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    WTB iPhone >= 7 for iOS App Development

    Hello [H]'ers - I'm getting into app development so I'm in the market for an iPhone testing device. The last iPhone I own was a 5 and it's just too old to test with. I'll consider a 6s if the price is right, but 7 is my target as it should last as a testing device for a good few years...
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    WTB MacBook Pro A1278 Upgrades (Small SSD, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, SATA Caddy)

    Hello [H] - I'm upgrading a 2011 MacBook Pro (model A1278) and am looking for the following: ~120GB SSD 2.5" 1TB HDD (FOUND) 2x8GB DDR3 SODIMM SATA drive caddy (FOUND) Shipping is to zip code 11378. Looking to purchase by next week, please send offers. Thank you! =) HEAT
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    WTB MacBook Pro 13" or 15" <= $400

    Hello [H] - Looking to buy a MacBook Pro Budget (via PayPal CC, I'll cover fees) = $400 Shipping Zip Code = 11378 Min CPU = Core i5/i7 RAM, Hard Drive = Any (will eventually replace it) User upgradable RAM & Hard Drive I believe the 2014 models are the last user-upgradable models (please...
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    WTT/WTS - Call of Duty Black Ops III Xbox One

    Hello [H]! Looking to sell or cross-trade my Xbox One copy of Call of Duty Black Ops III with unused Nuketown Map code. Currently in the market to cross-trade for: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Gears of War 4 or Battlefield One. Any DLC or codes not needed. I only have time for single player...
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    WTB: Gaming Laptop (Alienware, Razer) WTS: Old Laptops (M17X R2, ProBook, Z37S, MacBook Pro)

    Hello [H] - I'm looking to replace my aging Alienware M17X R2 for something more... moar bester! Max budget = $1000 shipped to zip code 11378 Looking for an Alienware/Sager/Razer (with amplifier) that can run games from the last 2 years. Please PM me what you have. Also WTS/WTT the following...
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    WTD 3x SSD <= $30 Shipped Each

    Hi [H] - WTB the 3 best possible SSDs for under $30 shipped each to zip code 11378. They will be going to refurb'd laptops to kids who can't afford home PCs for school work. The laptops aren't the fastest, but I thought I'd try to boost the performance with smaller capacity SSDs. Looking...
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    FS: Intel C2D CPUs T7700, 2.4GHz & T7200, 2.0 GHz, Roku 3 Streaming

    Hello [H] forum! Selling two Intel Core 2 CPUs & a Roku 3- hoping for a quick sale. Trying to make the chimif*ckingchangas! =) Items were removed from working laptops. Looking to send these to a new home. Intel C2D T7700 2.4GHz - $15 shipped Intel C2D T7200 2.0GHz - $10 shipped Gently...
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    WTS/WTT: Apple Macbook Pro A1261 17-inch/4GB/8600GT 512MB/250GB HD

    Trading a used Apple Macbook Pro (late 2008, model A1261). Specs are below: Yosemite OS installed, latest patches & updates 4GB DDR2 (according to online forums, can go to 8GB, or 6GB). I don't have spare RAM to verify 250GB Hard Drive Nvidia 8600GT 512MB Video Intel 2.6GHz Core 2 Duo 17-inch...
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    FS: Moving Sale. Going Lean. Updated Often.

    Hi All - Moving soon so need to give these items a new home. I'd hate to have to throw them away. All items are OBO and priced as shipped (with USPS tracking), so feel free to PM an offer. More to come, pics coming soon. Thank you for looking! TAKE THE CURRENT LOT FOR: $300
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    WTB - Razer Laptop (Or Similar - Thin & Light for Gaming)

    Hi - WTB a Razer laptop (at least 2013), or something similar. It needs to be thin/light and decent enough to run most games. Been looking at Macbooks just for form factor, weight and size - but really want to stay PC. Not sure on budget, but will consider the tech if the price is...
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    Year End Clearance & Clearing Sale

    Clearing Out the Closet Sale! USPS Shipping w/ Delivery Confirmation to lower 48 only, unless specified. Discounts on combined purchases! Paypal preferred, HEAT in sig, open to trades. Buy out the thread for $275 shipped! Comic Books & Graphic Novels Batman The New 52 - Night of the Owls -...
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    WTB Unused PSN, Xbox Points & Nintendo e-SHop $$$

    Hello - Looking to purchase unused PSN, Xbox Live Points & Nintendo eShop $$$. Please PM me your offers. Thank you!
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    WTB: Latest Consoles & Games

