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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Voodoo3 - Longbow 2 never looked so good. Next card was the GeForce 3 Ti 200.
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    Powerful Enough For A 6970?

    Thanks for the info. The PSU was in the system when I got it (traded a 360). The 5850 is the Gigabyte Overclocked Edition with 765/1000 and I've pushed it a little further than that (but have since returned it to stock) same with the CPU. I had the 635 at 3.1GHz (a modest OC, for sure) with a...
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    Powerful Enough For A 6970?

    I've been offered a XFX 6970, but want to double check that my power supply can handle the card. I currently have an Apevia ATX-JV650W: Current System: AMD Athlon II x4 635 (not oc'd) Gigabyte 5850 OC 4 GB DDR3 3 x hdd (sata) 1 x...
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    Voodoo5 6k Water Cooled

    Voodoo 3 (which I gave away to a user here on [H], I hope it's enjoy a nice life!) was the shit, at least to me. Got home, dropped that bad boy into my rig and played Longbow 2 for hours. 3dfx + LB2 = teh goodness.
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    Reviving an old 3DFX powered PC

    LOL - wow - blast from the past. I had a Voodoo 3 up until last year when I gave it away in the Freebies thread. Still have several P3 CPUs (and one Abit motherboard). If I ever get to feeling nostalgic I'll throw it all together. Good to see some great (old) hardware put to use!
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    How long do you have to short a CMOS battery...

    I LOL'd at this, cause I'm sure we've *all* done this.
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    Switching motherboards

    Don't know what your budget is, but:
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    79xx owners running Battlefield 3

    No shit?? I'll have to try that. Thanks for the info!
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    PC shuts down in mid game. Psu?

    hmmmmmm - OP, do you have another PSU to try out? Definitely interested in what's causing this problem.
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    PC shuts down in mid game. Psu?

    Mine does this as well.. and I know the temps aren't that high. CPU @ 52C according to CoreTemp and GPU anywhere from 65-70 in MSI Afterburner. Rig and overclock in sig. Now that I see someone else's PC is doing the same thing, I may look into getting another PSU. I have another set of PCI-e...
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    Your "Greatest" games of all time?

    In no particular order: Longbow & Longbow 2 (almost any Jane's sim from that era) Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Fallout 3 Battlefield Series Rainbow 6 / Rogue Spear / Ghost Recon GTA: San Andreas
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    1055t: Worker #5 fails after 2 hours, every thing else fine for 12

    LOL @ 1.6v WTH is up with the purple color scheme? :p
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    Best CPU under $100 for AM3 board for transcoding

    You're welcome. :D
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    Link to site where you can compare hardware?

    +1 for AnandTech is awesome too!
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    Flickering across screen with my Raedon 5870 when overclocking

    My Gigabyte 5850 is factory overclocked and the only time I've seen it artifact is when I pushed it higher. (Something like 800+, if I remember, the factory settings are 765/1000). At the moment I'm running the card at 770/1000 with no problems. However... After I first got the card I tried...
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    How Hot Is Too Hot? Gigabyte 5850 OC

    Found the problem.. the fan, on the card, next to the I/O plate isn't spinning all the way up. After I got the side panel off I could hear it rattling, will have to rig something up to fix that. The second fan is working fine though. Thanks for the help/info.
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    How Hot Is Too Hot? Gigabyte 5850 OC

    Yea, thats my exact card. I have a 92mm intake and a 120mm exhaust. Let me do some re-arranging and I'll report back.
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    How Hot Is Too Hot? Gigabyte 5850 OC

    I have a Gigabyte 5850 OC (factory overclocked to 765/1000). Playing BF3 @ 1920x1200 on "High" settings, I've seen temps. hit 93C. Doesn't stay there, but not sure at what point I should start freaking out. At 100% fan (using MSI Afterburner), temps are 80-85C. Idle is 45-47C.
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    X-fire 5870 1GBs vs. 6970 2GB

    Hmmmmm.... I have a Gigabyte 5850OC.. I'll sell it for $500! :D :D
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    Vizio VW26L Won't Come On?

    I'm using a Vizio 26' LCD HDTV for my t.v./monitor. Friday, I try to turn it on and nothing. The orange "HDTV" that shows it's getting power goes out, but comes right back on. Using the "on" button on the t.v. makes this light go out and stay out, but the screen remains black. It doesn't detect...
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    NES PC Build Project

    :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool: I bow to you, sir. Great job!
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    Spammers Using Sweatshops to Beat CAPTCHAs

    Sorry, my English not so good, your order of 1000 Viagra tablets will arrive soonly! ;)
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    Gettin' it on at Fry's

    This post screams: I'M A VIRGIN!!!!! 1) Smoking hot babe 2) Smoking hot babe *bragging* about her new boob job 3) Smoking hot babe that you were talking to Fail. Well at least you got that extra $22 worth of stuff. :rolleyes: :p
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    red line artifacts

    Sounds like your video card is toast. Can you try a different one?
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    Just built a budget PC for $304

    That's a pretty decent system. Congrats!
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    Nice! I just noticed you're a lefty. LOL You have Fallout 3?? :D
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    jadawgis's Patent Infringement

    I wouldn't mind seeing the CCFLs, but that's me. I think the ambient light look will rock and it will definitely make the case look "cleaner".
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    I've seen some of them. Take him up on his offer, you will *not* be disappointed.
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    Would stock AMD Phenom II HSF work with socket AM2 CPU?

    How do you like your 5050e? I've got the same CPU in my system (see sig) slightly overclocked to 2.8GHz with the stock HS/F. I'd like to upgrade to an aftermarket one, but have to find one that fits in my case.
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    GoG “Closing” Was A Marketing Stunt

    This. I hadn't heard of them either. BTW, sirmonkey, IRC bitch!
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    BioStar TA890FXE Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Thanks for the review.
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    NVIDIA Reveals Fermi's Successor

    She has the Super Deluxe Ass Kicking version.. :)
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    wanted: video card recommendation

    Yes, it will just run at a reduced speed.
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    Very nice OP! *stands in line waiting for the Fallout 3 screens* :D
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    Visiontek Warranty, wth

    Did you tell them to shove it?
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    Fermi - GTX 480 / GTX 470 Power Supply Unit / PSU Buying Guide @ [H]

    This is [H], man. We'd build mini-nuke reactors if it were feasible to power our rigs.. :D
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    Intel Core i7 980X is So LOUD

    Very nice!
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    Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 5.4.2 (Free Until 9/25/10)

    Downloaded, installed and registered. Thanks OP.
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    Intel Core i7 980X is So LOUD

    What are your temps under load with that?
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    Getting rid of 99% of incoming dust?

    You live in the desert? Damn!