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    NVIDIA to Drop Max-Q and Max-P Differentiators in Mobile GPU Specifications

    I did a lot of research before buying my current laptop and never once saw the “Max-P” term used anywhere, so seems like this differentiating term wasn’t used much anyway. As others have said, at the end of the day the GPU cooling system is what determines performance of a particular GPU model...
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    Is There a Tech Worker 'Exodus' From the San Francisco Bay Area?

    Truth! SF does appear to be all coming to Austin. I have one in the Northwest and one down south near Manchaca (not Menchaca) purchased in 2014 and 2015, that have appreciated 70% and 50% respectively. I don’t think we’re in a bubble in the normal sense because there’s enough money coming into...
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    Dual GPU Gaming Gives Up the Ghost as Nvidia Ends SLI Support

    They’re all actually connected. From the direction we’re looking the SLI fingers are on the left edge of each card.
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    Dual GPU Gaming Gives Up the Ghost as Nvidia Ends SLI Support

    Sounds suspiciously like YouTube. We can now start calling ourselves [H]ardTube. That needs to happen 😂
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    New Boston Dynamics Out Today

    KILL. US. ALL! But seriously, that’s super cool. I had no idea the fine motor control had advanced to this level.
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    U.S. to allow small drones to fly over people at night

    Order an anvil and have it “dropped off” at the location of someone you don’t likes’ car. And would that be called Amazombing or a JDAM (Joint Direct Amazon Munition)?
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    Scientists Develop an Efficient Way to Produce Low-Cost Heatsinks

    Let’s come clean guys. We don’t buy new cars because we keep buying $1000 video cards, which evidently soon will operate at 1600 C and have rubber ablative heat sinks that leave a plasma trail like a reentering Falcon 9.
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    KFC Announces New Gaming Division

    Technically Harman is just a franchisee. Yum owns the KFC brand. This is definitely marketing though. I can’t think of anyone who would actually take a KFConsole seriously on anything but an “It’s so different I have to have it” level.
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    KFC Announces New Gaming Division

    The combination of: 1) Yum brands owning both Taco Bell and KFC 2) the renaissance of recreational weed laws ...ensures future success for Yum. #toostonedtofail However, this still remains true:
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    Golden age of PC gaming...I was 18 in 1993

    I am so sold on this game just reading that
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    Golden age of PC gaming...I was 18 in 1993

    Seconded. Mechwarrior 2 in 1995 was the game that really pulled me into PC gaming and modding. Played it on a friends machine right after it released, then immediately ran out and bought a P90/ATI Rage machine just to play that game. Prior to that I just dinked around with PCs and played a game...
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    Disney + increases price by $1

    Just think, had Disney not done this you could have taken that saved dollar a month and paid off an RTX3090 in 124 years and 11 months
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    ASRock Launches Legacy M.2 Graphics Card

    Ready for the m.2 GTX 3090. It’ll be fine! The burning smell is a feature, not a problem.
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    Billy Mitchell Has Achieved the IMPOSSIBLE!!! New World Record Pac Man Score !!!

    I’m firmly in the “can’t take a guy with that hair seriously” camp
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    The Top 5 Best Motherboards of All Time

    The thing I remember the most about BX6 (other than it was also one of my favorites from my favorite era of modding/overclocking) was the Softmenu voltage mod feature that would basically allow you to instantly murder your CPU. Never before or since has such malevolent power been put in the...
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    NUC-romancy: Gigabyte "Brix" GB-BSi5H-6200

    Subscribed! Good pics and good flow. Waiting for Season 2 🤞
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    Samsung’s premium 2020 TVs to support 8K at 60Hz and 4k at 120Hz

    For gaming, I wonder if 8k will be the point where the unaliased moire patterns go away. The golden goose with higher resolutions always seems to be the “don’t need antialiasing due to the sheer number of lines” point, but annoying moire patterns still develop even at aliased 4K, particularly...
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    What key do you use to 'Move Forward'?

