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    (solved) Anyone successfully switch existing Server 2008 R2 to UEFI boot?

    As the subject says. I've tried all sorts of ways that supposedly allows this to happen; but wind up with a red screen (red text, black background) after switching boot type to UEFI. [just occurred to me that this red screen could be due to an add-in video card; going to remove and try again.]...
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    Feast your eyes upon a 4P-8160 and what it does to Cinebench R15.

    One perk to my job is having some pretty powerful systems that come into my possession. This just came in for a certain project and figured I'd have some fun putting it through some tests and such before converting it into its real role next week. We'll start off with what most people would...
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    It's late to the party... but introducing Dream Killer. ;-)

    Sometimes I really do get some amazing toys to play with. :cool: Try not to short out your keyboards with drool and enjoy. :D (y)
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    Move WUs from one system to another?

    Has anyone done this successfully and received proper credit, etc? Let's say I have a box that's seriously overloaded with WUs that might not get done in time; but have another box with zero WUs for said project. Is there some way I can shuffle WUs around to balance things out? Suspect it'll...
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    Look what fell off the back of a truck... ;-)

    Just a few 2P Gold and Silvers. Guess I'll have to do some stress testing, eh? :sneaky: ;) :whistle:
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    Denis@Home 5th > 1st in ~5 days. :-)

    Silly as this may sound, I actually feel kind of bad about our taking away the #1 spot in D@H from South Perth Hospital; but done is done and we're now #1. :p Still have a *large* number of WUs awaiting validation, so the gap should still grow by quite a bit over the coming weeks. Took a...
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    "My" current Cosmology@Home pool for Pentathlon

    Figured I'd share, since I had to set my computers to private due to a certain box. Just realized there's one more lower-end 4P Xeon I can bring online; but this is close enough. :) The higher scoring boxes were brought online 12MAY @ ~1500PST. All other boxes, including all Linux systems...
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    When / Why to use BOINC with VirtualBox?

    I've never used the BOINC + VB client before. For whatever reason I thought it wasn't needed; but the more accurate explanation is that I didn't understand why that option was there. Just installed BOINC+VB on my home computer (E5-2596v2 w/ 32GB RAM, 1070GTX, etc) to try and help with LHC at...
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    *FIXED* WTH? Systems only running on two cores!

    OK, seriously. A couple of my 2P Haswell systems pn the PG challenge are only running on two cores at 10-16%. Have everything configured to run at 100% and the boxes are completely dedicated to running PG at this time. Only thing I did differently was to turn off hyperthreading. Otherwise...
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    BOINC negative credits?

    Am sure this is old news to some, but I've never seen negative credits before. We're not talking a few either... rather just over 842K worth. Ouch. :( What gives?
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    Personal news that is very hard to share

    This is really the only subforum on [H] that I participate in and, while I do have access to General Mayhem, I've decided to share this here as most of you "know" me. One week ago, on Tuesday October 6th at approximately 5PM, our little boy Damon died suddenly. He was only two years old...
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    Drool on this, gents. Too bad it won't stay at 100%... and I can't keep it!

    So I have this for a very, VERY short amount of time. It's. Well. Let's just say it's the most expensive box I've ever had in my lab. Take a gander at those specs! :cool: However the damn thing refuses to stay solid at 100%. It'll hangout there for a while, then drop down to...
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    Is this still *The Way* for BOINC on Ubuntu? Tear custom client?

    Is this still the best way to make a 2P/4P Ubuntu box scream along with BOINC? Just went through a bit of a disaster trying to upgrade the Ubuntu provided client to the latest one from Berkeley.. that didn't go so well. :p Was...
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    Because I enjoy teasing you... quickest way to 120TB.

