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    Cheapest Graphics card that does 4K output

    for movies, from Nvidia please. HDMI.
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    Who has better hair?

    Peach Lara
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    2014 Console sales prediction (no handhelds)

    Fun little game we can play. Take a stab in the dark. Predict Total Console sales by the end of December 2014. My predictions. PS4 = 21.3 million XB1 = 15.1 million Wii U = 8.2 million
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    What are your personal favorite PS3 Beat'Em Upz?

    So I've owned a PS3 for a year and a quarter. I finished GT5, FFXIII, Ni No Kuni, long simulaty crafting type/character building games. I've been craving a different genre and realized they still make beat'em ups in 2d and 3d is more popular these days. I have Bayonetta and will be trying to...
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    PS4 ain't done

    1 million day 1 + GameStop claims 2.3 million waiting for PS4 What say the XBOX1 and Wii U FBs?
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    Will AMD MANTLE work with x86 emulators?

    "The idea behind Mantle is to give developers low-level access to the native language of AMD's Graphics Core Next architecture, thereby easing the process of optimization for the company's Graphics Processing Units. The theoretical advantage is that, as opposed to high-level APIs like OpenGL and...
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    PS4/XBOX1 x86 Emulation?

    What r some of you guys thought? Will we finally get some good compatible emulators on these next gen consoles without having to jailbreak them? They should perform like a Ouya on steroids I would think? I would really like to play old 8,16, and 32 bit classic emulators and games on the PS4...
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    Forget the PS4 and XBOX1 this year...I'm getting this P: Then waiting for GT7 and FF15 :) on tha PS4 :p Who's with me lulz?! :D
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    Safe constant wattage for a 550Watt 80+ PSU (Seasonic)

    What would that be for 24/7 operation?
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    Optimal System Memory Size for Handbrake?

    I have an AMD Quad Core @ 3.75GHz with 8 GB DDR3 1666. Handbrake MAXES out everything (which is good). Only question is should I look to get 16GB or more, or is what I have optimal? Would 16GB noticeably improve my encode times? For example a 12GB Blu Ray rip no compression seems to be taking...
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    Deep Down (working title) PS4

    Wow, the PS4 looks amazing to me.
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    Any AMD OVERDRIVE+AMD Llano Laptop O.C. Owners here?

    I'm doing some Prime95 64-bit testing on a A6-3420M. The bios has literally zero options for OC'ing in it (An Acer model), so I'm trying this software out in order to O.C. the cpu or maybe one of the GPU's a bit. Looks like a nice program & OC's well so far. Memory came stock @ 667 I wonder...
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    Gotta clue up some Intel peeps.

    Just wanted to let you know BF3 performance relative to single card setups compared with an AMD cpu that was recently released. It's the game I play most these days, might wanna think about these scores b4 u guys come dis AMD threads so often. I don't like explaing the current situation in every...
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    BF3! What Graphics settings?

    So I have had some time to actually play BF3 lately. Went through all the settings Low, Medium, High, Ultra. Noticed in High and Ultra it enables Ambient Occlusion, So I turned it on in Nvidia Control Panel. Ok I like it. Does anyone know the difference between Performance and Quality for...
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    Headset reccomendations?

    I never picked one up never had one don't know what I should look 4 ya know? I now have some loot. Which to get? I'm kinda into good clean audio, but I'm also not into overspending on minuscule differences that mean jack squat.
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    8350+NHD14 OC?

    Anyone here with this same basic setup who can give me sum numbers? I think I need to feed the AMD machine cuz it's been a couple years since my last CPU upgrade...:p What kind of OC can I expect with a Vishera 8350, and with my Noctua NHD14? I also have a Lian Li Lancool PC-K62 all fans...
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    560Ti--->670GTX/680GTX PPD increase?

    I'm hitting 9,950 to 11,500 PPD with my unlocked X3 @ 3.75GHz (50% F@H CPU load across all 4 cores) and a 560Ti Downclocked to 440MHz on the GPU Core. My question is...Does anyone here know what the PPD looks like with a downclocked 670/680GTX with Afterburner? Basically is there much...
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    500 dollar laptop shootout A6 VS. i3. How to OC lano GPU/CPU tips?

    Since all i3 SB laptops suck and you can't even run F@H on their HD 3000 gpu, I'm done trying to fold anything on their sloppy 2C/4T/HD graphics design when this WU finishes. A SB i3 laptop will net 500-1000 ppd when it comes to i3's LOL! Usually LESS! Pic. I'm racking up like 342 PPD right NOW...
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    Quick stupid question

    Can Intel HD3000 igp be used to fold like an Nvidia or AMD gpu? Do I have to configure HD3000 in settings? tia
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    F@H Questions 7.1.52_x86 + BF3

    What really increases PPD the most generally speaking a generational CPU upgrade or a generational GPU upgrade? I have a lot of fun playing BF3, and a GPU and CPU upgrade for F@H and BF3 interests my mind a lot. I would like to work in the medical field someday myself and helping cancer and...
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    Geforce GTX 680 Sells 60 Percent Better Than GTX 580

    Nvidia got it right this time with their high end parts :) Good for them, and lower prices is good for us!
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    MSI ATi 4850 1GB+ MSI 560Ti 2GB Test

    Alright I have a MSI ATi 4850 1GB laying around collecting dust and a MSI 560Ti 2GB. I want to see if Physix does work with an ATi/AMD+Nvidia card Hybrid setup and how well. I also have a Gen 1 Nvidia 3D Vision Glasses kit and a 120HZ projector. I also want to see if this setup also allows me...
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    Cool n Quiet Hotkey Shortcut?

