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    DayZ $29.99

    Anyone want to make a group PM me playing alone sucks
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    love the art designs on xfx cards
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    Samsung 2TB green drives defective firmware?

    i got the not support ata message as well and i fixed it by changing the sata port to main or main 5/7 since the last 2 are apparently weird on my mobo (asus) after that worked like a charm.... but before this thread i was seriously franticly searching on how to get a dos booatable usb drive i...
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    My NZXT power supply RMA process

    well it is strange that they dont have ANY available PSU's even if htey have been selling like hotcakes you should never sell your entire inventory because things can and will go wrong. seems like they purposely threw your rma back in the pile because they didnt have any but were definitely...
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    Seasonic X-560 Give-Away! 3 PSUs!

    look for one that works for a long time... doesnt hum after a couple of years doesnt ruin my computer a psu like that would be nice
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    Antec PSU RMA process

    has anyone had experience with this? my Earthwatts 500 is making a hum noise so i plan on sending it back does antec send refurbed psu's back or what? TIA
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    Samsung F4EG/HD204UI 2TB. "(B5) Program Fail Count" S.M.A.R.T Attribute?

    grabbed myself 2 of these and will be checking this soon after i get them and will report back although if you didnt get any bad sectors i wouldnt be too worried
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    Nong Shim Shin Noodle Ramyun 20pk of 4.2oz packages for $13

    this has some chemical with quinone in it which could possibly be carcinogenic but i eat it :D just want to warn you guys the chapjjang or jajjangmyun noodles are really weird... i dunno if i made it right but all ic an taste is dark chemically Almost subtly bitter taste, not very good...
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    Elpida DDR3 RAM...

    surprisingly I have some DDR2 i got form a HP laptop with heatspreaders and they are great
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    Toyota Recall Highlights Potential Car Computer Troubles

    wow first time big toyo is taking a hit! here is hondas chance gogo go !!
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    thank you sir for the invite!

    thank you sir for the invite!
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    Logitech G9 $39.99 Free Shipping after Coupon

    what kind of razer mouse?
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    FREE Google Wave (11)

    ygpm :D
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    Google Voice Invites

    i have 2 google voice invites if anyone wants them ran out...
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    Another Successor to the MP3 Format is Coming

    come on guys its not about the quality we are hearing but the comfort knowing that we are listening to the highest quality possible, like buying a ferrari instead of a regular sport coupe america = bigger the better even though it may not have an actual tangible effect.
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    Another Successor to the MP3 Format is Coming

    not to mention replacing all the mp3 players on the market with something thatll play this musicdna good luck with getting people to do that! ;)
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    Another Successor to the MP3 Format is Coming

    I have FLAC files that go over 1000 kbps... sure puts a dent into your HDD space though... but anyway doesnt itunes allow you to put your own album arts lyrics comments anyway?? i really dont want some random person over the internet being able to access my music files and change things
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    Google Pulling Out of China?

    they are polymer masters! but most of the foreign exchange chinese at my school are farking smart so i wouldnt doubt them their gov't probably is hiding alot of things... especially when their country is HUGE and their civ goes back decades since their population is massive hiding things...
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    Sandisk 4gb usb drive 2.50 plus free 2 day shipping (Dead Deal)

    will cry laughing if i see these come in the mail
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    LIAN LI PC-V350 !!!

    so do any of you guys have problesm with the lian li screws? its a hit or miss for me when i try to screw them back in (i never forced them in but sometimes they just slide in and dont screw at all)
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    all of this was chucked right out the window when newegg dropped the 45$ 640GB black drive bomb
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    Amazon Black Friday Hard Drive Deals

    lol you have your good brands mixed up its WD and Samsung are good brands Hitachi and seagate are meh
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    D-Link DIR-615 Router - $20 FS

    is this DDwrtablee?
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    Newegg Site Crash?

    the farking cashback is not showing up 10%
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    Apple iPod nano 8GB with Video Camera (5th Generation) $115 SHIPPED

    aww the price changed to 140! but wow i didnt know they added camera to it... they just keep adding mroe stuff and releasing it as NEW! lol great deal for anyone who got in at 115
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    Hard Drive Failure: Is anyone familiar with this issue?

    my seagate did the same thing used HDtune and got 1.1% bad sectors and you should scan it with this first and then definitely try HDDregenerator you dont even understand how it works its not just a software it can fix magnetic errors on your hard drive which is possibly the case here dont be...
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    North Carolina, most of my stuff comes from TN, on rare occasion NJ
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    Lol at newegg the rich and the poor get Crap shipping!! ftw! :p on a side note i picked up a 1TB green drive WD from newegg in september and running HDTUne and so far 4.5/5 done and still green even though the shipping was... subpar but still good i guess ill stick with what i know the egg
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    ah so now amazon is discriminating are they!! :eek:
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    i am sold by this going to order from newegg... western digital just because they have better warranty and newegg's shipping blows arse and the drive has a high chance of dying :D i wonder if i should wait till the 25th for BCB but they might jack up the pricing
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    wow i just checked holy cow lol i might just go buy from newegg and hope for the best :mad:
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    awesome theres a Rebate for it as well making it 80$!!! after rebate great deal! but its farkin sold out! T_T
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality check the pictures sent in by users
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    well that sucks cuz there arent really any more choices besides Dell ZZF has the highest price and Amazon has a low price both have questionable shipping as well... dunno wat to do...
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    Recent Newegg HDD Packaging Quality

    I need to buy a new hard drive now because the one i bought from newegg in MAY is now dying//dead with multiple bad sectors when i ran HD tune.. just wondering if anyone who has ordered from newegg recently (November range) or amazon dell and ZZF how was your packaging? And im considering the...
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    JVC KD-R300 Car Receiver At Amazon for 50.58Shipped

    lol i dont know much about radios and never really looked into this stuff before so im learning it all now :) but i found a buyer on craigslist for 65$ :D
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    JVC KD-R300 Car Receiver At Amazon for 50.58Shipped

    I would like to mention something i just found out This Headunit only has these 2 inputs if your harness uses 4 you will have to use Y splitters and apparently will lose fading ability did not even know about this until i looked it up :( how will this affect your life? well good headunits...
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    Looking for an XFX Radeon HD 5850? We Got'em!

    yep my next card will be XFX for sure i use EVGA right now
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    6GB DDR3-1600 Obsidian Triple Channel Memory Kit $79.99

    yeah its strangely cheap for DDR3 i dunno if i would gamble on it i found Crucial 2GB on ebay with micron D9xx for 21$ shipped
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    Google Wave invites

    YGPM I still need a google wave invite! pls pm me if you have one been looking forever! :mad: