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    Powerful Enough For A 6970?

    I've been offered a XFX 6970, but want to double check that my power supply can handle the card. I currently have an Apevia ATX-JV650W: Current System: AMD Athlon II x4 635 (not oc'd) Gigabyte 5850 OC 4 GB DDR3 3 x hdd (sata) 1 x...
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    How Hot Is Too Hot? Gigabyte 5850 OC

    I have a Gigabyte 5850 OC (factory overclocked to 765/1000). Playing BF3 @ 1920x1200 on "High" settings, I've seen temps. hit 93C. Doesn't stay there, but not sure at what point I should start freaking out. At 100% fan (using MSI Afterburner), temps are 80-85C. Idle is 45-47C.
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    Vizio VW26L Won't Come On?

    I'm using a Vizio 26' LCD HDTV for my t.v./monitor. Friday, I try to turn it on and nothing. The orange "HDTV" that shows it's getting power goes out, but comes right back on. Using the "on" button on the t.v. makes this light go out and stay out, but the screen remains black. It doesn't detect...
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    Some old noobie questions..

    Reading reviews about dual core, tri-core, quad cores @ 2.7GHz, 2.9GHz, 3.1GHz etc. etc. has gotten me a bit fried.. Considering that the most intenstive thing I do with my computer is watch movies, play poker, webcam / IM, burn CDs, read e-mail and surf the web, what should I really look...