML and CSS a while back and gave it a go, but I'm not really satisfied. The whole thing just looks like a hobbyist job. Especially on mobile devices. Is there anyone here who...
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Little tip, up the difficulty once you're easily crushing the NCPD stuff and smaller encounters.
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    NEWS: During an internal Q&A with CD Projekt management on Thursday, frustrated Cyberpunk developers asked blunt questions about the game's rocky....

    There's also the fact that this game arguably killed the momentum of, or delayed, a lot of launches. Assassin's Creed and Watchdogs seemed to have the wind taken out of their sales, for me personally at least. Gaming sites seemed starved for news leading up to Cyberpunk's launch. Nobody wants...
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    best air cooler for Ryzen 9 5950x

    Silver arrow ib-e extreme is in stock at frozencpu (I know). They shipped me one pretty quickly. $86 shipped. It's overkill though. Regarding fan clearance, in normal config forward and rear fans could not clear my VRM heat sink/shroud nor my ram. You can offset the fans higher to remedy...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 - needs more polish for a AAA title

    I also insinuated the game is intended to be played on month(s) old hardware. But now looking back Witcher 3 ran at 60 - 70 fps @ 1440p on my old 980 ti. A card that released a month AFTER the game. CDPR are just some envelope pushing devs. Regardless the game is ridiculously good, the...
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    Cyberpunk is Available - Lets share how your GPU/CPU is performing

    Rig in the sig. I am getting 62 - 67 in populated areas. And 70's on highways. I have everything on high/ultra including RTX, using DLSS quality. Pretty good so far, tried OC'ing my 5600x but it made little difference. Unless I was running and jumping around the most populated areas of...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 - needs more polish for a AAA title

    OP has a slow graphics card. This game is dripping with love and soul. There is so much detail everywhere. Granted there are innumerable bugs, I will say the pros out weigh the cons by far. I really hope other developers take note. Devils advocate though, it's insane that you need a...
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    Weird/Fun AMD 5000 Competition How good is your AMD PC Gaming ACO+PBO Boost

    Hi Gerard, Nice OC and capture. I'm going to try and get OC'ed once I get a new mounting bracket for my OG Thermal Right Silver Arrow. For your power supply's CPU connectors, did you use the 8pin + 4pin or just the 8pin? Also what RTX 3080 is that? Thanks,
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25 You guys see this? Performance preview of Cyberpunk. This game is a beast.
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    Zen 3 Owners 5xxx Series Memory Discussion

    Going to be running a 5600x (have) on a x570 Tomahawk (arriving tomorrow) Picked up some G skill ripjaws 3600mhz @16-16-16-36. $100 at newegg and Microcenter. I am hoping I can match whatever the fabric clock 1:1 and go tight as possible on timings. The ram was about a $20 premium for the...
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    I guess. But there is a 13 day split between those orders. I was imagining they lost or never shipped the first order and are sending them all now.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    Now both my MB orders, one order placed Nov 17th and the other Dec 1st, are set to arrive on Dec 10th and from two different locations. So weird.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    Ok. So UPS and Newegg are slammed. Upside being... this is a banner year for electronics. I hope this translates to R&D money and improvements. Anyway, as was said first world problems.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    My concern is really the lack of updates. I haven't encountered that with UPS. The tracking for the second mobo looks exactly the same minus the 12/02/2020 ping. UPS tells me 12/2/2020 they were confirming they were unable to find the package. Anyway, I'm just curious if this is just me.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    It shouldn't make a difference both destinations were to New York. Were you guys getting the usual arrival and departure scans? Specifically past the first In Transit to Baldwin Park update. Both my shipments stopped updating after that.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    It looks like both my shipments originated at City of Industry as well. They also have Baldwin Park, California as their hop, but have no arrival scan or anything after that.
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    Trouble getting hardware from Newegg

    Has anyone had trouble getting anything shipped to them from Newegg? I have now ordered the x570 Tomahawk twice. First order placed on 11/17, directly from Newegg at MSRP. I never received a single UPS tracking update. It was eventually deemed lost by UPS. I ordered the board again on...
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    LG 48CX

    Not to go off topic, but what is the second pic Hey, Not to derail, but what's the second game?
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Been following the last few pages of this thread. I wanted to ask if anyone landed anywhere good with replacing a RV or FT? I am upgrading an RV02 with new guts and now it looks like I need to worry about thermal wicking. To start my upgrade I removed my 3.5" cage by drilling out the mounting...
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    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Oh yah, I forgot about the stereoscopic nature of... vision. I see what you mean, I just mounted mine, I get flawless tracking seated and standing. Previously I had both about 4' high on book shelves. This is so much better.
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    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Does using the vive hardware really introduce much more strain on your gpu? I definitely whip my mouse around fast in typical FPS. Maybe the games are just unoptimized. Either way, House of the Dying Sun is really good. There really needs to be a way to have two sets of IR blasters, for...
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    HTC Vive Owners Thread

    Got the Vive about a month back. So far game list includes... Vanishing Realms - By far my favorite so far. Audioshield - fun for two people Out of Ammo - my second favorite game, does alot of things right. Job Simulator - Cool, funny. House of the Dying Sun - Seemed really cool, only...
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    Second Monitor to go with XB270HU

    Narrowed it down to either a LG 27MB85R for $449 or a Asus PB278Q for $408
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    Second Monitor to go with XB270HU

    Also I am shopping for monitor arms. Anything good looking/with range of movement ?
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    Second Monitor to go with XB270HU

    Hello all, I am going to be investing in my setup for the first time in a while. I currently have one Acer XB270HU, after donating my old 1080p Asus. I now want to : 1 : Purchase a second 27" 1440p IPS monitor, possibly without Gsync, to save money. 2 : Mount both monitors on arms to...
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    You can change difficulty at any time. Even Gwent difficulty solely. Has anyone found a mod that removes the distance fog or at least tones it down?
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    Official Acer [XB270HU] 27" 1440p 144Hz G-Sync IPS ULMB Monitor Thread

    My 2 cents I ordered 2 and both had at least one dead pixel and debris under the AG coating. Returned one and RMAd other.
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    Sapphire tri-x r9 290x
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    Thanks. I am on a G1 gaming. I'll try it still, next time it happens.
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    I am getting a crash at the desktop only, the drivers crash and it will remain throttled at 585mhz no matter what I play.
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    Drop both a bit, and increase memory until the point of stability and repeat for the core supplementing voltage as needed.
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    Post your GTX 980 TI Overclock Results

    What are your frame rate in Witcher 3 with SLI? Also what's your resolution? I want to try and get 100 fps and see how it feels.