    Is it possible to do this in Windows, or is the only way of disabling and enabling CNQ through the bios? Help is much appreciated.
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    Will DDR3 2133 run @ full speed in an AM3 Mobo?

    IS there a limit to AM3 mobos like 1333 or 1600 speed even if you buy 2133 DDR3?
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    Do I need more System Memory? (Pic)

    I have 4GB and am considering if 8GB has any improvements. My main question is looking @ Task Manager I see it says in this picture I the bottom left hand corner Physical Memory (MB) Total 4095 Cached 2179 Available 2124 Free 2 Now what is the FREE 2 saying? Might be a...
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    CES Ivy Bridge FAIL

    Watch this demo of IB DX 11 Graphics and try not to feel the complete embarrassment of failure goin on. IB obviously cannot even run VLC without lagging like a beeyotch. Most shameful video I have seen...Intel guy is pretending to even use the wheel...
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    AMD Reality Check at FX GamExperience

    Great Idea from AMD.;) It's like a Pepsi challenge for CPU's+Gaming Performance. FX-8150 topples the much higher priced 2700k. Funny 1 page read.
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    Newegg Weekend Special 8120 for 199.99

    free shipping
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    My friends goal is to play BF3 Ultra settings

    should He get a 960T or an i3. He only have 120.00 to spend on a CPU. He also has a 580GTX to pair up with either CPU which is the better price to performance for this high tech game? Is the i3 really the best compared to the 960T, it's 110.00 dollars today he thinks he wants to get it, but he...
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    Anyone else think Nvidia will...

    up their bus width to 512-bit for their next gen card, and be done with it? With the obvious Shader/CUDA Core increase and 28nm tech. 680 can't be stopped even if they stick with 384 bit imo, so who thinks they'll go for 512 bit? Does Nvidia even need a strategy lol?
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    Skyrim - Windows XP VS. 7 Vs. 8 Scores

    Windows 7 is the best CPU Cores - Triple Core is still the sweet spot Settings - High settings is the sweet spot
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    Cryostasis is this a good score?

    For a 560ti 2GB and a 260GTX dedicated to physix? Just hooked it up today. I ran the benchmark on High with 1280x720p. Total Time = 150.397s Total Frames Count = 9821 Average FPS = 65.3 Minimum FPS = 25.2 Maximum FPS = 137.3
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    I have this board. I updated the bios because my older one was from 2006 it said. All seemed well and is well except one issue. I tried to reenter setup to tweak some things again. Yet... Now I am able to see the pre windows bootup screens as well as successfully boot up to windows. When I try...
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    If BD's problems remain, will we see a new socket for Piledrive?

    BD seems to have multiple problems running on the backbone of AM3. I remember reading that BD needed wider pin holes for voltage reasons. Yet all it seemed to do was the opposite they wanted and push more voltage/power consumption instead of keep it in check/performance. It also seems that the...
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    Upgrading for Skyrim

    Hello everyone I wanted your input. I'm dying to play Skyrim. I also LOVE Race Driver Grid, Team Fortress 2, Oblivion all its add-ons, and I still haven't finished Duke Nukem Forever and Metro 2033. I also want to pick up Counter Strike GO, Batman Arkham City and NBA 2k12. These are the games...
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    Why is the 2700K priced @ 369.99 on Newegg?

    Wasn't this chip supposed to be 10-20 more than a 2600k? Link: Looks like people will be paying $50.00 for 100mhz.
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    Running Steam Games on USB 3.0 Thumb Drive

    Might be a n00b question but would getting say a 32GB USB 3.0 Drive and installing a couple games or whatnot and plugging into the USB 3.0 on your motherboard be faster at loading maps like in TF2/CSS than a traditional 7200 RPM Hard Drive when it comes to Steam Games? USB 3.0: Released in...
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    Where's the IPC @ now Intel? (BD 8150 real world test)

    AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 vs Intel Core i5 2500K 8-Core Gaming Benchmarks Linus Tech Tips Virtually IDENTICAL performance when run @ stock clocks and 1080p res. Games tested: Metro 2033 BF:BC2 Crysis 2 Lost Planet 2 Dirt 3 Cinebench 11.5 Just like...
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    AMD Previews 28nm GPU So they say ;)
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    Will Bulldozer eventually transcend Intel CPU's?

    Try and have an open mind. Bulldozer's single core IPC is currently @ a 28-33 percent deficit to SB single core IPC depending on the SB clock-speed. According to this benchmark done by Anandtech in CB 11.5. BD also appears to be currently slower in single threading (less than 10 percent)...