    Hello - Looking to buy a PS4, XBox One and a Wii U. Bundles welcomed and preferred. Shipping is to 11378. Also looking for any previous gen games that need a new home. Just let me know what you have! Thanks.
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    Spring Cleaning Closet Clear Out - M17x R3, Dell D610, Video Games, Moar Inside

    Need to make room in the closet (and funds to make rent) so I have the following items up for sale. Apologies for the abundance of photos, but feel free to ask me any questions on these items. Looking to offload in the next 3-4 weeks. Thank you! Buy the lot for $35 shipped Photo album...
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    FS: Zelda Nintendo 3DS (not XL) + Case, Laid Off =(

    Hi Everyone - short story: I was laid off today and I'm in need to sell off some items for bills. Turning to the [H]forum for help in giving my gadgets a new home. Today I'll be selling my Zelda Nintendo 3DS (with hard shell case, screenwipe and extra stylus). Please refer to the pictures for...
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    FS Older PC Hardware, Dell Laptop, AMD Socket 939 & More

    Hello - These parts were from retired/inherited PCs and I do not have any use for them. Looking to offload from the house, so willing to trade and OBO - just need them out of my life =) Pics coming shortly. System 1: AMD Socket A Sempron 2500+ Desktop - Motherboard = Abit NF7S - RAM =...
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    WTB CPU/Mobo/RAM Combo > Socket 939 Setup

    Hi - I'm looking for a cpu/mobo/ram combo to replace a Socket 939 board that went kaput - i.e. the motherboard will not POST and I've tried everything. Like a bad ex-girlfriend, I want to cut my losses and move on from this thing.. Combo must have the following: - be greater than a Socket 939...
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    WTB Video Games (Mostly)

    Hello - looking to buy the following (physical copies preferred) of the following games for the 360, PS3 and 3DS. Items should be close to complete (i.e. case, manuals and disk). DLC codes are not required, but welcomed :) PS3: killer is dead rocksmith 2014 final fantasy xiii-2 beyond two souls...
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    WTB Laptop

    Hello! Looking to buy a laptop with the following specs: - 14" screen or less. Prefer an ultrabook, if possible. Will consider 14, but would like this to be as portable as possible. - Core i-series preferred - should have a dedicated graphics card to handle most current games on medium...
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    WTB/WTTF Black Ops II PS3

    Looking for a good copy of Black Ops II for the PS3. Only want it for the Single Player campaign, so codes are not necessary. Should be complete enough (box, manual, box art and disc). Have the following for trade (all outright for Black Ops II):
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    FS: Video Games (PS3, Warcraft, Age of Conan, Sims), Windows ME

    Spring cleaning time! I'm not 100% sure if the keys wil work, so I'm selling the PC games as is (maybe if you need to replace your reinstall disks). I'll be trashing/trading in to gamestop on May 5, so please give these items a better home! Take the lot for $20 shipped from New York, 10001...
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    FS: Pentium 4 2.6GHz CPU, 2x 256MB DDR 400MHz - Must Move

    Purging the box o' parts. All items tested and working. Today's quick sale: 1x Pentium 4 CPU ($5 shipped) 2.60 GHz SL6WH - Costa Rica 2x 256MB DDR 400MHz RAM ($5 shipped) Hynix HYMD232646A8J-D43 DDR 400MHz CL3 Buy the lot for $7 shipped from NYC. Sending to recycling the first week of...
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    WTB PCI-E GPU (nvidia preferred)

    Looking to buy a GPU (nvidia preferred) to replace a dying 8800gtx. Max $$$ limit is $80 shipped. Please PM me what you have available. Shipping is to zip code 10001. Thank you!
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    FS PS3 Games - Bulletstorm Limited Edition & Rage Anarchy Edition Sealed

    Up for sale today are two sealed copes of the following PS3 games: Rage - Anarchy Edition ($19) Bulletstorm - Limited Edition ($19) Assassin's Creed: Revelations ($30) Buy the lot for $60 shipped from 10001 These were bday gifts, but I already own them on the 360. So off to a new home they...
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    WTB 775 Motherboard, with DDR2 Support

    My XFX 680i finally died, so I'll need a replacement 775 board. - must support DDR2 - cables not necessary, but welcomed - I/O shield a must - no mATX, please - must support by Q6600 PM me your warez, shipped to 10001. Thank you!
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    FS: Hardware - Video, Sound, Firewire, Misc

