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  1. notarat

    Just saw that the Egg is now listing the Asus Dark Hero

    It's out of stock, of course, but it is now listed with a price of ~$485.99 I know that is a lof higher than the normal Hero VIII so I am content to hold off until the price drops a bit. Not that it's too expensive...
  2. notarat

    Looking 4 suggestions on smallest case able to hold 360mm rad

    So, I have a 3950X sitting around unopened, just gathering dust, and I'd like to build a system with it. Looking for suggestions on the smallest case I can get which will hold either a 360mm AIO or custom loop. (I have a NIB TT AIO, and enough leftover custom loop parts that I could go either...
  3. notarat

    Looking for some help here with some Motherboard/RGB info from an RGB Guru

    I have an MSI Prestige Creation X570-based motherboard. I also have 10 Corsair LL120 ARGB fans The 10 fans currently connect to: (1) 10-port DeepCool PWM Fan controller powering the fans. (works great) (2) Corsair RGB hubs which are connect to a Corsair RGB Commander which, itself, connects...
  4. notarat

    According to the Zuck, my computer doesn't meet minimum specs

    But I'm pretty sure it does. He's an ass. I'ma try it out anyway
  5. notarat

    Which case modding tools do you guys use?

    I use these 99% of the time even though I have 2 Dremels with probably 1000 attachments. What do you guys use?
  6. notarat

    AM4 XSPC Raystorm Pro Question. Kinda Urgent

    So I did some work on the case and mounted the waterblock (mentioned in the thread title) The instructions that came with it were not accurate and the kit contained parts not on the parts list...these extra parts aren't mentioned anywhere on the XSPC site either... If I follow the instructions...
  7. notarat

    Which of the following CPUs did you/are you buying in the next 60 days

    Just wondering who's bought/buying what
  8. notarat

    More Lian Li O11 Dynamic Mods

    Dunno if I should continue posting my mods and ideas in daphatgrant's excellent thread located at or not, but had some failed ideas/mods that I wanted to share without "polluting" his thread. If mods feel it's not...
  9. notarat

    Uhm...Amazon, you're drunk.

    I'm a little worried by this.
  10. notarat

    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    Which one do you choose?
  11. notarat

    Quick Watercooling Question

    I've completed the mock-ups of parts for my O11 Dynamic build and it raised a question... Whenever I've built custom loops int he past I really didn't try to minimize hose runs because I thought it was a good way to have extra coolant in the loop, like having a larger/extra reservoir. With...
  12. notarat

    Cuisinart making inroads into CPUs!

    Up to #48 on the Top 50 already!
  13. notarat

    [SOLVED]Networking issue with my new NAS

    I have a bit of networking trouble and could use some assistance... I had my main workstation (2700X) directly connected to my backup workstation (1600X) via a couple AC-107 10GB NICs and a cross-over cable. It worked fine for 6-8 months, with each computer able to see the other and move files...
  14. notarat

    PowerShell Tip -- OGV is your friend!

    If you deal with PowerShell a lot like I do you encounter situations where you make adjustments to your code or your output formatting so the data retrieved is presentable in something like an MS Excel spreadsheet. Outputting data to a spreadsheet is simple: (Ex: $Monitor_Array | export-csv...
  15. notarat

    Riddle me this, batman; WTH is going on with my ER-X?!

    I'm having problems with my 3 month old EdgeRouter-X so I'll describe it and post what is quite possibly the most 3rd grade MS Paint example known to exist on the North American continent. NetGear CM1000 Cable Modem feeds my EdgeRouter-X. CAT6 from Cable Modem goes to Port 0 on the ER-X The...
  16. notarat

    Tried fixing one problem and ended up fixing one completly different

    I like my Asus Crosshair VI Hero Wi-Fi AC motherboard, but I built this 1600X system right when the RAM prices were astronomical. I wasn't able to buy GSkill FlareX due to the price at the time so, instead, I bought some Patriot Viper 3400 which was on sale for like $100 less. X370 boards at...
  17. notarat

    Something strange is afoot at the Circle K, Ted

    So I've been backing up data from my 2 computers to each other for a while now and have encounterd odd problems... 1 - The 1600X can see and access and copy to/from the 2700X system, but the 2700X can't access the 1600X at all 2 - The copy speed when backing up one to the other is pretty slow...
  18. notarat

    6 on one hand...

    Half a dozen 3D Printers on the other. *sigh* Just ordered a CR-10 Creality 3D Printer, bringing my total to 6. WTF was I thinking?! Replicator 2 Rostock Max V2 Mono Select Mini Creator X Creator Pro CR-10 /me dumb.
  19. notarat

    Few case mods I have underway thanks to 3D Printing

    I have a TT Core W200 containing an Intel 4770K/TitanXP based system in the left side and an AMD Ryzen 1600X/1080Ti based system in the right side. Getting the case built was one thing but with both installed systems, cable management is arduous to say the least. My initial attempts looked like...
  20. notarat

    Think it may be time for a new Router...Suggestions?.

    I play POE and, if you've played POE you know there are times when you get disconnected from the server or lose sync. After a couple rips I loaded up WinMTR to trace my connection and around 75% of the time the POE servers are dropping 100% of the packets.... But 25% of the time I am dropping...
  21. notarat

    Yet another upgrade now, or wait?

