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    Decent wireless keyboard/mouse

    I'm a bit new to the Apple game, I was able to repair a 2015ish Machbook air and would like to see what a decent wireless keyboard/mouse would be. I'm not to keen on spending $200 on the Magic ones. What are some good alternatives?
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    Full Throttle Remastered!

    I still consider this one of the best point and click adventures i have played to date. Anyone else grabbing this off steam?
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    Excel VBA Error

    I'm trying to write a VBA Code in excel to hide rows based off values from another worksheet. I'm have been able to load the values into a variable fine however I am having issues with the range line, Below is my code so far. Sub Server1() ' ' Hide Macro ' Dim var1 As Long Dim var2 As...
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    Storage Server 2003 R2 x64

    Would anyone here happen to have an ISO for Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 X64 edition? I have a key but the server borked and the disks are long gone. Any help would be awesome!
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    External DVD-Roms with XenApp 6.5

    Does anyone here know of any External USB DVD-roms that act as removable storage and don't use the Atpi driver? Apparently one of my thin client users on XenApp published desktop needs a CD-rom drive and generic USB ones don't work with XA65 due to the multiuser envionment/driver issues...
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    Mobile Phone email encryption

    I know this topic has come up before but for the life of me I can't find the old threads. What are todays options for encrypting emails on mobile phones (android and iPhone)? From what I understand the iPhone's built in encryption is not very strong, and Android, well forget encryption lol...
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    ESXi 4.1 and Serial ports passthrough

    Has anyone worked with Hypervisor 4.1u1 and been able to pass througha serial ports? I have a SIIG dual port serial card that VMWare does not appear to see and can't pass it through. Does anyone know a serial card for PCI express that works with VMWares 4.1?
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    Replacement for Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 5.1

    Well, my Promedia are officially toast, lightning stike completly fried them really good and i'm looking for a replacement. I really liked the Promedia ultra's but sadly they are not made anymore. Does anyone have a recommendation for an equal replacement?
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    Need 2.7 version of NOD32

    Apparently this is the only version that supports Windows 98 (old imaging system only works with 98) and I need AV on the boxes. Vipre is my normal AV but it does not support 98. Does anyone have the installer for NOD32 2.7? If so, I can get the licensing for it, just need the installer
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    Dynamics CRM multi checkbox

    I know that MS Dynamics CRM does not support multi-Check boxes out of the box and it require customization. I followed this blog to try and get the support for it. However it doesn't seem to be working still. I don't get an error on page anymore, but the code simply does not do anything...
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    Outlook 2003 signature issue

    Has anyone run into an issue with outlook 2003 disabling the signature after you open a plain text email? Breakdown of what happens Create new message, signature appears Open a plain text email (from blackberry or other phone) close plain text email Compose new message in outlook...
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    Openfiler and FreeNAS

    Does anyone know the max volume size that Openfiler and FreeNAS will see?
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    Mount Red hat linux share as iSCSI volume in Windows

    I have a project that a database sits on a redhat server, however I need a windows application to see this data as a logical drive (backup purpose) Is there a way to mount a Red Hat share as an iSCSI volume in windows? Or another way to get the same end result?
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    Windows 7 Cmd.exe problems

    I have been running into a growing trend with Windows 7 and what appears to be Anti-virus issues. I have confirmed that Vipre has cause this issue on one computer, however others have Kapersky AV on them. The error is This happens when you launch pretty much any msi or system process...
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    Port logging

    What programs do you recommend for logging ports used on a server? MSParser doesn't run on SBS running DNS for some stupid reason. Currports has no installer it just runs. What do you recommend using for port logging on a SBS 03
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    Document redirection with Windows 7

    I have noticed something odd about Win 7 and document redirection, it appears that Win 7 treats document redirection as a true network drive. The issue with this is that when you delete an item, its gone, does not go to the recycle bin. In Windows XP with document redirection enabled, you...
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    BES multiple address in contacts

    Hoping someone has more information on this than I can find Environment info: Windows Small business server 2008 BES express 5.0.1 Syncing company contacts public folder (over 11k contacts) The issue is that some contacts list the address funny example address: 110 street name, 10...
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    Exchange 2003 archiving

    Whats a good software package to Archive email to a NAS? Minimal user interaction is is a must. Thanks
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    The Cisco Template thread

    I thought it would help indivduals here (Both experienced and newcomers to Cisco gear) to have a thread with basic or advanced templates in it. Templates help reduce the config time of routers and firewalls for me at lease. Please label your template with the device it was written for and...
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    ACT! calendar issue

    Alrighty, this is really upsetting my boss lol. In an attempt to sync outlooks calendar with ACT! 11's i somehow changed something with act's calendar. Seet the screenshot, how do i get rid of the activity view in the red box?
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    Server Room temp monitors

    Does anyone know of any decent USB or Cat5 temp monitor for server rooms? I had an AC unit go out in a server room and it his about 92 degrees in winter. I have my own server monitoring but it can not monitor room temps, its not an option to change this. I know i could setup nagios with a...
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    HAL.DLL corruption increasing

    In the past month I have seen an increase of hal.dll missing or corrupt issues with Windows XP. Is anyone else experiencing this? Also, is there an easy way to fix it, i have tried doing a clean install to a new windows directory, then copy the hal.dll to the old windows install on the same...
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    DLL information needed

    Has anyone here heard of msscffhbwuy.dll ??? I have a PC running windows XP SP3 that is getting a "Unable to load Component" error for the above dll when you try to do ANYTHING on the PC. I searched all over for msscffhbwuy but can not find anything, no results period
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    1/2 off Kellogs products at Kroger Thur 7/30/09

    Heard it on the radio, go get some kellogs!
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    Looking for a Hypervisor to test with

    I have a spare IBM X255 serries server that i would like to throw a hypervisor on, however most i find require 64-bit (ESXi and Xenserver) I would preferr not to run the HV over a host if i don't have to. Anyone know of a bare metal HV that would be compatible, the HWC list for VMware is...
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    Batch help, i'm rusty

    I have the following code, but i'm so rusty on batch files i cant get the darn thing working. Sometimes it reports correct, others it doesn't @Echo off if exist tasklist /fi "IMAGENAME eq psa.exe" errorlevel 1 if errorlevel=1 (Goto :running) Else (goto :norun) :running echo Program...
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    The CFM question

    I'm running a WC loop on a i7 920 current OC is 3.6 Ghz the temps are around 85c full load. WC info Danger Den Laing D5 fixed speed pump Heatkiller 3.0 lt bay res Swiftech 120x2 radiator (MCR220-QP) 1/2 clear flex tubing, distilled water loop. Fans: Scythe SFF21E 49 CFM X2 When i...
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    Moving my docs redirected folder

    I need to move document redirection on a network, we are in the process of decommisioning the old server. Currently my docs is redirected to \\server\user docs\%username% I need them to move to \\server2\userdocs\%username Normally i would manually copy the files myself, however the...
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    User CP and other lists at the top of the forum

    Would it be possible to have a dynamic drop down menu instead of clicking on the User CP then User control panel again? I know its one click but efficency is everything lol
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    Exchange 07 and running IIS in 32 bit mode

    I have exchange 07 on server 2003, however a new app requires IIS to run in 32 Bit mode. If i switch to 32 bit mode on IIS, how will that effect Exchange?
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    Hosted VOIP providers

    Who does everyone suggest for hosted VOIP? My current provider is lacking in service and uptime.
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    Link to create games for windows live account,

    Anyone have it??? every link i try comes up with a xbox sorry but that page does not exist! Trying to get DOW2 running p.s. i have a hotmail account already but it won't log in
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    Vista Ulitmate Won't boot without CD

    Vista is pretty!!! Ok, soooo i loaded Vista on my machine after doing a lot of customer installs. Loaded vista from USB CDROM, now after installing, when booting i get the bootmgr is missing press ctrl alt del to reboot BUT, if the vista disk is in, the system boots fine, I have...
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    Questions about .tv domains

    Does anyone here use .tv domains? I have one that just has so many email issues, emails sent from .tv to gmail get blocked, other servers cant deliver to the .tv smtp (connections close) However the other domains on the exchange server (.com's) work without issues. Is .tv just a bad...
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    Free Dr Pepper this sunday

    Guns N Roses dropped their new CD, and Dr Pepper lives up to its promise http://
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    Few questions

    I read through the FAQ on the forum but i'm still unclear on a few things. 1) I'm currently folding on a spare AMD 3500+ . I wanted to add a spare 8600GTS i have laying around, will the folding client run on the 8600? 2) In regards to dual vs quad core Dual core: you run two...
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    Cool stuff to do with my new blackberry

    BB 8830, so what all can you do with this thing that is cool. Lovin the phone so far just wanna see what it can do.
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    Free PDA remote tool

    Objective: To view my PDA screen on my PC Reason: Cause i want to. Problem: I use to know a free program ant one of my old jobs, but i can't recall the name of it, Does anyone know of a free app for windows mobile 6? Action Taken: I googled it b*tch!
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    Tribal Wars

    Anyone else tried it, I'm bored at work so its kinda fun. My recruit player link - Reference link (if you feel like supporting me, lol. Or their main link is I play on world 9
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    Dreamweaver template question

    This is my first time actually using templates (never had very large sites before", I created it just fine, however when i edit the template it puts the following in front of all my links, "templates/" and then the rest of the link i edit in the template. It does this for my .css loading links...