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    BSOD - whea_uncorrectable_error

    just got a bsod - whea_uncorrectable_error Bug Check: 0x00000124 Caused by driver: hal.dll Wasnt doing anything except browsing System info below post Sorry if this wrong area
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    Crash - Critital Structure Corruption

    I have been getting these crashes Critital Structure Corruption The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000109 Running Windows 10 x 64 This is an recently reinstalled OS too
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    New System

    My new system
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    SSD In a Dell Laptop

    I'm thinking of gettling a laptop, But wanted to know if its possible to put in my corsair SataIII SSD in it instead of using the installed SSD.
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    My New Build

    My new system:
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    EVGA GTX680 With Hydracopper Block Ends: 7/30/2012@5:34PDT - $610
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    PS3 - 320GB Sports MOVE Bundle - Ends: 6/26/12 @ 15:02 PDT - $265.00
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    Corsair Sleeved Cables for AX650/750/850 - Black/New - 7/25/12 @ 2:08 PDT - $75.00
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    FS: Koolance Acetel Pump Base + Extras - Ends: 7/19/12 @ 14:30PDT - $55.00

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    Nice Desk

    This is too cool:
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    Trying to figure out a game or 2 for the PS3

    I am trying to figure out a couple games, but cant really remember the names. This is all I remember: 1 of the levels has theplayer coming close to some wooden beams with large blades on them and the beams are revolving and you have to ease your way up the beams without touching the blades...
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    NZXT Switch 810 SSD Bracket dont work

    I have this case and when i connect a drive to the removable tray, Be it a SSD or reg HDD, It doesnt detect the drive at all. So I got a replacement part from NZXT for it and it does the same thing. The only way the drive will be detected when connected in the tray is if I connect it the...
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    NFL Sleeved Cables @ P-PCS

    O lord....
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    Pump Speed Setting

    I have a swiftech mcp655 variable speed pump. Just wanna find out what speed # on the pump do I use when I start to fill the res?
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    How to setup a loop?

    Ok,PLEASE dont laugh or anything, But this is my 1st watercooling setup and I'm just wondering how to actually connect the tubes to the cpu block, rad and res. My pump has a top on it, so I only need 2 fittings. I'm ONLY cooling my cpu, nothing else (1 step at a time) The cpu block has a IN...
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    Water cooling coolant/fluid

    If I was to actually use coolant over distilled water or use a dye in distilled water, Which would be the best to use? Fluids: Primochill ICE Feser One Fluid XP+ Extreme Non-Conductive Primochill Utophia for Distilled Water and using a dye bomb Dyes: Primochill Dye Bomb Primochill...
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    MCP655, Cant remove collar

    I just got this pump today and plan to only use the pump, not the housing. But it is basically 'stuck' on and I cannot take it off. Dont wanna break anything. Anyone ever had trouble getting that motor lock collar off if its stuck?
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    Upcoming Build

    I recently bought the NZXT Switch 810 white case and will be putting my system in that case sometime soon. The case will be here tomorrow. So far, What I plan to do is this: Paint my DVD drives white to match the white of the case Cover my fan controller in white vinyl film Cover my AX1200...
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    Monsoon Fittings

    Not sure if anyone has seen these, But I just got 2 sets of them today (2 black and 2 red) Whats cool about them is that you can mix and match colors, The black looks cool on the red They come with matching...
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    Cosmos II

    I was wondering if the cosmos II case would allow for a swiftech edge HD kit to be installed, since the radiator has a fillport on back on on top of it. Does the cosmos ii...
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    NZXT Switch 810 Case

    I saw this in maximum-pc mag: NZXT Switch 810
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    Lian Li Lancool Dragon Lord PC-K62R2

    Anyone ever use this case: Really like how it looks except for the AMD logo on panel.
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    Possibly selling my CaseLabs M8 case

    If I was to sell my Caselabs M8 case along with the bottom pedestal and some other goodies I bought for it, Would there be anyone who might be interested in it. I also have some new water cooling parts as well and maybe could make a deal on the case with the water cooling parts. The case cost...
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    Compression or Barbs & water cooling help

    I'm planning to get a custom loop, But want to know some info 1st: Is Enzotech compression fittings good or should I get bitspower? Or how is barbs compared to compression? I know with barbs, I probably would have to use clamps (Some say the tubes fit very snug on barbs) If I got bitspower...
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    MEIVE-Z Mosfet / NB WCing accessories

    I have a Asus Maximus IV Extreme - Z mobo and was considering going water cooling, But wanted to know if theres any cooling options for this boards mosfet and northbridge?
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    My New Case - Caselabs M8

    Got my case saturday. While I do have my system installed in it, I havent done much inside it, So the cables arent the best (Inside pics will be done later, After I get some other parts installed).
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    CaseLabs M8

    Just got my CaseLabs M8 case yesterday. Got my system transferred to it and I must say its a DAMN FINE case. Lots of room. Will post pics later on.
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    Cougar PSU

    Anyone ever used a Cougar PSU?
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    Asus Matrix LEDs - Unplugging or Changing the LED color

    Does anyone know if the LEDS that light up the words "MATRIX" can be unplugged or changed to a non-changing LED?
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    PNY GTX580 Video card with CPU Cooling

    Just saw this on Newgg. Video:
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    Performance-PCS NOW Selling Bitfenix Cables

    Oh yeah!!
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    Clicking Drives?

    Has anyone ever had drives make clicking sounds internally, But if you put the drive(s) in an external enclosure, They are quiet?..Seems I everytime I put either my 1.5tb or 2tb drives inside my case, I hear them making a clicking sound. Its not a every sec clicking sound, Its more like...
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    600T and Side Window / Mesh

    I have a question thats kinda making me wonder. Now the 600T White comes with the mesh window and acrylic and the mesh has holes to house 4 fans. And now the black one comes with the mesh as well. Does the acrylic have the holes for the fans as well, or are you gonna have to mount the fans to...
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    Corsair 500R - Black?

    I saw this on a site, Not sure if its real.
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    Corsair 600T Black or SE White

    If you had the choice to get the Corsair 600T black with side window or the Special Edition White. Which would you opt for? Just curious.
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    Corsair H100 Available at NewEgg

    The Corsair H100 is now available at NewEgg: Order #: (shipped via ShopRunner 2Day) 1 CORSAIR H100 (CWCH100) Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler Item #: N82E16835181017 Standard...
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    24pin Sleeving

    I wondered if I could have someone sleeve my Corsair AX1200s 24pin cable red single braid sleeving? How much would it cost? I'm just to 'scared' to mess with it, but would love it to be completely sleeved red.
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    Custom painted Sabertooth

    WOW is all I can say:
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    Corsair H100

    So any word on when this will actually be released?
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    Ultra X4 1200W PSU

    Anyone ever used 1 of these? I like the modular cables, Seems like it'd be alot easier to sleeve these cables, Especially the molex cables. Seems like a very nice PSU and small form factor...