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    Motherboard RGB Header

    I'm new to RGB and my MSi X399 Gaming mobo has a 4-pin addressable RGB header. I'm using an Enermax Liqtech II which uses a 3-pin. Obviously I can't plug that into the mobo so I have to use the crappy controller which has proved difficult sticking to one color. Looking at the pinout it seems...
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    So, I'm building a new system and I'm going to have to sleeve the PSU. My last PSU I sleeved using MDPC-X and I've been more than happy with it. However, I know there are a lot more options these days and was wondering what other people are using. I have zero interest in paracord or any other...
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    WD TV Live & Metadata

    So, I got the TV Live and it seems it's not liking how my local metadata is setup. I use Metabrowser and it was downloading the metadata and formatting it for Mediabrowser. Also, it's not showing information for music from the ID3 tags on music. Does anyone know of any guides on how to...
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    Video Bitrate

    I don't rip Blu Rays very often, normally just T.V. series. Anyhow, what video bit rate do you encode at? I'm trying constant quality in Handbrake with a setting of 26 and I'm ending up with files over 1.3GB for a 22 minute episode. Well, I just checked the bitrate and for the video it's over...
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    Free Backup Solution

    I'm looking for a free backup solution and I want one that I know people trust. My knowledge of backing up consists of simply copy what I want backed up to the backup drive. I tried SyncToy and I don't like it, so I'm looking for another solution. So, is there anything that people here would...
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    Local Media Streaming Device

    So, I'm looking for a local media streaming device. I've been using an HTPC and I'm done with it. I just want something quick and dirty. So, please don't suggest anything like a Raspberry Pi. Here's what it needs to be able to do. Stream media locally from my server in MKV. Stream YouTube...
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    Desk Cable Management

    I just took a trip to Ikea to get a desk for my DOS machine. I wanted to get one of their Signum cable outlet kits for the keyboard/mouse and the joystick so I wouldn't see any wires. Signum Cable Outlet Kit Unfortunately, my Ikea is out of them and said they're discontinued and won't be...
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    Dell Warranty

    I just tried contacting Dell about the warranty on one of my U2412Ms. I was told that since I bought it from Amazon I need to talk to them. Does Dell not honor their warranty if you buy from third parties?
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    Blocking Websites Using a GPO

    So, I work for a company the recently let go their sys admin. I've been working here as a hardware tech and I don't know a ton about group policy. Anyhow, the short of it is that they want me to work into the sys admin position. One thing they requested recently was that they want a certain user...
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    Terminating Cat5 with RJ-11

    The reason I want to do this is to connect a DSL modem. I'm moving all my networking equipment to my utility room where all the cables come in to the house. All of the phone jacks are wired using Cat5. So, I want to take one of those Cat5 cables and terminate it with an RJ-11 so the modem can...
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    Klipsch Pro Media 2.1 vs. Swan M505

    So, I've had the Klipsch Pro Media 2.1s for a long time now. Well, the sub finally kicked the bucket and the volume control crackles quite a bit. I ended up getting a hold a set of Swan M505s which are still sitting in my storage room new in the box. So, I can repair the Klipsch or I can just...
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    Upgrade to 3770K?

    I currently have a 2600K and the 3770K is the top of what I'll be able to get for my 1155 board. I've been contemplating upgrading. I use the system to do video encoding and editing. I also do a lot of photo work and audio encoding as well. The question is, would I see enough of an increase...
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    Should I Upgrade

    I've not been huge on PC gaming in a long time. The newest game I have is Portal 2. Currently I have a Radeon HD6850 that's slightly overclocked from the factory. I just watched some videos on Bioshock Infinite and I'm really wanting to pick it up. Recommended spces have the 6950 listed, which...
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    Which Motherboard?

    I have a bunch of parts sitting around and I thought I would do a build with them. The problem is that I have two motherboards. They both seem pretty similar to me, just curious which one to use. So, please, help me out and take a look at each one and tell me which one you'd use and why. Asus...
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    Camera Upgrade

    I currently have a Nikon D3000. I've been pretty happy with it, but one thing that has always bugged me is the fact that I can see grain. Even in well lit outdoor shoots you can see it in the blues of the sky and I assume it's a deficiency with the image sensor. I've got the upgrade bug and I...
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    Unique LCD Mount

    I need help finding a way to mount an LCD. It's a 17" and it has standard VESA mounting. I have it sitting around and thought I could use it on my HTPC for when I'm just listening to music so I don't have to have the T.V. on. Now, I need to find a way I can mount it where it can be out of the...
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    Offsite Backup

    I currently do onsite backup to a NAS. But recently I've been worried about theft and fire and I really want to start doing offsite backup. I was hoping I could get some suggestions for a good external enclosure. I want something with eSATA and USB 3 with SATA as the internal interface. I need...
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    Anyone here using Plex?
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    Grounding Issue

    I'm having a grounding issue that I'm having a tough time tracking down. This is happening in a build that I have had up and running for quite some time. It's vulnerable to static discharges. They cause it to either shut down or hard lock. It seems to be consistent with the top cover, but I've...
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    I Need A Budget PSU

    I know what I would get if it were higher end, but I don't know what to get for a more budget end. The system is an older system that I will be using as a backup for my main system and to play older games that don't run will in Vista/7. Specs: AMD Athlon XP 4000+ X2 Corsair 1GB DDR2 320...
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    Problems With Port Multiplier

