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    Need advice on access point with switch (but without the rest of the router features)

    I run my router in a closet that's more or less centrally located in a single story house. There are about three panels between the closet and this room, but the kitchen is in between, so there's fridge if you were to draw a straight line between the router and the playroom. I have a hardwire...
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    Rampage VI Extreme USB charging not going well

    Since my S10+ and Note10+ accepts fast charging when plugged into a car adapter and wall adapter (which supports QC as well as 2.4V charging), I don't think it's an issue with the phones. Hence, why I'm posting it under this forum. When using any cable with the appropriate port, the phones...
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    Questions regarding LG 32MU99-W (or the 32UD99)

    I wasn't able to find much about 32MU99-W and usually, 32UD99-W would pop up. Anyone out there with these monitors. From what I can tell, the MU is supposed to be the commercial version of the UD, but one review on Amazon mentioned the UD was newer and brighter (550 vs. 350) Based on LG's web...
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    State of thermal cooling for Skylake-X

    So I'm piecing together a new PC, after having been on Sandy Bridge-E for a while. Running a 3820 w/ Rampage IV Extreme. 64GB My usage is based on a mix of gaming and programming. The most intensive for programming is when I have to run multiple services locally and debug or run performance...
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    XFX 290X VRM cooling (DD compatible)

    Got a good deal on an XFX 290X, but looking to increase the VRM1 cooling but still use the stock DD cooler. Anyone know what the original thermal pad thickness is for VRM1 strip? Contact XFX tech support and was told that the VRM's are rated for 155C, so running at ~120C is supposed to be...
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    Raid accessible in AHCI mode?

    I initially installed Win7 in AHCI mode, thinking I wouldn't bother with RAID. A little over a year down the line, I find that I want to do a RAID 0 setup for my games with drives from an upgrade NAS box. I tried to see if I could make the switch without having to re-install. This is on an...