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    Ran D5 pump while dry, now case vibrates

    I was rebuilding my loop and thought it was a bright idea to keep the D5 running while the reservoir was empty and dump water in. I have a dual D5 pump setup. Well, the case kept rattling after that, and I eventually realized it was all from one pump. It's a variable speed D5 pump, and when I...
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    Vega 64 GPU not recognized

    I just upgraded my Vega 64 x 2 to Vega 64 x 4. I redid my waterblocks on my original Vega 64 and put it in the 4th PCI slot. Now, that GPU is not recognized. I tried swapping the power connectors from a GPU that was recognized, and it's still not. I tried disabling the other GPU's via PCI-e...
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    Undervolt Vega 64 using 17.10.2

    I just installed the 17.10.2 driver for my Vega 64 x 2 and R9 290 system. It does have the DAG performance of the blockchain driver and I can easily get the same 44Mhash per card. I can also undervolt... to a point. With the blockchain driver voltage control was lacking, yet applying a...
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    Vega 64 GPU vs HBM temperatures

    I have two XFX Vega 64's with EKWB waterblocks in a custom water loop. When Ethereum mining they run at 40c for the cores. However, I've noticed that curiously, the HBM runs 10c hotter. One card runs at 53c HBM and the other runs at 50c. I noticed when I was putting on the waterblock that...
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    Vega undervolt does not work with blockchain drivers

    Hi, I've been working on trying to obtain the elusive 44Mhash of ether mining at 150w power draw. Using the blockchain drivers, I can easily obtain 44Mhash. However, with the blockchain drivers no matter what I do, my power draw is significantly higher, about 200-250w per card. I've tried...
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    AMD blockchain drivers - crashes instantly when mining

    I just got two vega 64 cards. I tried mining with the newest driver and get about 38.5 mhash per card. I expected more, so I installed the blockchain drivers but it instantly crashes when mining. I see squiggly lines on the screen and wattman resets. I've tried reinstalling the drivers with...
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    Vega 64 EKWB waterblock not compatible with R9 290

    Hi all, I recently bought two Vega 64's with EKWB waterblocks. I decided to keep two R9 290's with EKWB waterblocks. However.... to my great shock, the connectors at the top between the two different blocks don't quite line up. I can't do a 4 way GPU system with the EKWB 4-way connector. I...
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    Computer does not boot unless CMOS reset

    Hi, I have a Gigabyte GAZ87 OC Force (socket 1150 Haswell i7-4770k). I have had this motherboard for almost three years. It does not boot anymore unless I press the reset CMOS button. The fans do not spin, the case lights don't turn on, and it doesn't boot. This problem began happening a...
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    Crossfire R9 290s have a high idle power consumption

    Hi, I have four R9 290s in my rig, only two of which are turned on. When I turn on my 2nd R9 290, the idle power even when it's not being used is quite high. I am pulling 239W at the wall now with two R9 290's on, and only 150W at idle when I have only one R9 290 enabled. When the computer is...
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    Video games stutter when computer first turned on

    I have a strange problem on my desktop computer. When I first turn it on, for 5-10 minutes video playback and video games stutter. For instance, the video will play for a few seconds, pause, play, pause, etc. The stutter is very brief, but noticeable. When I look at GPU usage in afterburner...
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    Cannot get sgminer to run - system service exception (atikmdag.sys)

    Hi, I've been trying to start mining again. I quit at the beginning of the summer and now I'm trying to set up my rig for the x11/x13 switching pools. I'm attempting to use sgminer 5.0 badman 74 build. I have a friend that has used this build successfully with 290's and 280x's. I've been...
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    Is it ok to leave loop off for a few months?

    I'm going to be gone for a couple of months. If I leave my computer off will that promote the buildup of bacteria/algae in the loop? I could also leave only the loop itself running and leave the rest of the computer off. I have 3 silver coils in the loop but if it's not running that might not...
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    SSD reports that it is full, but when I look at files it's only half full

    I have a Mushkin Chronos Deluxe Enhanced 240GB. It runs fairly empty and only has Windows and Titanfall on it. There's about 100-110GB of data on there. Recently it's been reporting that it's completely full. I ran disk cleanup, made sure hibernation was disabled, checked to see if TRIM was...
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    Where to buy D5 pump impeller?

    I took apart my water loop to figure out why my pump was making a grinding noise. The D5 pump motor is fine, but the impeller was slightly offset so it would grind against the pump edge when rotating. Rather than buying a completely new D5 pump, if I buy a new impeller I should be fine. Does...
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    D5 pump stops and starts

    I just redid some components in my loop. I have a dual d5 pump Bay reservoir combo. After an hour of bleeding the loop one pump started making a terrible grinding noise. It would grind, then come to a complete stop, then start grinding again. It was running fine two hours ago. I noticed...
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    Secondary PSU randomly shuts off

    I have a mining rig with two AX860 psu's that are connected by an Add2PSU adapter. Twice now my secondary PSU has randomly shut down while mining, which makes the whole system crash. I look at the computer and the primary PSU is working, and the fans connected to it are spinning, but the...
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    Are there really long crossfire cables?

    My friend is putting two ASUS 280x's on an Asrock fatality board. For better spacing purposes he's putting one ASUS in the top slot and one in the very bottom, so two slots inbetween them. The ASUS cards are big, and a 10cm crossfire cable will not connect them. He's looked for longer...
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    When I restart MSI afterburner the undervolt changes

    Every time I restart afterburner for my undervolted 290's the undervolt goes back towards 0 a little bit. This continues each time I restart until it reaches 0 eventually and then it stops. It doesn't do this for overvolting. Any ideas?
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    Windows 8.1 does not shut down

    I just built a new rig. I cloned the Windows 8.1 installation from another rig. My computer turns off from safe mode and BIOS, but from inside Windows 8.1 it won't shut down or restart. It says it's shutting down then the screen goes black, but the gpu fans and cpu fan keep spinning and it...
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    LEPA G1600 making clicking noise

    I have a Lepa G1600 that I've used for four months. Last night it started making a clicking noise. I also noticed that the PSU making the clicking noise is a bit louder than my other LEPA G1600. Also, when I load it above 1500-1550w it randomly shuts down. I think it's overheating and...
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    Small blue deposits in watercooling lines

    I've had my watercooling setup since January. I noticed small blue deposits in the lines that look like copper sulfate. When I built this I put in one silver coil wire and 2-3 drops of biocide. The biocide is copper sulfate. Is this forming deposits in my lines and should I be worried about...
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    Dual PSU computer doesn't restart via software

    I just built a dual-PSU 280x rig with the ASrock H81 BTC. It's using two Corsair AX860 PSU's that are connected by one of those motherboard power wires. It won't restart from software. I have to push the reset button to reboot it after I go to restart in Windows 8.1 Any ideas?
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    Anyone try Catalyst 14.2 yet?

    Anyone try 14.2? I'd like to move onto drivers with mantle support but I don't want to screw up the mining.
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    Any way to run a 290 with 4GB of system RAM?

    I can run my 280's on a system with only 4GB RAM but when I tried it on my 290 rig it would error. I've read about this before. It seems to be an issue with high thread concurrencies. Does anyone know if you can run a 290 with 4GB RAM at 32765 thread concurrency?
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    Do XFX R9 280x's come with BF4 still?

    Last time I registered my XFX cards, and my friends XFX 280x's, they came with BF4. However, someone on my FS thread says that isn't true anymore. I have a potential buyer who really wants to know if they still come with BF4. I can't tell if it comes with BF4 unless I register it, but I don't...
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    WU vs reject rate

    I just tried sgminer 4.1.0 which shows individual reject rates per cards. My 280x's are getting 1-3% reject rate. These reject rates include stale shares and I'm using multipool so I get a lot of stale shares when multipool switches coins! My 290's on the other hand are getting 5-10% reject...
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    Can't adjust core clock of R9 290 above 920

    I'm trying Stilt's custom BIOS for the R9 290's. I previously used the PT1T BIOS. In afterburner I can't increase the core clock past 920. If I do, the core clock drops and fluctuates around 890. I had the same issue mining with the stock BIOS. Everyone else using his BIOS seems to be...
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    I19 or I20 for R9 290's?

    I've been running my R9 290's at I20 for a long time. They don't stutter and seem to work fine. Someone told me that at I19 the reject rate will be lower and that I'll get improved WU. I'm trying it now, but so far it doesn't seem to be true on my system. However, I'll have to leave it on...
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    I19 or I20 for R9 290's?

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    One fan doesn't spin - MSI Gaming R9 280X

    Sometimes one of my fans won't spin on a certain card. If I start it spinning myself it's fine. But when I restart the computer the fan doesn't spin from a stop. How can I fix this permanently? Some sort of lubricant?
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    How do you guys deal with breakers?

    My apartment has mostly 15A breakers which at 120v gives me 1800w on each circuit. In my room I have a 4x 290 rig that pulls 1450watts plus my two monitors, my TV, my sound system, my lights. I actually don't trip breakers except for when I tried to mine with a 2nd computer in the same room...
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    Cannot get four Sapphire Tri-X 290's running stably on same motherboard

    I cannot for the life of me get my four Sapphire Tri-X 290's working stably on the same motherboard using risers. I've tried two motherboards, one of which ran four MSI Gaming 280x's fine. The motherboards won't start, or they'll cycle, or I get vertical lines once I boot into windows, or a...
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    Corsair AX1200i has two PCI-e cables with two connectors

    Two of my cables for my AX1200i and AX860 have two connectors on each cable rather than one. Does this mean I can use both connectors or are they just trying to give me an option where I have a longer cable? I'm trying to run four R9 280x's but the power supply only comes with 3 sets of...
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    Can a Lepa G1600 handle 5 7970's?

    I bought a Lepa G1600. I paid $320 shipped for the PSU, so price wasn't that bad. I was planning on mining with five 7970's. However, the Lepa has 6 rails, with a limit of 30A on each. The first two rails are reserved for the CPU/motherboard. The remaining four are for the GPU's. Two...
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    Can a Lepa G1600 handle 5 7970's?

    Closed thread. Sorry for double post. Wasn't sure where to post.
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    Buying a motherboard for mining... recommendations?

    I'm looking to build a few mining rigs. I'm looking for cheap motherboards. I was planning on using riser cables and I know that PCIe 1x to 16x cables are supposed to work just fine, so can I pretty much get any motherboard that has four total slots? I was thinking about just going with a...
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    Computer freezes while mining and playing BF4

    My computer has been acting odd because I used to be able to play BF4 and mine with my other three graphics cards no problem. However, as of last night, it freezes after about 10 minutes of playing BF4. I tried lowering the cpu clock speed. I also tried only running two graphics cards for...
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    When does software deactivate after cloning a drive?

    I cloned a SSD. I then put the clone and the original in two separate computers. I expected the software on one to deactivate. I had to reactivate windows on one, but then it remained activated on both computers. Ditto for malwarebytes, microsoft office. It's been activated on both...