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    Radeon 6000 series: Disappointing Pricing??

    350-400 is the sweet spot for a GPU imho. Most cards that come out in the price range can easily do 1080p max settings or 1440p mid range settings. If you want higher end gaming $650-700 is the price point you are looking at.
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    Embargo date

    I know its early but was wondering if anyone has a line on when the review embargo will get lifted for the 6000 series.
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    Radeon 6000 series: Disappointing Pricing??

    To be honest I feel they could have came out cheaper if they could. Cost possibly has gone up due to the pandemic so they priced it as competitive as they possibly could under the circumstances.
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    Pixio PX277H w/HDR is not bad! Quick Review after first day.

    I just bought this display and had a few questions. Anyone know what all the modes actually do? The manual has no information of what they do or change. Also mine is using HDMI with freesync at 144hz 8 bit color 4:4:4 full rgb
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    DVI Port-based 3dfx voodoo 5 5500

    Tempting me to toss up my voodoo 5 5500 I have. No idea if it works though as I have no systems to test it in.
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    Intel's i9-9900K Is Only 12% Faster than AMD's 2700X at Gaming, but 66% Pricier

    Maybe I misspoke - Few articles I've read mentioned HPE moving to amd. But after finding another few they are more so recommending them over intel mainly due to supply of intel chips.
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    Intel's i9-9900K Is Only 12% Faster than AMD's 2700X at Gaming, but 66% Pricier

    I'm just really hoping Intel realizes they are soon to be no longer the top dog and adjust pricing accordingly. Even HP Enterprise is dropping the Xeon in favor of Epyc chips.
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    Anyone have experience with mydigitalssd?

    Thinking on picking up a mydigitalssd 480gb varient. Slightly cheaper than a samsung 960 and 970 evo for the same storage size. Reviewers can only give me benchmarks as I want real use cases.
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    Ryzen 7 2700X gaming system up for grabs

    Score - thanks for posting this.
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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X on Sale...Again

    anyone expect the 2700x to drop in price once the new intel chips drop?
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    Family Sues Apple Over Wreck Caused by FaceTime

    The driver just happened to be using FaceTime. What if it was YouTube, Netflix, or some other app that is "distracting" from the road? This family is grasping at straws on winning this lawsuit. It's getting annoying that people keep blaming companies who make the technologies and not the...
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    6950 to 6970 flash issue

    I have a PowerColor 6950 reference card that I've had flashed to a 6970 for over a year or so more and it has worked flawlessly. Recently I picked up a new i5 3570k and msi 77a gd55 mobo. Toss it in and for some reason when its on the flashed bios it doesn't seem to want to work. Flip the switch...
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    I gotta applaud Apple...

    @ryken I've only had the SSD in since end of November and even before that I enjoyed my MBP more than my i7 desktop. My desktop is only used for Gaming and XBMC otherwise I'm using my MBP. I feel Windows is bloated, a typical Win 7 install is what 15GB on average where OS X is around 8GB...
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    Upgrading ram in the MBA

    A friend of mine works at a hospital and they are getting MBAs to test with and due to HIPAA they need to low level format all drives on computers at times. Did some research and found you can upgrade the MBA SSD but not the ram. It uses a SATA-LIF connector...
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    MBP + SSD = Wow!

    I use a 64Gb Samsung 830 in my MBP and replaced my Optical with the 640Gb drive I was originally using. Its like night and day.
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    I gotta applaud Apple...

    This is my thinking on it. Apple has closer ties to its hardware than Microsoft so they can more so optimize the software to take advantage of the hardware more so than Microsoft can with Windows. Windows is a bloated OS that needs to be trimmed of fat where OS X is very optimized and runs very...
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    @ranviper what program did you use to modify your menu bar and dock icons?
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    iOS 5 screenshots?

    google search some iOS 4.x.x screenshots and you got iOS 5 =p seriously not much has changed just minor graphical features like rounded switches and a few more menu options too.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    Loves me some AMD, Graphics and CPUs under one roof...can't wait till bulldozer...gonna be sick.
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    MyWi is better hands down. no issue with it what so ever.
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    Display Port Audio Out

    i got the one from monoprice and it works great on my 2010 13", obv no thunderbolt but that should matter. Might just be a faulty dongle since it only randomly works.
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    MacBook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

    I got the SAMSUNG Spinpoint MP4 in my 2010 13" macbook pro. 640 GB 7200rpms, works great. Was easy to install also. Just remove the bottom of the macbook like 10 screws iirc, another 1-2 screws holds down the HD then just pull it out removing the sata connector. I took the plastic tab off the...
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    I give up, returning the ipad 2 right now

