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    Need advice on access point with switch (but without the rest of the router features)

    Damn, missed the notification for this response and just read it. Looks like what I need, though calling it a WAN port makes me want to read manual. Read the manual and from what I can tell, it's basically what I'm looking for. Thank you.
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    Need advice on access point with switch (but without the rest of the router features)

    Thank you for the suggestions. UniFi HD looks like an option if I end up re-wiring the house during a remodel, since it requires its own wall plate and my current setup has the wall plate sharing the RJ45, HDMI, and co-ax connectors. I may just use a PoE switch and run an access point to the...
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    Need advice on access point with switch (but without the rest of the router features)

    I run my router in a closet that's more or less centrally located in a single story house. There are about three panels between the closet and this room, but the kitchen is in between, so there's fridge if you were to draw a straight line between the router and the playroom. I have a hardwire...
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    Rampage VI Extreme USB charging not going well

    I did. Doesn't seem to work. While the icon appears in the system tray (small icon), I cannot open it nor can I right click on it. Given that it was from 2017, I don't think it works with the latest Windows 10. There is nothing earlier for this MB and Asus' website sucks for finding downloads...
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    Rampage VI Extreme USB charging not going well

    Since my S10+ and Note10+ accepts fast charging when plugged into a car adapter and wall adapter (which supports QC as well as 2.4V charging), I don't think it's an issue with the phones. Hence, why I'm posting it under this forum. When using any cable with the appropriate port, the phones...
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    Questions regarding LG 32MU99-W (or the 32UD99)

    I wasn't able to find much about 32MU99-W and usually, 32UD99-W would pop up. Anyone out there with these monitors. From what I can tell, the MU is supposed to be the commercial version of the UD, but one review on Amazon mentioned the UD was newer and brighter (550 vs. 350) Based on LG's web...
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    State of thermal cooling for Skylake-X

    Which CPU are you running on air? the 7900K?
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    State of thermal cooling for Skylake-X

    So I'm piecing together a new PC, after having been on Sandy Bridge-E for a while. Running a 3820 w/ Rampage IV Extreme. 64GB My usage is based on a mix of gaming and programming. The most intensive for programming is when I have to run multiple services locally and debug or run performance...
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    XFX 290X VRM cooling (DD compatible)

    Got a good deal on an XFX 290X, but looking to increase the VRM1 cooling but still use the stock DD cooler. Anyone know what the original thermal pad thickness is for VRM1 strip? Contact XFX tech support and was told that the VRM's are rated for 155C, so running at ~120C is supposed to be...
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    do you have a link to the Powercolor 4GB 290x, if you haven't sold it already?

    do you have a link to the Powercolor 4GB 290x, if you haven't sold it already?
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    NEC PA301w or PA302w?

    Thanks. Forgot to state that at work, I have 2xU3011 (aspect ratio still on my mind when typing), which is why I want to stay at 16:10. Will take a look at the Acer if it does get that low.
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    NEC PA301w or PA302w?

    Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but how does the PA301W compare to the Dell U3011 rev. A07? Usage would be gaming, programming, and trolling the web (not necessarily in that order of importance) I know the Dell 3011 had issues with AG coating such that Dell actually changed it starting...
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    Was the VMU ahead of it's time with the Dreamcast?

    While I don't think the VMU hardware will make a comeback, I can see mobile apps being used in a similar manner. I remember Rift has some app you could use to garner some crafting items. I think micro-transactions are the focus on games, especially for a mobile platform, that spending money for...
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    How long would it take you to Finish every game in your Steam Collection?

    If we're talking about single finish, regardless of how many 'endings' a game has, it would probably take me a year, non-stop. Though I'd probably go crazy as my library has a lot of bad games that came in holiday package deals that I wouldn't have bought on their own.
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    Classic Alien Vs Predator 2000 goes free

    I haven't received any keys so far, so I'm guessing it'll be after the 17th.
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    Music organizer software suggestions

    I use Music Monkey purely for organization in terms of sorting based on existing properties. I don't really like using it for re-organizing, because the last time I did it, I found that it seemed to actually 'copy' files around, rather than just move them. Even though they were local files...
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    Excel - sold parking lots per day

    I second Dave's suggestion regarding using Outlook to manage the parking spots. The nice thing about this is you will also have history to refer to. Though I wonder if whatever booking system you have to manage room availability could also be used to manage the parking spots. Otherwise, you're...
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    Raid accessible in AHCI mode?

    Well, after trolling through all the search results, If found something that's super helpful. Worked for me and didn't involve safe mode. Though from experience, I was able to access the RAID 0 volume I...
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    Raid accessible in AHCI mode?

    Yeah, I read some of those articles and wasn't able to get past the bsod during boot in RAID, even in Safe mode. Now, I'm curious as to why the raid volume shows up even though the BIOS is set to AHCI mode.
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    Raid accessible in AHCI mode?

    I initially installed Win7 in AHCI mode, thinking I wouldn't bother with RAID. A little over a year down the line, I find that I want to do a RAID 0 setup for my games with drives from an upgrade NAS box. I tried to see if I could make the switch without having to re-install. This is on an...
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    Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Edition

    I'm pissed. I paid for my pre-order and they sold it to someone else. Damn Gamestop.
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    Razer Mamba... just got it. Annoying battery/software?

    I used mine for about 6 months without any issues. I did end up returning it because it developed a squeaky mouse wheel, which was covered under warranty. I ended up going back to the Lachesis because the battery didn't last long enough for me and I didn't want to leave my computer on just...
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    Is there a 24" WS LCD out there with 1:1

    Define "works". I know I got 1:1 mapping with Gateway FPD2485. This was on component, VGA, and DVI connections. Here is a post of someone's detailed analysis with regards to the Gateway. summary
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Heat output? Gateway does seem hot to me after a while of usage. Another thing that I like to check is PIP functionality. Manuals could be wrong and I'd like a first hand account of how it actually functions/looks. I've encountered early monitors where PIP only worked if the main was...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Following up on my initial impressions. 1. I started to hear the high pitched hum. Very noticeable when I'm about 6 inches away from the monitor. Not sure what is causing it. 2. Crushed blacks. Maybe I'm not sensitive enough to notice it or I just haven't found a good scene that shows...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    You have a higher change of convincing them to let you use the 10% coupon if you have one, but I definitely failed on the Amex card. Bring both, so that the manager can feel like he's doing you a favour by taking the 10% over the Amex, haha. That's what I did. Finally have time to poke...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Overnight update: I ran the monitor overnight with DPT running in the hopes of reviving the sub pixel. No such luck. However, the heat did not seem to be a factor, since it's still running. Switching between inputs works without a delay. I will most likely try to calibrate the monitor...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    Been reading this thread lately and decided to give it a shot anyways. I'm here to give my impression, since it seems lately this thread has been hijacked into a "Why the Gateway FPD2485W sucks" thread. I am coming from an HP 2335 and decided that I could give the HP as a gift and upgrade...