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    NEXUS 2 needs your help! If you've ever played Nexus: Jupiter Incident and loved it, this will be worth it. I just bought Nexus over the holidays and I am blown away especially for a game made in 2004 since I loved the Homeworld series. About 30 days left to see if they can get...
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    Intel cache drive with encryption?

    I have a z68 motherboard and all my hard drives are encrypted with truecrypt. Would adding a small ssd to be used as cache be a problem? Would the data stored on the cache be encrypted?
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    HDMI input card

    Not sure what I'm looking for, but is there a card that does HDMI in and outputs via your videocard? I.E.) Xbox hdmi to this card... and the videocard outputs the signal to the monitor. I ask because my 30" only has DVI and no HDMI connection. Something like this exist?
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    Radeon built-in sound quality

    Has there been any reviews over the sound quality of these built-in chips versus a dedicated sound card?
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    6990 Accerlero Twin Turbo

    Finally! I wonder if there will be some reviews
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    Switching phones when signing contract?

    Hi, I'm on AT&T and my mom currently has the blackberry, but wants an iphone 4 for the facetime. My dad's contract ended for quite some time now. My question is can my dad get the iphone, and have it transferred to my mom's account with micosim card and at the same time get my mom's...
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    AT&T Network Question

    Hey guys, I just have a simple question. AT&T has been upgrading their network from 3.6 to 7.2Mbps HSPA and eventually to 21Mbps HPSA. Are all smartphones automatically compatible with these new networks? Or are they stuck with the network they were designed for like when you compare the speeds...
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    2nd PCI-E slot usuable for single card?

    I currently have an intel 680i mobo that has 2 PCI-E x16 slots. I'm currently using a 5870 in the top slot, but I'm planning to get a 5970. Due to my case and motherboard slot positions, the 5970 will not fit into the case on the top PCI-E slot. Will using the 5970 on the lower PCI-E slot be...
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    Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Anyone else interested in seeing how this phone performs? The Layer application...
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    AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Benched No really much to it, but at least we're getting close. :)
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    Removable media to fixed disk?

    Does anyone have a software to convert a tradition compact flash card from removable media to a fixed disk? The IDE adapter works, but the flash card is still read as removable media. They used to have an open software that was free back then, but it seems to be off market now. Any help is...
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    EVGA/Corsair warranty?

    Are these two companies still offering lifetime warranty? On newegg it shows that EVGA's motherboard has 1 year limited warranty: and 5 years limited for this corsair PSU...
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    About to pull the trigger... Any good deals on 5870 tonight?

    I just sold my gtx 280 like 2 hours ago and am looking at the XFX 5870 for $398 on newegg: I'm about to order in the next few hours before I go to bed. Anyone see any better deals around before I do this? Also will next day...
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    Hot Deal? lol

    Combo deal.
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    ASUS does it again

    Highly overclocked and powered 5970 Kinda like the same situation they did wielding 2 GTX 285's together. MARS edition...
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    Windows 7 and battery drivers

    I currently have a new Dell e6400, and everything works great with windows 7 ultimate 64bit, but I have a problem with the battery detection. It goes normal from 100% to around 50%, then once it reaches, I would guess 52%, it drops to 7% and then my battery is all used up. The funny thing is...
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    Shattered Horizon Just heard about this game this morning... Looks interesting lol
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    Question about Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade

    I got one through my school for $34 and now I'm wondering how do I install windows again if I want to reformat or even upgrade? The key is only good for one computer... How does the software check?
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    Why is Windows so cheap through colleges?

    This has probably been asked, but I do not know the answer.
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    Scaling Issues with my monitor

    When running 3dmark or playing older games that do not support widescreen, I get black bars on the right and left side. I want it to stretch to fill the space, but the option is disabled. Anyone know how to ungrey it or is my particular monitor restricting the driver. My 245bw works fine and has...
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    After installing game to HD for 360...