    I have a Media Sonic Pro Box. It's a 4 disk enclosure I intended to use for backup to three drives. It has no options for RAID or JBOD. It's just supposed to show how ever many drives you put in there. Sadly, mine is only showing one. The activity lights just sit and flash on the other two...
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    Strange Temp Readings

    I finally got my new system up and running after replacing a DOA video card. After getting all the drivers and Windows updates done I installed Speccy and fired it up. All the temps seem fine until I look at the mother board which is reading 81° C and occasionally drops down to 60° C for a slit...
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    Problems with New Build with R6850

    Symptoms: I'm having a peculiar problem with my new build Corsair 750AX Asus P8P67 LE Intel Core i7 2600K Mushkin Blackline 8GB PC3 10666 8-8-8-24 MSi Cyclone Radeon R6850 Windows 7 Pro x64 After installing Windows I installed all the drivers and then I ran Windows Update. I left and came...
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    i7 2600K Temps

    I just built a new system with an i7 2600K with a Zalman 9900 Max with AS5. The system board is an Asus P8P67 LE. In the BIOS it says the idle temp is about 38° C. However, if I use IR thermometer aimed at the back of the motherboard, under the CPU and it's about 29° C. How much would you trust...
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    On the Edge of Buying a PS3

    I need a slight shove. I haven't been keeping an eye on console games lately. I have a 360 and a Wii. However, there are a couple of games that I would like on the PS3. So, I was wanting those of you with a PS3 or with both a PS3 and 360 to post up some good games. What I'm looking for is a...
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    Time For Some New Speakers

    It looks like it's time for me to get some new speakers. I currently have a set of Klipsch Pro Media 2.1s. They're connected to an X-Fi Platinum. The volume control is starting to crackle and they just don't sound as good as they used to. The easy thing for me to do would be to get an amp...
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    Older Computer Parts

    I'm looking for some sources to get older computer parts. When I say older, I'm talking the days of P1s, SIMMs, and floppy drives. I have an older computer that I use to play DOS games. I want to make sure I have parts to keep it alive. I've tried eBay and I'm looking for some other sources...
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    Uprading 4850 to 5770

    And I was wondering if it's worth it. I wasn't planning to upgrade but someone is selling an XFX 5770 for $80 shipped. What do you think? Specs are on the left in my sig.
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    Switching From ATi to nVidia

    I'm thinking of switching from ATi in my HTPC to nVidia. I currently have a 5450 and I'm getting tired of the drivers. Plus I'm having some other isues with it. I haven't had an nVidia card since for a long time and I don't know which one to get. What I'm looking for is: Fanless BItstream...
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    Sleeving SATA Power Cables

    I've got a Corsair 720HX that I'm sleeving. I've run into an issue regarding the connector orientation. Long story short, I assume that it matters what order the cables go in?
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    Radeon 5450 Audio Issue

    So, I recently got done with a slight upgrade on my HTPC. I moved to 5450 for the lossless codecs. Everything is working as it should. However, there is an issue that sometime the receiver looses the audio signal from the HTPC, say when moving to a another chapter on the Blu Ray. I have the...
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    2500 i5 Vs. 2600 i7

    I'm thinking of upgrading from my i7 860 to a Sandybridge. Mostly what I care about is encoding video. My question is should I go with the i5 or am I going to see enough of an increase to warrant spending $90 more on the i7?
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    ArcSoft TMT 3 vs. TMT 5

    So, I have TMT 3 and it's always worked well for me. I just found out that TMT 5 is now out and I can upgrade for $50. I'm wondering, besides 3D support and a new interface is there any reason to upgrade?
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    Sleeving 750HX

    Is there a trick to this I'm not getting? I'm trying to remove the damn ATX pins. I have the MDPCX kit and I'm using the removal tool that came with that. I've even tried one that came with a different sleeve kit I have for another computer. Neither work well at all. I even tried the staple...
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    Trying To Bitstream

    I just upgraded the video card in my HTPC to a 5450. It's supposed to able to support bitstream for the uncompressed codecs. However, on my receiver I only get PCM so it's not bitstreaming. I looked at the driver for the HDMI audio and it says that it's only 2ch. It also says it's a MS driver...
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    Changing The Background In Media Center

    I know this seems simple but I guess not. I've done it before and for some reason automatic repair ran on my media center and changed the background back. Here's the problem. I know how to do it, but I can't run Restorator 2007, or whatever it's called, as my trial has expired. Does anyone...
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    Multiple Hard Drive Enclosure (JBOD)

    I'm trying to find a hard drive enclosure for my backup hard drives. I have four hard drives in my computer and four identical drives to back them up to. For now I have been using an eSATA dock to do this. What I need is an external enclosure that holds four disks. I don't want to do RAID, I...
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    Shopping For A UPS

    My power drops every now and then for no real reason, at least not any that the power company can give me. Granted, it only drops for a couple of seconds but my main machine is a server and this can be a real pain in the ass if I'm gone. So, all this UPS needs to do is keep it on for a few...
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    Project Orion

    I thought I would post a worklog of my main computer. It has been more of an evolution over the years as one or more parts have traveled to the next build and then upgraded later. It started off as an 800MHz dual P3 system in an InWin Q500 case. When I built it the only modding I had ever...
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    Backup Solution

    I've got three hard drives to back up all my data. These are not in my system as I don't want them on when they're not in use backup up. So, I started looking for an external enclosure that could just sit on my desk and I came across this: Lian Li EX-30. Now, the one thing that throws me...