    WASD user here, but in MMOs I use simultaneous R+L mouse buttons for forward movement when traveling out of combat quite often. Q is always autorun.
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    A beautiful and cracked Zen3 CCD

    That’s a feature. Modular CCDs are the future.
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    Radeon RX 6800 XT Hits 2.8GHz Overlock On LN2 To Smash 3D Mark Fire Strike Record

    I just enjoy the comfort of knowing that if I accidentally drop my card into a lake of liquid nitrogen it’ll still work. We still have the lava problem though
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    Cerebras’ wafer-size chip is 10,000 times faster than a GPU

    That’s a humongous CPU. Perfect time to resurrect this thread!
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    Your video card history

    ATI Rage ? (Don’t remember which one) Matrox Millenium G200 GeForce 2 Ultra GeForce ti4200* GeForce 6600GT GeForce 7950GT* GeForce 8800GTX GeForce GTX 285 2GB GeForce 9600 GSO* (x2, kids machines) Radeon HD 6850* GeForce GTX 460 Hawk GeForce GTX 570 GeForce 750ti (x5, mining/folding rig)*...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Had posted a Matrox Millenium G200 as well but just remembered that it wasn’t the first. ATI Rage on a P90 was the first. Can’t remember what version of Rage it was though.
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    What is 8k gaming?

    I chose 8k native simply because at this early stage of 8k the industry is defining terms, and the industry needs a reference point to speak from. 8k native is that reference point. If we call any type of upscaling “8k”, no matter how advanced, them we’re setting the stage for rubber truth in...
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    After Ampere Launch Survey

    I will try to snag a 3080 FE now but have plenty of friends who will buy it if Navi knocks it out of the park. Ergo, the real answer is waiting for Navi.
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    Quantum paradox points to shaky foundations of reality

    “Philosopher of Physics” does sound a little inane, but epistemology is a pretty big deal in physics and a lot of the greats ended up there later in their careers. Determining what can and can’t be learned from what we already know is important in directing empirical study.
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    US Navy just patented a very compact fusion reactor.

    Storage is truly key, but t'll have to be inertial storage. Lack of inertia is currently the primary drawback of both wind and inverter-based renewable resources and storage. Each Interconnection has an inertial value under which they have to dispatch conventional synchronous resources over...
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    The Mandalorian- new Disney+ Star Wars series

    It's a guy that can time travel if he runs 88 mph.
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    Humongous CPUs

    Power supply on order. Had a $5 mail in rebate.
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    Frank Azor, Alienware Co-Founder, Joins AMD as Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions

    The ABIT BX6 Softmenu II CPU murder voltage tool comes immediately to mind...
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    Frank Azor, Alienware Co-Founder, Joins AMD as Chief Architect of Gaming Solutions

    Or wasn't! It was more fun when it was more difficult 20 yrs ago. I let the magic smoke out of a couple mobos back then doing stupid shit... I've built probably 30 machines for myself and others over the years, and purchased two Alienwares. Both laptops. My favorite was a 2011ish 11.6" C2D M11...
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    LG OLED TV Sale

    I would guess the OLED screen size question regarding phones vs TVs comes down to economy of scale and a dedicated use case. With phones they expect to sell 50M+ of them every generation and can roll the development cost into those projected numbers. With TVs, the numbers are much lower and...
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    Car Mount That Isn't Awful

    Ultimate Flexible Arm Magnetic Dash Mount Windshield Phone Holder Having a small area of stationary glass on the side windows up next to the A-pillar to stick it on, this works great with my huge S8+ in an otterbox defender...
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    Newegg to start charging sales tax to eight new states starting July 1st

    I’ve probably bought 15k+ worth of parts form Newegg over the years but my last purchase was in about 2013. Didn’t even do it purposefully, Amazon just became the better option in most cases around then.
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    Foreign Tech: National Emergency, says White House

    Best post in this entire thread
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    Cheaper Solar Power Coming Soon

    I originally came from vertical integration land, used to work for FPL and Southern Company. That number was for the Eastern Interconnection in it's entirety. And yeah, FERC 888 hurt more than it helped... Interesting story about how 888 didn't take hold in the south. I was talking to a VP at...
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    Cheaper Solar Power Coming Soon

    Heh, no. What conventional resources are required for frequency regulation depends on system inertia and forecast upreg, which is dependent largely on renewable commitment. As renewables penetrate, system inertia is dropping across the board. At this very second in my interconnection upreg...
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    Cheaper Solar Power Coming Soon

    I work for a federal oversight organization performing grid reliability and event analysis studies, and while this is speaking to distribution rather than transmission, it's the first post that showed any inkling of how the bulk power system actually works on any level. Renewables of any stripe...
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    Lords of the Fallen: $1.05 (SCDKey)

    Ordered and activated, DL/'ing now. Thanks OP!
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    Vega countdown has appeared

    My thought exactly. Here's to hoping!