    Obv its your router thats the issue seeing as 2 different iPads have the same issue on your network. Best way to test is try it either on a friends network or local mcdonalds/starbucks/apple store/etc. Also what model/brand router is it? Updated firmware?
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    Dell U2311H vs Samsung 2333T

    I have a 2333T and i've played WoW and Bulletstorm on it with no ghosting, least non i noticed. Have had it for a few weeks now. Run at max settings for the most part on a 6950. The price is why i bought the 2333T 160 bucks wasnt bad for a monitor.
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    Switching to AT&T... should I wait? (Next iPhone ideas)

    @Krycek1 I've had all the iPhones minus the original and over the last 3 years or so its kinda dated imho. Thankfully people can jailbreak if they know how to and change stuff but that can only go so far. Apple needs to give in to the customizations that jailbreakers have been doing for years...
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    Switching to AT&T... should I wait? (Next iPhone ideas)

    So far the rumors I've heard are bigger screen, faster cpu/gpu, removal of the home button (possible going the way of how android phones have touch buttons instead of physical ones) Thing about the iPhone screen currently tho is it has the best resolution (640x960 IP4 vs 480x800) out of all...
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    Went to buy MBA and....

    I have 3 Apple stores in my area and from what I noticed Some carry models with extras and some don't. Think I see one carry the 15" with the better display and random other minor things. Honestly tho they should carry the MBA with the upgraded ram. At least with a short supply cause not...
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    Tethering Iphone to Ipad and/or Macbook

    Was your phone unlocked due to buying it that way or was it unlocked via software aka Jailbreaking 1st then using ultrasn0w or whatever its called atm? I don't know why you're afraid to jailbreak the phone. You gain better tethering options via different apps that way as mentioned above.
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    VZ iPhone prices announced

    If i recall correctly when att redid their data plans the people with unlimited are now truly unlimited within limits (abuse of bandwidth). I use MyWi tethering on my IP4 a lot and never had an issue, normally do a Gig at the most each much with random 2gig spikes. I'm pretty sure VZW is...
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    Dual booting snow leopard and windows 7 in MacBook

    Chances are you are gonna have to wipe everything and start from scratch to get it to work. The boot camp app in OSX does things to the partition that Gparted won't do that have to do with booting on a mac. OSX 10.6.6 > boot camp partition > win install > install boot camp app on windows...
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    Mac Mini/iMac updates?

    Think I saw an article that the macbook pros might go SSD and dvdless next refresh, i'm also hoping for better graphics on them too along with higher res screens without a hugh price premium (13" macbook pro reso is lower than the 11" macbook airs iirc) Just be nice to have the small 13" with...
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    Dual booting snow leopard and windows 7 in MacBook

    So if i'm understanding this correctly when you go the macbook instead of using the bootcamp utility in OSX you used some 3rd party app to try to get windows installed. Only suggestion I really can make is booting off the Snow Leopard dvd, use disk utilities inside the install and wipe...
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    The Hazards of Texting

    Hah i live by that mall. She better be happy that it wasn't during the time prior to drain the dirty water. Why she walks into the store (Zales) after that fact is beyond me. You'd figure she'd just leave the mall.
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    6950 HDMI Audio

    I've had it set as default. What's happening is somethin is switching it to the ati hdmi output after booting. The boot sound comes thru the VIA output but after everything is loaded it switches. I've even had the playback devce panel open and watched I switch. Can't find anything on google as...
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    6950 HDMI Audio

    Bought an 6950 card a few weeks ago. I'm using one dvi output for my main display and an hdmi output for my 40 inch LCD 2nd display which i extend my desktop onto. Everything works fine video wise but when I boot windows or something is changing the default audio device from my VIA chipset to...
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    i7 860 multi

    i cant get turbo to work. i set everything to enable and the multi to auto like the manual says and it boots at 3.5ghz and doesnt down clock via speedstep so i disable it and plan on just doing a OC.
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    i7 860 multi

    no turbo mode, current asus bios for mobo, etc
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    i7 860 multi

    i have turbo mode disabled and i can pick the x22 multi.
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    i7 860 multi

    I was just playing around in the bios on my new setup and noticed my i7 860 can use the x22 mutli even tho i thought they were tech i got a 870 for the price of a 860. Was wondering if anyone else noticed this.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing