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  1. mary9861

    Any Good Puzzle Games Site?

    You could just google it, check this: or Hope it's what you want.
  2. mary9861

    AMD and NVIDIA

    Thank you so much guys for your attention, but as I said it's something like an experimental thing, I want to buy more displays in the future as some sort of digital art displayers, I wanted to try if it's possible I use this method as an geek funny thing to share with other people.
  3. mary9861

    AMD and NVIDIA

    Thanks guys for sharing. it's just like an experimental hardware, sounds like an interesting thing to do. thank you so much again.
  4. mary9861

    What are some of the things you guys have done to take advantage of your large amount of ram?

    My Hero! I use chrome and Photoshop at the same time and job is done! (32GB ram!!!) :))))) Gosh, how can chrome use RAM like it's a rendering software?
  5. mary9861

    AMD and NVIDIA

    Hi guys, So, my motherboard has 2 PCI slot and I want to use 2 graphic cards. Is it possible to use AMD and NVIDIA at the same time? Is there going to be software problems? Are there going to be preferred settings or I can use them both at the same time?
  6. mary9861

    I'm happy! :)

    I'm happy! :)