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    Western Digital WD Elements 10TB USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive $159 NEWEGG

    Expires tonight, 6/19/2019 Midnight pst CODE EMCTBUE24 Limit 3 WT 10TB external for $159 at newegg
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    Corsair CX650M install. Use 1 pci express cable or 2?

    so I'm installing a new power supply after my thermaltake one died. On that one I had a single wire that went to the pci express power ports on my video card and then an adapter for a second connection to dual powered video cards. The CX650M is modular so I'd like to keep cabling to a...
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    System Reboots when taxing video card..Card? Power Supply? What to do..

    So this is driving me nuts...everything has been fine until about a week ago when my PC randomly was rebooting at the end of the round in BF1...I thought it was due to the new update or something but through trial and error I realized I can intentionally cause the reboot - by starting BF1, going...
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    Logitech Gaming Software v. 8.76.155 100% destroyed my WIN 10 install

    So I built a new win 10 system that was fantastic...working great....I have an idea, I'm going to use my G15 keyboard with it. Logitechs site says install the latest gaming software to use it. 8.76.155 from where it says right on their website that...