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    Help with Case Choice

    I am building a new PC. I have the 5600 processor already, and it will have either a 3080 or 6800XT in it. I want the system to be as silent as possible. I will run the CPU and GPU at stock (possible GPU undervolt) I will use a Noctua S15S as the CPU cooler I will use an ASUS Dark Hero...
  2. J

    Best Way to Achieve Silence AND good temps in air cooled case with 5x00X Processor and Big Navi or RTX3080

    Hi all I am looking to put together a new PC. It will use a Ryzen 3 Processor (leaning towards 5600 because of 65W TDP and I game mostly at 4K, but possibly 5800 too) and most likely Big Navi based on the little teaser as I think they showed the 6800 and not the 6900. So it will be very high...
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    Anyone else not give a single hoot about overclocking

    OK, i realize HarddForum readers are hard core enthusiasts and that a vast majority view overclocking as a critical and necessary thing. However, although a lower end enthusiast, I have no interest at all in overclocking. For me, I see very very little value at all. I have an i5-8400 on a...
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    Upgraded to LG 32" UD59 UHD could not be happier

    So, I had an old system with a GTX1060 video card and an even older monitor which was a 7 yeat old Hyundai 24 1920x1200 TN display. I decided to get a new monitor and originally thought of just going with an Acert 25" IPS as a "for now" monitor. But once I started looking, the decision was...
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    Refresh Rates on 4K Monitors at less than 4K

    Looking at purchasing a 4K monitor. I know that some of the UHD TVs have a higher refresh rate capability at less than 4K. Is that true if any of the 4K monitors or are they locked in at 59.60Hz. Mostly looking at Dell P2715Q, but open to others in same-sh price range if better. Monitor...
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    Best GFX Card for SINGLE 2560x1600 Display

    Hi all I am going to build a new PC and it will have a 30" 2560x1600 display. Used primarily for gaming. I will never go multi-monitor. What is the best current video card to use for that display? Will be 3570 Ivy Bridge System. What would be the low end of what could comfortably play...
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    Best $100-150 1-2 TB HD for basic system

    I am putting together a new PC. Pretty simple, Z77 motherboard, i5-3570K, 460GTX For the boot drive I will be using a Samsung 128GB SSD I want one hard drive for games/data and I am having a horrible time figuring out the boards. I have looked at reviews and scoured this forum but find...
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    What level of video card will E6750 support?

    Hi all, Cannot afford to get a new rig, just a new video card. 8800GT currently. Since all video card tests are done with bleeding edge video cards, it is always difficult to asses where a particular CPU starts to really become too limited for a certain video card. So I was hoping maybe...
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    All I want is a 27" 2560x1600 OLED screen

    That's all I want, is it really that hard ? I know, wait three more years..... Seriously though finally saw the little 11" OLED TV from Sony yesterday and all I can say is WOW. The OLED hype is real in terms of picture quality. NOTHING I have ever seen looked as good from color depth to...
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    My first TN panel after using PVA for 3 years

    It was an ASUS VW266H. It went back to Fry's same day. It looked OK in Windows and even the slight tint shift because of viewing angle was not a big deal. But colors were horrible. Not amount of fiddling could get it to look good in games. I will never get a TN panel again. Of course now my...
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    Going from 1920x1200 to 1920x1080

    So my SOYO m-PVA display totall failed today and I need to buy a new monitor. I have read these forums for like 6 hours and have no idea what to get. It seems like I am being forced to go to 1920x1080 from 1920x200. I am really dreading this. What have been people's experience with this change...
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    No aspect scaling on LG L246WP?

    I am interested in the LG L246WP but it does not seem to have an aspect scaling mode like the 241. Is this true? Would be a deal breaker for me if it does not If I go with the 241, does the 241VW have aspect scaling like the W and WZ? Does the VW have the same panel as W and WZ?