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    Two dells U2410

    are there any new revisions for those monitors? maybe they have different panels being they are 1 year apart from your previous purchase...
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    migrating to a new drive as primary

    figured it out what i did was mac osx 2.migrate my stock drive (used it with an enclosure) thats about it..
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    migrating to a new drive as primary

    so since this is my first venture to macs I was wondering on how do I back up my data if I only have 2 drives. I bought the seagate XT for cheap at bestbuy and I want to keep my data on my stock drive and make the XT as my new primary drive.. Im looking into enclosures for my stock drive but im...
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    Macbook Pro Options for Second Hard Drive Installation

    look for newmodus or newmodeus it seems to have the same concept and much cheaper option..
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    Why do you buy Apple products?

    mostly im buying in for the service and convenience of a reliable and portable powerful laptop...
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    White iPhone 4 Conversion if available..
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    South Park On Apple Tracking

    i love cartman rant the "i want some (insert here) atleast before you fuck me mom" lol! epic!
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    i assume you bought one of those i7 15's
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    thanks! now the performance is the arrandale i5 vs sandybridge i5 how do they stack up...
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    well im pretty tempted to get the 15" mbp i5 because of the dedicated graphics card and screen size, just concerned how big the difference is in terms of the overall size of the mbp and if the i5 on the 15" mbp is weaker than the new i5 on the 13" mbp
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    thanks my other question is the i5 on 2010 15˝ same as the i5 on 2011 i5 on 13"?i mean does it have those turbo boost technology like the new ones? and how about graphics? its just that i cant find a comparison side by side
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    So im in the market for a new laptop and decided to give apple a try, ill mainly use it for acrobat x, pdf file creation, web browsing and light photo and video editing. I saw the new macbook pros 13" i5 $1000 and 15" previous generation i5 which was for $1300 but have dedicated graphics...
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    DIY Pedal-Powered Porsche 911 GT3 RS

    i hate to be the driver of that porsche when it rains..
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    HTC evo GSM version?

    hd2 maybe
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    Motorola DROID tops iPhone sales in first 74 days

    you have to understand the marketing method used by apple vs google, I guess it all comes down to awareness of people on the existence of N1.. phone is great but the way it is being sold exclusively by google baffles me..
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    Red BFG.

    BFG = BigFuckin'Gun!! of course they are going red they should've than this a long time... but who knows who else might follow suit!!!
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    HTC HD2

    where is the spec for this such phone?
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    HEC ( Compucase )!

    but doesn't it look like refresh from other manufacturers??
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    Trip-Pod head?

    acratech is a good brand too..
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    ok im gonna say it... gun?
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    Major NVIDIA announcement monday @ 9am PST

    they will announce that it is actually fish and fries not fish and chips
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    Dell U2711

    go hug a tree you more on
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    G Spot mouse, You got to be kidding me

    I think it comes with a mic... imagine how are they gonna come up with that????
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    Why buy a Venomous-X over a Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme-1366 RT?

    you gotta remember HardOCP's review was for a VENEMOUS X not VENOMOUS X... lol :) I guess nobody caught it or didn't care since they cater to more of technical guys...
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    Post your workstation 2010!

    wow!! love the LED lights on that cat..
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    Not satisfied with recent ratpadz order

    well i guess you get what you dont pay for...
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    Best Apple Product Period

    iphone 3gs
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    iPad Keynote in Less Than 180 Seconds

    damn thats full of "that's what she said"
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    Prolimatech MK-13 VPU on xfx 5870 is it worth it for silence?

    i do not oc at all but I saw this review I was wondering if this will be louder with 2x120mm enermax apollish? or the stock is louder? i only run the stock cooler @ 20%
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    Are Corsair Power Supplies just hit or miss?

    i think your username may have something to do it... you a tree hugger?
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    living with Eyefinity when NOT gaming...

    I have 3 x 2408wfp 24" Dell in portrait, when not gaming I just hug them when I sleep at night...
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    Help me pick a mousepad

    steelseries 5L Ratpadz XT
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    Catalyst 10.1 is out

    im more concern on stability on eyefinity and xfire support than a 2+ fps increase
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    Wallmount mod

    lol! you need to get out more brah
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    Best Graphics Card Upgrade EVER

    7800GS AGP > EVGA 8800 Ultra OC > 2 x XFX 5870
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    About to pull the trigger on the 2709W...

    if you can maybe wait for u2711 if you dont absolutely need it now with coupons and promotions dell might have could be a better buy, but as always the reviews would play a big role on it
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    US Airways Smashes Xbox 360 for Security Reasons

    WTH?? what happened to the extra pair of clothes and shoes in case you get stuck in an airport or something? what are you locolaptop now?
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    Are you running a Windows Mobile Phone?

    I tend to agree but the only thing that holding me back is the HD2, I'll wait until then before I decide my iphone replacement