    Until the 10TB drives come along this is the fastest way to 120TB. :p To be fair eleven of them are 4Kn drives and four are AF (different use cases) but all are SAS12. Some time back I posted four of these; but didn't have the hardware to test. Now have 15 of them and will actually have...
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    Thoughts on high density, expandable enterprise class shared storage

    Sorry if this comes across a little... out of it... I am damn near asleep at the keyboard and doing this before I forget. At work we're being tasked more and more often with groups needing tons of storage, but we're seriously limited by rack space. Budget? Not so limited. We can justify a...
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    How does one "see" found Primes?

    Sorry if this is a "duh" type question, but I'm not seeing an obvious answer! :) Under "Proth Prime Search (PPS, PPSE & PPS-Mega) tasks" it reports that one prime has been found. Obviously I'm curious as to what that is; not that a non-math person like me will be able to make much sense of...
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    You have a 1TB SSD? That's cute....

    How about 4TB or 8TB of SSD goodness? Seeing how 8TB Enterprise class SAS12 HDDs cost ~$1,200 each I dread hearing what these SSDs cost! :eek: PDF Linkage...
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    Right-Click disabled?

    *edit* It's all me it seems. */edit* Did you guys seriously disable Right-Click functionality? :confused: Use it all the time for going back in my browser (habit) and just noticed it's not working here.
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    A few new drives... think they'd miss them? ;-)

    These are the first four of quite a few forthcoming 8TB Hitachi "Helium" 12Gb SAS drives. Think they'd solve my home storage needs quite nicely! ;) They'll be connected to a new 8-series Adaptec; will be interesting to see how they perform.
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    Setup router/server to obtain DHCP address, but use a different Gateway IP

    I've researched this a little; but in all honesty every time I start I get pulled off onto something else and then I'll forget about it for days. Am hoping someone here will go "AH!" and spare this poor bastard some frustration. ;) It seems like a straight problem... but don't they all...
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    NIC failover possible with onboard + expansion NICs? Windows 200x

    We've been potentially asked to provide network fail over capabilities on some of our legacy systems; however free slots are at a premium. Is it possible to team/group/whatever-the-hell-you-call-it a port on an onboard NIC + an add-on NIC? Am guessing that if this IS possible that they'd both...
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    40% off at until 5PM EST

    Originally saw on SD, but know that not everyone looks there. Levi's usually tend to be over priced IMHO; but you can get three pairs of most jeans for under $80 shipped... not too shabby. 12-5pm EST, use code FLASH40 at checkout Seems they also have some sale items too and...
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    GOG "pay what you want" for Interplay games

    Well, kind of... Pay what you want for eight pre-defined titles, "above average" for 20 pre-defined titles, or $34.99 for all 32 games. Of course most of the ones I'd want are in the $34.99 column. ;) (Man... Die By The Sword... haven't thought of that game in ages!)
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    Distributed processing (?) with Infiniband

    OK, so I've asked something similar before, but that was more along the lines of what used to be possible "back in the day" with older versions of FAH; so meaning just having a bunch of computers share the load over ethernet. So much for that idea. Now I've learned that one of the other...
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    E5 2P and 4P @ 2.7Ghz times

    For those that are interested / curious ... E5-2680 x2 / 8101 TPF = 17m (just under) E5-4650 x4 / 8101 TPF = ~9m50s Systems are running with all cores active. Am going to try and get the assignment servers to dole out some 690x WU's as I'm curious to see what the results are. IIRC...
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    AT LAST! A *real* WU!

    With the help of one of our esteemed "elders" here, I have finally... at LONG LAST... been able to receive a 8101 WU. This R820 4P system just turned in a TPF of 10m8s - that any good? :) Makes me sad knowing this 4P won't be with me for much longer. :( My esteemed benefactor can reveal...
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    Is something wrong, or do I just have crappy luck?

    Seriously though! :p Trying to get some "quality' work done with this dual E5-2680 R720 before I have to give it back (hoping to get a little quality time with our R820 with quad E5-4650's over the weekend and until they pry it out of my grubby mitts), but right now I can't get anything...
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    Intel X5687 - worth using vs. new i5/i7-3xxx?

    *edit* Turns out I am a confused idiot at times, as pointed out below. Leaving my original post intact; but nothing to see here! Move along now. ;) */edit* So I may have one of these Intel X5687 processors with my name on it; but trying to decide if it's worth it or not. Can find desktop class...
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    FAH and OpenSUSE

    It's a lot easier to grab some random folding time during downtime on the various engineering servers I support if they stay on OpenSUSE 11.x than going through the trouble to install Ubuntu. The program seems to run well enough, but despite setting the flags correctly this time (hey, I learn!)...
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    Poor scaling in Windows V7 client

    Yes, yes, I know! Use Linux! With that out of the way. :) At the moment I'm compelled to have Windows on these servers, so thought while they aren't being used over the weekend I'd have them fold. Ah, now I can feel something else coming on... "Use vbox!" Well, I tried that a while back...
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    Something decided to bork itself...

    So this system has been running great for the last five days or so. Checked it this morning and see the following error. Tried the obvious stuff first - delete queue.dat and work dir, no good. Delete those + machinespecific.dat, no good. All of the above + delete core + uninstall kraken = no...
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    So who runs the Hardfolding Stats site?

    Seems to be having lots of problems lately. Is their server under powered / running out of space / etc? Never know if grateful people (which should be most of us) might have extra hardware lying around that would make their system(s) work better and allow us to get our fix / badges / etc with...
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    So is a 4m30s TPF on 6900 any good?

    Just curious since, if there's a database for such things, I don't know about it. :) So once I pulled my head out of my ass and configured my Ubuntu client properly (D'Oh!) this 4P system grabbed a 6900 bigadv WU (was hoping for something more exotic) and is going at said 4m30 TPF. Have a...
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    Windows client can get bigadv. but Linux can't?

    So as the subject says, my Windows box can get -bigadv WU's, but my Linux boxes can't. Currently doing some 2P vs 4P apples to apples (same processors) under Linux + Kraken with regular SMP; but would greatly prefer to see how they work out with BA's. Thoughts / suggestions? (BTW, not using...
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    48 cores w/ new version 7 client?

    Decided to try the new client and am having a little trouble getting the software to see all 48 cores under 2K8; just keeps auto-detecting 32. musky pointed me in the right direction with the old client using -smp 48. Have tried a couple things with the new config.xml file, but no dice. Help...
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    Auto launch FAH in Ubuntu without logging in?

    I've searched around some and have tried a couple things, but am having a devil of a time figuring out how to make FAH launch (to use Windows terms) "as a service" without having to actually log in. Am sure there's a way to do this and likely just my Linux ignorance stopping the show. Now...
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    Folding with dual E5-2680 processors

    Just in case anyone was curious, although I think the subject may have been covered already... am experimenting with a dual E5-2680 (2.7Ghz) setup for a couple days before turning it over. Using Ubuntu 11.10 64bit + Kraken, but no modified core as it doesn't get along with this server. (R720)...
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    FAH only seeing/mapping 32 of 48 threads?

    So with this machine, which will remain nameless other than being a 4 x 6/12, while running under Ubuntu w/ the guide provided here FAH was using all 48 threads and happily hummed along at just under 8 minutes TPF on a project 6900. Needed to test with Windows 2K8, got everything running, fired...
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    No progress on clusters / parallel setups / what have you?

    So we have a lot of old servers sitting around and in the near future I'll have permission to experiment with them in regards to messing around with "clustering". I've seen some pretty old threads on this subject, but was wondering if there was any news? Or is going with something like VM-Ware...
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    F@H work server issues?

    Anyone else having problems? Know my system got a WU this morning around 0700 PST, but not getting anything now. Don't see anything on the main F@H website. Here's what I'm seeing. The issue with connecting to the HTTP server is normal; only works with the IP. :p