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    FS: Nest Thermostat 2nd Gen - $220 shipped BNIB

    Heat - 450
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    WTB: Kindle Paperwhite

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    What used GPU under ~$60?

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    $310 Shipped - BNIB Xbox One w/Assassins Creed Black Flag and Unity

    Heat: 450 Payment via PayPal Item will be shipped direct from MS Store.
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    FS: Xbox One Assassins Creed IV and Unity Codes

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    FS: $100 off Xbox One Console ($75)

    Selling a Microsoft Store coupon for $100 off from the price of an Xbox One console. $75 via Amazon Payments. Code supplied via email. Code must be used before 12-2-2014.
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    WTB: LCD TV around Seattle

    Looking to spend less than $125, Payment in Amazon Payments only. Prefer to pick up locally.
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    Xbox One bundle question

    Is it possible to get Destiny as your free game? I traded in my 360, so the total will be $300 + 50 gift card + free game. I'm just not sure if Destiny is eligible. Does anyone know?
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    Best Xbox One games?

    I like that all the Halo games are coming to XB1, but I'd like to know what other games are worth it. Any good racing games?
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    WTB: T-Mobile iPhone 5 or 5c

    got it.
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    Which used Android Phone under $250 should I get?

    I'm looking for an android phone to get under $250 (ideally). Used is okay. I'll be using it with T-Mobile. I thought about the Moto G/X and the Nexus 4. What else to consider? Should I save and wait for the Nexus 6?
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    WTB: AudioEngine A2+

    Heat: 450 I'm only considering the A2+ (the A2 and A2+ are different products). PM me with what you have. I don't care about the color.
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    WTB: 360 Slim

    got it.
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    WTB: Xbox Original stuff

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    Best Wireless HDMI streamer?

    Looking for something under $150. Does it exist?
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    Best video card for 2.8GHz Quad (Nehalem)

    I'm looking to upgrade a system with the following specs: 2.8GHz Xeon w3530 3GB DDR3 160GB HDD W7 Pro Looking to spend under $75. Used is ok.
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    WTB: iPhone 4S 8GB - Verizon

    zip: 43235 heat: 450 I need one with a clean IMEI. Thanks!
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    Hitman Contracts now available on Steam! Only $6.99. Haven't picked it up yet, still have a backlog myself.
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    Recommend me a 9.1+ Receiver

    Budget under $1000 Used is okay I will not be bi-wiring I do not need additional zones All of my speakers will be 8 ohms with about 89db sensitivity. I'll probably have 2 floorstanding speakers, 1 regular center channel, 2 older bookshelf speakers as the height channels, and 4 in-ceiling...
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    WTB: Panasonic SA-XRxx receiver

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    Boston Acoustics TVee 10 Soundbar - $50 + shipping - A4L Good price for a soundbar. Only downside is that it doesn't have a subwoofer pre-out.
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    FS: Xbox One $535 + ship (Day One - BNIB)

    Heat: 450 Payment via Amazon Payments
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    $500 budget, looking for studio monitors

    Source: Yeti Pro USB Microphone connected to MBP What should I get? Considering M-Audio BX8 D2.
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    FS: Deus Ex HR Directors Cut - $6

    Amazon Payments or PayPal. Code sent through Steam.
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    WTB: HD7850

    zip: 43235 heat: 450
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    WTB: Laptop w/o CPU/RAM, needs webcam

    Got a laptop w/o cpu or ram for some reason? I need one that can use a T9400 CPU and takes DDR2 RAM. Trying to use parts from a friends dead laptop. Webcam on the laptop is ideal. LMK shipped prices to 43235, thanks!
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    Finally! A bluetooth audio receiver with optical output! At about $42 plus shipping its not a bad price either. Range doesn't seem to be great - topping out at about 20-25 feet. I hope the antenna isn't an internal on-chip antenna, and can be...
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    WTB: Bad ESN iPhone 4S (Sprint Only)

    Payment: Amazon Payments or PayPal Zip: 43235 If possible, I'd like the MEID prior to buying - I'd like to see if I can get it activated on Page Plus.
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    The Nokia Lumia 1020 (Eos) Thread

    Other than the fact that it has a 41 MP sensor and uses Windows Phone 8, I know nothing about this phone. I intend to get it out of contract and use it with Page Plus. Anyone else looking forward to this phone?
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    Can't search my own posts

    Using Windows Server 2012 and latest Chrome. Searching for my own posts yields a db error. EDIT: It sometimes works.
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    FS: Westinghouse VR-3225 - $175 + shipping

    Heat: 450 Payments via Amazon Payments only. PM for pictures. This is a 32" PVA, 1080p TV. It supports 4:4:4 and 1080p via its VGA and 2 HDMI ports. 1080p is also supported by the component port. This thread a lot of information on the VR3225
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    FS: BNIB Nest 2.0 - $215 shipped - CONUS only

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    WTB: Verizon Flip Phone

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    FT: Castle Crashers and The Ship for Mark of the Ninja

    I'm looking to send someone Castle Crashers and The Ship (both are Steam titles) for a Steam copy of Mark of the Ninja. Heat is under 450.
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    Codecademy and Eclipse Incompatible?

    So I've been trying out Codecademy in my spare time and I'm quite confused as to why the accepted output in Codecademy refuses to work in Eclipse. [CODE=Example:]var legalDrivingAge = 18; var canIDrive = function (myAge) { if (myAge >= legalDrivingAge) { return true; } else {...
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    Power Amps comparable to Adcom GFA555

    I'm looking at getting 2-3 Adcom GFA555s used. What other power amps should I be looking at? Haflers?
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    WTB: PCI 3Dfx Video Card

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    Best Soundcard/MIDI board for DOS games?

    I'm not sure what kind of sound card to get for my DOS games. Right now I have a SB Live! 5.1 in my DOS/9x machine. It works fine, but I want something better. I thought about an MT32 or an SC55 but I'm really not sure what to get. I've also heard some people get the DB50XG. I've had the...