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    migrating to a new drive as primary

    so since this is my first venture to macs I was wondering on how do I back up my data if I only have 2 drives. I bought the seagate XT for cheap at bestbuy and I want to keep my data on my stock drive and make the XT as my new primary drive.. Im looking into enclosures for my stock drive but im...
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    macbook pro i5 2010 vs macbook pro i5 2011

    So im in the market for a new laptop and decided to give apple a try, ill mainly use it for acrobat x, pdf file creation, web browsing and light photo and video editing. I saw the new macbook pros 13" i5 $1000 and 15" previous generation i5 which was for $1300 but have dedicated graphics...
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    Prolimatech MK-13 VPU on xfx 5870 is it worth it for silence?

    i do not oc at all but I saw this review I was wondering if this will be louder with 2x120mm enermax apollish? or the stock is louder? i only run the stock cooler @ 20%
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    Case fan with led lights that are silent

    ok so some of you might know I overhauled my CM Stacker 830 with 5 Scythe Slipstream 1200RPM and now I get enough sleep, but I can't see a damn thing inside my case! now can you recommend me a silent case fan comparable to scythe slipstream in terms of CFM:NOISE ratio that has led light on it...
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    hot deal for intel x-25 ssd (SSDSA2MH080G2C1)? $239

    im in the market for ssd and saw directron has x25 on sale
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    It's a pain to change your HSF

    remind me to not impulse sell my items.... the setup was an excellent deal, cost me $50 for Brand new Noiseblocker fan and Brand new Prolimatech Megashadow, so after selling my 9700 (which i still have to clean at the moment... :) ) comes up to $25 took me an 1.5 hours to be back up...
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    For those that think stock fans are enough??

    ok so it wasn't really stock fans that I replaced but boy they where loud compare to now, I recently cleaned my rig and replace all my case fan with scythe slipstream 2x500 3x1200 and boy I had the best sleep since I built my PC oh and I stepped away from those led case fans now too... but can't...
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    How do I go about calibrating my 2407WFP-HC

    Ok so I got a great deal for a dell 2407. Currently I have a Hannspree 28" and Dell 2407 side by side (dell on portrait) I mainly use my computer 25% gaming, 35% browsing, watching videos and photo editing and 40% prepping my Nurses notes to be submitted to my employer.. Now since I've...
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    Dell 2407wfp for $225

    Seller said its about 1.5 yo and has had no problem with it assuming after i test it everything is fine and no dead pixel or issues is it a good deal?il use as a secondary monitor i have hanns-g 28" (HF289H)but needed a 2nd monitor when i do my pt's chart, reason i picked dell's ultrasharp is...
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    pop quiz : NVIDIA to ATI card install

    I don't want to reformat yet as I'm waiting for my new hard drive to arrive, I have a nvidia installed before, but now bought an xfx 5870, so what is the best way to clean install a new vga card without reformatting, I used drivercleaner before but now it seems its not free anymore. Any...
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    4th EVGA card replacement

    you can see it here : so not even 1 month with the card same issue arised, what I have done so far after my 2nd RMA is purchased a 790i and bfg 850w PSU 4gb OCZ ram 285gtx, thinking its time to move up with my aging gigabyte P35 setup with...
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    3rd replacement EVGA 8800 ULTRA card

    Ok I have no qualms about EVGA's customer service and their top-notch tech support, what I'm pissed about is their QC, this is my 4th card now. my first replacement was DOA, I was pissed as hell because it was 4th of july, that time and had to wait a little longer although they gave me free...
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    I have word document that I need to convert in fillable form

    I have a nurses notes that I use at work its in word format I want to convert it into fillable form, I have office 2007 and adobe livecycle and adobe acrobat extended.. How do I go about it? I can't find a straight answer online using google and I don't want to start from scratch, I just want to...
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    mods and kyle!!!

    mods and kyle here are awesome!!! I read the rule about it fired away a PM and see if they'll reconsider and they did, unlike the similar request on another thread I read, he got turned down.. AWESOME!!! Thanks!!! and no sexual favors
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    question about PM's

    I have a question about PM's. i don't know if it is disabled by me somehow or it is really not part of the feature, but my question, is there a way that when you send PM to a member and after sending it, it will be back to where you originally are, like when you PM in the FS/FT, it seems that...
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    laser jet printer vs. ink jet cartridge

    ok I have question for you guys.. I'm a visiting nurse, I submit nurses notes every 2 weeks, this past couple of months i've been loaded and constantly visit between 10-13 patients everyday this equates to 10-13 paper works daily. I use my own form a PDF form that I created so I don't have to...
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    be on the lookout @ local SEARS BM SHARP 46" LCDTV 699+tax

    I scored my first ultimate deal of the year.. Sharp 46" LCDTV (LC46D64U)... TV might not be worth it for some but this is so far, for the best $699 I ever spent
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    ATH W1000

    is it a good buy coming from a Beyer DT770 I sold it probably for more than 6 mos. now and have some surplus funds after buying some camera lens and laser printer... someone was selling it for $350 10hrs burn-in <2mos old... what should I expect coming from a BD DT770 80ohm sound...
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    'mate sale!!! help the bush it is on fire!!!

    saw this while browsing the intrawebz for guide books!! 5 books for 29.99 I did not check the shipping cost or if they even ship outside AUS
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    Printer question.

    ok I have question for you guys.. I'm a visiting nurse, I submit nurses notes every 2 weeks, this past couple of months i've been loaded and constantly visit between 10-13 patients everyday this equates to 10-13 paper works daily. I use my own form a PDF form that I created so I don't have to...
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    Failed live cashback

    anybody has experienced this? it seem that alot of people are having this problem and I myself wasn't shown mercy... I got a $35 cashback from a purchase 60 days ago and I got the "Failed transfer but we are gonna keep trying..." :mad: I hope it is not that bad and you guys get your CB too...
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    NYC and beyond....

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    I have an adblock+ plug-in

    how do I disable the block for [H]? I want to enable the flash ads. Thanks!!
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    Hot or NOT : Antec TP Quattro 1000W $80 + Tax AR and Coupon

    Newegg has Antec TP Quattro 1000W $107 after HGGANTEC50 coupon, I don't know if the coupon is for limited time use only. but it's worth the try. Rebate for $30 is also available here. I know there's been alot of talk with rebate companies closing down so the rebate maybe YMMV but you could...
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    WD Raptor X RMA

    ok so my RaptorX just died out of nowhere and I can't recover or reformat the drive clicking noise was getting louder, went to WD website to process RMA after a several weeks of runaround, I got a tracking for the part but it is not for a same RaptorX but rather a WD160 Raptor I'm not gonna...
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    Do i need a lens filter?

    I have XSi kit and I want to know which filter (for lens protection and neutral effects) do you guys recommend? I mainly take shots outdoor with my fiance when go out of town, nothing special... Thanks... nothing crazy or insane prices please...
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    Can't Delete Inbox/Sent Messages?

    I don't know if this has been covered or there is some sort of announcement regarding this issue, but for some reason when I delete messages it wouldn't go away even when i select on the drop down box delete... Thanks Kyle and the gang!
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    live search cash back XSI good deal?

    I'm looking for DSLR camera through MSLivesearch I found one @ &#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829; Canon XSI kit comes up @ $699-15% = 594 shipped (no tax since i live in CA) is this a good deal? or should i stick local with $699-12.5% + tax + shipping (so i can...
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    [H]oT Xbox 360 Premium w/ HDMI $299 price break now!!

    here is the link and another one i guess the pricebreak came early right?? is this repost?
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    how to center my website??

    I use dreamweaver MX2004 i helped my cousin out we got the template for free but dont know how to put the contents on the middle... any help would be appreciated... Thanks!! here is the site :
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    Monoprice 4x1 HDMI Switcher HDMI 1.2. 19.74 + Shipping (limit 2)

    As the title says: I checked the forums and nothing was posted, anyway just make sure you check the specs it says supports 1080p but on the max rez it says 1600x1200 so...
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    how to kill the screaming mantis in mgs4 **possible spoiler**

    I know the drill use syringe on snake and then shoot the dolls, pick the dolls up when they drop.... my question is after picking it up and pressing R1 or L1 whichever puppet i shoot up first... nothing happens, octacon says use the puppet. select if from item window, but the thing is it is...
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    now is the mgs4 so far all hype or packin'?

    I love the gameplay of RSV2, COD4 and Uncharted ... how is this up against with these games? last time I played MG is on PSP and it is like playing monopoly at best... also I like the Syphon Filter gameplay.. I'll buy after work.. need advise
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    So we finished our website using Dreamweaver MX2004

    so I helped my cousin finished the website for his church, I got it running via ftp, through x10hosting(dot)com now, now how do I really make it live?? it seem the ftp was really nice since all I did was upload the site change source codes and it is up and running now, my problem is that it...
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    need help on DW MX2004

    I know it is obsolete but my cousin need help on this and I'm a noob when it comes to creating website.. cliffs: my cousin want to create a website for his dad's church (starting out) we found a nice free template, but the problem is everything seems to sit on the right side of the...
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    Need help grandma died, need to change background image

    Hi my grandmother died last night and im need of help on changing the background of her picture into something solemn that would be put on her casket... i've tried so hard and know now how to do it, but i cant seem to find the right picture for background. I found one background image but i cant...
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    GoldenEye keylogger seen on my own PC

    I dont know if this is the right sub-forum just move it mods to proper sub-forums... I run spysweeper saw it the first time, cleaned it up re-scanned and saw it again.. this is my own PC and I cant seem to find where it is installed i know it is a keylogger and i cant find it...I want to...
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    DualShock 3 PS3 $39.99+tax AGCO (new customers only)

    title says it all link for the lazy.... mods delete if duplicate..Thanks..I'm in for 1
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    Coolit Freezone in EBAY

    i saw a bunch in there for $130+$20 shipping...what do you guys think?probably much cheaper with the best offer is much cheaper on h120 compact from swiftech i dont know how it is compared to swiftech 120 compact..thanks..
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    Ultra x3 1000W and Coolermaster Stacker 830 v1.0

    I have the orignal CM 830 and I know that it has some issues with huge PSU like PC&C so I'm looking to upgrade to a new a PSU and was dead set in modding my CM830 when I saw the price of the PC&C 1000w for 199+ tax (locally), but I saw a better deal @ Directron Full modular Ultra X3 PSU 1KW for...