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    i7 4770K/ 4790K Owners what Ryzen did you upgrade to?

    My 4690K gave up the ghost finally about a year ago and I went to a 2700X
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    Which 2060? 4760K keeps up with a 6700K, and even the 6950X
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    Flashback Dual Celeron Cooler Circa 1998

    I hit 450 on my 300A, tried and tried for that 504 but couldnt get it.
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    NYC's Next Subway Cars Have Wi-Fi And USB Ports Built-In

    You could have read the article before spouting bullshit. This is all paid for by the fare people pay to ride the subway.
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    NYC's Next Subway Cars Have Wi-Fi And USB Ports Built-In

    Withen a week all of that fancy new shit will be destroyed by "youths".
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    Finally time to upgrade from Q6600... help?,198321&P=21&Q=252 Builds ranging from $500 to $2000.
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    Four new notification tones were pushed onto my Moto X

    They are weather notification sounds from The Weather Channel, hence the TWC and the filenames.
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    How many games on your Steam wishlist + category use?

    61 on wishlist, 212 in library, 18 categories. some are duplicated across categories as well.
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    Unreal Engine 4 Open World Cinematic

    With their drivers you'll be lucky to pull 20.
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    Unreal Engine 4 Open World Cinematic

    Why the fuck is it only 30FPS on a Titan X? If thats all the new Titan call pull off then what hope does any other card?
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    Which Large HP Monitor for a gamer?

    This is really the only option, all the other ones have a response time greater than 6ms. However it is a 4K monitor, so you might need to SLI your 980 to get good framerates.
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    What usb keyboard is most like IBM m buckling spring keyboard?

    This will tell you which key switch might be your style. Reds are favored for gaming, I went with blues as I like the more resounding click of the keys.
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    sun quad gigabit nic

    If you can find the model number it would be easier, however this is the current guide for a Sun Quad gigabit ethernet adaptor
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    Samsung "find my phone" ?

    Att probably removed it. Carriers are known to try and force their version of android.
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    Multiple SD card reader buy it there.
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    Mass Email Program (Not for spam)

    Mozilla tells you how to do it with thunderbird that gets around the 60 recipient limit.
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do Two can be as bad as one It's the loneliest number since the number one No is the saddest experience you'll ever know Yes, it's the saddest experience you'll ever know `Cause one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do One is the...
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    Anyone have Newzbin invites?

    pm me your email addys
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    Problems with windows 7

    One is for 64bit programs, the other for 32bit programs.
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    Pondering GTA my rig capable? Go there and pick GTA IV from the list. It will tell you.
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    Please give us more PPP!!

    A whole ten pages? Wow. I post on forums where there are threads with 300 to 500+ threads. That sucks at 20 PPP, thankfully, they've changed to 40 or 50 ppp
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    Windows 7 Audio Issues

    Just be glad you aren't trying to use a M-Audio Card. Took them till LAST YEAR to make Vista 64 drivers for the Revolution cards.
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    Whats up with Intel's strategy??

    Because its fucking annoying that's why.
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    never got into the Battlefield series... where do I begin?

    1942 and battlefield 2 are good. 2142 is a futuristic one. You said you like MW2, and dont like WW2, so play Battlefield 2.
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    Whats up with Intel's strategy??

    More importantly, whats with you and the yellow?
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    never got into the Battlefield series... where do I begin?

    If you are'nt into WWII then you'll miss the best one. Skip 2142 it sucks balls and just play Battlefield 2 then.
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    Why are bluetooth drivers so huge?

    Some manufacturers provide their own bluetooth stack.
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    No More DRM From EA!!!

    Why the fuck did you bump a 2 month old thread?
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    making motherboard "industrial"

    I just want to know wtf he is even going on about?
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    Awesome Carbon Fiber Desk

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    Mac Pro-style fixed SATA connector/power mounts?

    Zalman has a case with a hotswap bay, dunno if its released yet though. EDIT: yes it has.
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    RMAed a BFG 8800GTX, Got a 9800 GT OC (1GB) in return

    I RMA'd my evga 8800gtx, and they sent me a 280.
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    ASEC Company Issue case

    Anyone else think the ASEC case kinda looks like an xbox 360?
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    Post Your VISTA DeskTOPS !!

    Good job on breaking tables. Resize that shit
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    Thoughts on the price of this Ebay PC?

    vid card is old and even when new was underpowered. other than that looks fine
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    HTC Touch Pro for Verizon... finally, my dream phone comes true!

    Yeah okay if you say so. :rolleyes:
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    64-bit drivers for Revo 7.1

    There are'nt any yet. :mad:
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    Spore Creature Creator

    well fuck, i dont know where i read that at but i know i did.
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    Spore Creature Creator

    You are missing something. The creature creator that you pay for has 75% more content than the free one. And if you order the creator for $10 you get $10 off the price of the game. Its also a way to make sure the worlds can be populated when the game ships.