    Do you still have to manually select "play from hard drive" or will it automatically do this for you after disc insertion? Also, what are the major benefits? Just a little faster load times, and less disc spinning?
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    PNY now has Lifetime warranty on XLR8 cards.

    One year warranty, and life time upon registration. In short, it used to be 3 years, +2 upon registration (5 total). Now you're screwed if you don't register as you will only get 1 year. ^^ Last site I expected to see this announcement...
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    Did 2 cores just die on my q6600?

    My BIOS shows this (not my picture, but mine has the exact same thing) Two bottom cores are greyed out.
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    Where do you guys recommend buying this? (cheap and a reliable site) And what kind of 120mm fan is good to use on it? Would this do the trick? This one comes with adapters for all sockets (775/i7AM2/AM3)? I've only seen one with one or the other, never all 4...
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    Anyone see the new EVGA gtx 285 classified? EVGA GTX 285 Classified Graphics Card GeForce GTX 285 GPU 4-Way SLI Support 8 Phase Digital PWM Low ESR/ESL Film Capacitor X-Cool jumper for Extreme OC 3 PCIe 6 pin power connectors Dedicated Voltage Read Points EVGA EVbot support EVGA X58 SLI Classified...
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    UPS and PSU

    Would a UPS/Battery backup that's rated 650W take away the difference from a PSU that's rated 850W? Or does this only matter when a power outage occurs.
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    Best Price/Performance ratio PSU for?

    Q6600 @ 3.6 2x2GB ddr-800 2x160 Hitachi RAID 0; 1x WD 400GB; 2x Seagate 1.5TB EVGA 680i 2x GTX 280 OC'd Right now I'm running a 750W (never thought i'd need more) which does the job fine, but when it gets graphic intense, my PSU just shuts The corsair 620W did the job fine for...
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    SLI and physx question

    If I enable physx, does that take away from the performance gained by SLI? It's the only reason I see for the option to enable or disable physx to exist.
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    Is a 350W enough for this? With a x2 3800+ running 4-5 hard drives. I ask because the psu is included with the case and this is just purely HTPC, little to no games.
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    2 8800GTS 640 for $120 good?

    Someone is offering me these two for 120, is this a good deal or should I just get a 4850 for around 90
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    Audio Switch

    I need something like this but with headphone jack cables, instead of HDMI... I don't know what they're called, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks
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    core i7 920 $229.99 Microcenter In store pickup only nevermind sorry, did not see the other post :(
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    Help with computer freezing while watching movies

    My computer freezes when I try to watch a movie or just a video file. It does not freeze when I play games that are demanding though. What happens is the picture freezes after a few minutes, the sound continues, and then everything locks up forcing me to reboot. This happens when I'm watching...
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    Help with some strategy for multi work stations

    Let's say I have multiple work stations (for this, lets just use 5 work stations like desktop, keyboard/mouse, and monitor) each on it's own side by side. Then I'll use the 2nd DVI port on the videocards (all 5) and hook them into a KVM switch at another work station (6th) with one monitor in...
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    GPU usage?

    I know ATI can display GPU usage, but is there a program that will allow us to see this on nvidia cards?
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    The Blackberry dock does anyone know if this is a charger? I've looked all over the place, but some sites say AC adapter not included. What is the point of it if it doesnt charge? unless im a total moron and AC adapter means to the wall charger, and...
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    Black Berry Curve

    If this phone is lost, can it be tracked down by GPS? AT&T, where you can switch out the sim cards
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    Anyone Ever RMA anything from ASUS?

    My w7s notebook just died... bought august '07... Was it a lovely and easy process?
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    Weird problem, help me if possible

    So, I build another computer for my mom, but the problem is, when I first turn on the computer, it powers on, but it does not post. I must push the reset button once, and then it'll post. It will not boot up cold. What can be the problem? All of the hardware I have has been used and worked...
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    Video Capture Cards?