    Current system Specs are: 4770K Maximus VI Hero motherboard 16GB 1866Mhz DDR3 (2) Original nVidia Titans in SLI (2) 512GB Crucial SSDs (4) Mechanical Drives (3Tb-4Tb mix) Ax1200i PSU H100i AIO Obsidian 800D 39" Seiki 4k (30-Hz) via HDMI I had the 50" Seiki as a monitor a couple...
  22. notarat

    Had to move a few files

    I had to move some files and it just completed, LOL. It actually took that long.
  23. notarat

    Intel NUC 5i5UYH mini-review

    I was looking for a small computer to keep on or near my 3D Printers which would hold the design files I created, and decided I would try out the Intel NUC 5i5UYK. The 3D Printers I use require custom USB Drivers as well as several different applications I use which take up space on my "gaming"...
  24. notarat

    The weirdest account issue I ever saw, just happened

    We have a Win 7 Pro x64 computer used for a specific task. The way it's set up is 1 account is a restricted user account only used to access a website. The system administrator's account is used to do backups, save log files, management type things...We also have 2 other accounts with System...
  25. notarat

    Quick review before I pull the trigger

    Intel Pentium Processor G3258 4 BX80646G3258 ASUS 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboards Z97-P Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM Optical Drive DRW-24B1ST (Black) SilverStone Strider Plus ST50F-P 500W ATX 12V v2.3/EPS 12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified 100 % Modular Active PFC Power Supply (Black)...
  26. notarat

    AMD Mantle capabilities

    I saw Where Robert Hallock states that AMD's Mantle API allows the summing up of multiple video cards' RAM so that two, 4GB cards can now be seen as having 8GB or total ram to dedicate. Seems like this would be a major...
  27. notarat

    Power Shell - Search for and Map PST Files

    Thought I would share this in case anyone finds it useful. Purpose: Search hard drive to locate and map user-chosen PST files Requirements: Power Shell 3.0 or above #This bit of code is optional, its just to pretty up the shell $host.ui.RawUI.WindowTitle = "Find and Map PST Files"...
  28. notarat

    Power Shell - Write-Host & Out-File

    So... I have 3 variables $rt = Date/Time a script is run $a = Milliseconds to copy from local computer to remote computer $b = Milliseconds to copy from remote computer to local computer The write-host command (shown below) displays the info properly, like so (01/06/2015, 1.278789...
  29. notarat

    Retrieving Connected Monitor Sizes

    So...I need to pull a listing of all active computers in my OU and retrieve the screensize of the connected monitor (or monitors) For you guys who are admins, this isn't difficult. For me, it's simply not "do-able" because I'm not allowed permission to run the script against the computers in...
  30. notarat

    Another Powershell question

    I'm writing a script to pull a list of all monitors connected to each computer contained in a file. Yet I'm not allowed to run it except on my computer so I can't tell if it's properly grabbing the info or not $computers = Get-Content c:\inputfiles\CompInp2.txt foreach ($Computer in...
  31. notarat

    Weird M.2 SSD Adapter sighting of the day

    I stumbled on the Addonics 3.5" QUAD M2 (NGFF) SSD drive at: and I noticed that it seems as if the connectors are for mSATA not M.2 Am I seeing it correctly?
  32. notarat

    Could use some troubleshooting recommendations

    So...I have a pretty basic network layout in my apartment (See pic) Cable Modem and Router are on the same UPS and are the only devices plugged into it. I did not run the cable for the cable modem through the coax port on the UPS though. I'm having some major problems which are...
  33. notarat

    MS Outlook 2010 problem

    We have a Group Schedule for the people in my office to schedule things that will keep them out of the office. When users make an entry in the schedule, I have rules in place which auto-forward a notification to our division director so he knows (for example) that Joe is taking next Tuesday...
  34. notarat

    NAS suggestions

    Hi all. I had some S.M.A.R.T. errors pop up on one of the drives in my game box so I backed up what I needed and replaced the drive. This got me to thinking about getting a NAS to perform regular backups in case one of my mechanical drives goes kaput in the future. I went to Amazon and...
  35. notarat

    Odd problem. Could use some help

    Lemme list the System Specs first: 4770K (H100i cooling) AX1200i PSU (2) GeForce GTX Titans (SLI) Asus Hero VI Mobo Win8 x64 M4 256GB SSD (OS) (4) 4Tb HDDs (Data) (3) M4 512 SSDs (Games) Seiki 39" 4k2k TV System's been working fine for months. Came home from work last Sunday and...
  36. notarat

    Made myself some Hats for my Fans!

    I love my Noctuas, but I hate the looks of them. I think they picked their particular color scheme specifically to generate hate. So...I decided the make some hats for them to cover them up. Old pic of my system showing the Noctuas (and my old 7970s) The Noctuas just look way outta...
  37. notarat

    Initial impression - Makerbot Replicator 2 3D Printer

    I ordered it last Wednesday and it arrived last Friday. (through Amazon, and I actually got the order in with 2 seconds to spare before I'd have had to wait until today to receive it, lol) Initial un-packing impression? Pretty frikkin awesome so far. Here's a small video of it in action...
  38. notarat


    So I've been seeing this BSoD from time to time over the last week or so. Googling the term lead me to believe the cause could be one of the following: 1 Corrupt OS 2 Bad RAM Stick 3 Bad DIMM Slot 4 Bad IMC on the CPU* 5 Bad 3rd party driver that narrows it down to pretty...
  39. notarat

    Monday's suck

    So I woke up yesterday morning, flipped the light on, took a step, and the room was dark again. WTF?! Nope, bulb didn't blow...I lost all power in the house. How'd I know so quickly that I lost power? All my UPS units were beeping like the Fukishima reactor alarm system after a tsunami...