    Looking to unload some hardware that is taking up space in the house. Priced are shipped from 10001, lower 48 via USPS with Delivery Confirmation. V I D E O (XFX or ECS, I can't recall bc the DuoOrb is installed) GeForce 8800GTS G92 512MB, with Thermaltake DuoOrb PCI-E and molex to 6-pin...
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    FS PC Game Bundle - DMC4, Section 8, BiA: Hell's Highway, Assassin's Creed DC

    Clearing out my inventory of completed games. Heat is DarkhProphet (56-0-0). PRICE LOWERED - MUST MOVE Devil May Cry 4 Section 8 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut discs were kept in the drive (where applicable) until the single player campaign was completed...
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    FS/FT: Uncharted 2 Among Thieves

    SOLD Clearing out my inventory of completed games. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves for the PS3 (not the GoTY version) $22 shipped via USPS, with tracking to the continental US only complete with disc, manual, original cover art and PS3 case purchased used from a [H] member kept in my PS3 until I...
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    WTB - XBOX 360, Best Buy & Target Gift Cards, DDR RAM

    Hello! Looking for the following (most inexpensive): 1) Unbanned Xbox 360 (console, power and video cables, 20GB min). Controllers/games are optional. 2) Gift cards to the following - Best Buy, Target 3) DDR RAM - at least 1GB PM me with your wares.
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    $24.99 in Paypal Account - What do you have? [WTB]

    PM me what you have. Interested in: - video games (pc, consoles) - blu ray movies - anything interesting - just offer. Thanks!
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    FS/FT Video Games, PC Parts - WTB Blu Rays, Other

    Hello! Selling items that are taking up space. Give them a new home! Prices are shipped to the continental USA from 10001, and includes USPS tracking numbers. OBO on everything - trades are welcomed. All items are in perfect working order, unless otherwise noted. HEAT in sig, LAPTOP MEMORY 1)...
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    FS Assassin's Creed PC & Section 8 - Bundle

    Selling both Assassin's Creed and Section 8 PC for $20 shipped from 10001. Both are complete with DVD, case, manual, and legit CD keys. HEAT in sig. WTTF Blu Rays, console games - just offer.
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    Halo 3 Legendary $19.99 @PCRichard

    Better than last week's $29.99 for those who never got the game (myself included) Other titles available (including Ninja Gaiden Sigma II for the PS3). I picked up both. Good luck! EDITED: Looks like some games were pulled from the...
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    WTB -- Blu Rays, Wireless 360 Controller, ODST Figure, etc

    WTB a few things: - Iron Man on Blu Ray - Open to other Blu Rays - send a PM with what you got - Blu Ray player (need something for the parents) - Halo ODST figure - Wireless 360 Controller (any color but pink) - anything random - I'm willing to listen. Let me know what you have =)...
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    FS Section 8 PC

    Got it for Christmas 2009. Played it. Finished it. Selling it. $20 shipped from 10001. Item comes complete: sleeve, DVD case, DVD, manual, inserts, legit CD-key. Adult owned in a smoke free environment. Pics coming soon. Perfect HEAT in sig. Thank you!
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    WTB XFPS Sniper 360

    FOUND - from kabob983 Let me know what you have - shipping is to 10001. HEAT in sig - thank you!
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    WTB/WTT/FS - Console & PC Games, Blu-rays

    OBO/WTT on all. Items are in working condition, unless noted. Buy multiple for discount. Perfect HEAT and eBay. Thank you for looking! $$$ DROPS & ITEMS ADDED - Take all below for $89 shipped. WTT ALL FOR SOMETHING INTERESTING - JUST OFFER.
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    FS: Kingston HyperX 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 - Quick Sale/Priced to Move

    Hi - I bought these off the [H] forums for a build that never came to see the light of day - so I'm passing this along for a new home. Kingston HyperX 2GB (2 x 1GB) kit with blue heatspreaders. Model: KHX8000D2/1G Asking only SOLD to finkle - thank you sir! PM offers/OBO/WTT. Pics coming...
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    WTB CPU/Mobo/RAM/Video Card

    EDIT: FOUND. Thank you, everyone! Hi Everyone - Looking to buy the following parts (within two weeks): CPU/HSF - Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad 2GHz+, with cooling (stock HSF is OK) Motherboard - anything decent that supports the above CPU (needs at least I/O plate and some cables) RAM - 4GB RAM for...