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    Amazon killer deal on Logitech G series mice

    got 3 g400s for 21.75 ea . edit Link has the HardOCP Amazon Referral in it.
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    beware the air compressor

    a few weeks ago I decided to try out my new Air Compressor from Harbor Freight to blow the dust outa my rig. ,, wooooooops when I hit the video card , the fan exploded. into pieces , I guess 120PSi not compatible with this part . . so having learned my lesson . I went to the Zalman...
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    Looking at this screenshot. what would you tweak.

    current system in my Sig. and how it is running.. would you tweak anything for more performance or cooling or anything?
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    need win 7 64bit tapi modem

    anyone know of a tapi modem that has win 7 64bit drivers avail . this is for my idedtafone software external or internal I need a 64bit modem
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    LIAN LI PC-60FNW perfect for me

    Finally! after 2 months of searching for My perfect case I have settled on the LIAN LI PC-60FNW. why is it so hard sometimes. every other case had something wrong,, drive door,no window not tool less too small too big and so on. I think this case just came out. if you see a problem with it...
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    The S939 is about done for me.

    In an attempt to avoid nuking and reloading Xp on my old ass Asus A8V with an opti 165 2gb ram with a x800 GPU system .I decided to keep that PC running and build another. so I picked up an Asus m2N-SLI deluxe board a 5600+@2.9gz 65nm cpu 4gb of corsair 800ddr2 ram, a diamond 3870 wtf is...
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    this cant be a hard thing to do

    simple home workgroup here. all pc's run xp pro cept the new dell. the new dell is the wifes pc. on her old pc i can access via sharing her documents and settings folder from my PC add delete whatever I do . on the new dell I cannot. I turned off simple file sharing made the...
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    paid sub dead eh?

    i show I expire in 30 years. but no more genmay whats up with that?
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    what took me so long? Arctic Cooling

    just Installed a ARCTIC COOLING AVC-AT5 Rev. 2 on My Asus X800Pro today as I was getting tired of seeing temps hit 70C+ while gaming. I have had this card for about 11 months now. right after I first got it I unlocked the 4 dead pipes to get 16 and using ati tool OC'd it during 3D play to...
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    Left The monitor Stoneage Behind.

    After having a 14" CRT from 1995-2002 I jumped to a 17"CRT until Yesterday. when my new LCD arrived TYVM Newegg. Was Able to get 2 of these At 200.00 EA from the Egg. VA912B I Had no desire for a WS at the time and Decided to jump on the deal free shipping etc. Very Happy as this is my...
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    powercolor x1800 GTO fan issues.

    seems that atitool does not recognize the monitoring sensor on my new card, this thing runs at 30%fan untill it hits 70C which I would like to adjust. and have always done so with atitool. now I know the card has a sensor as the CCC reports the temps just fine yet I found no where in the CCC...
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    best buds

    got me a set of these and wow blow all the other 6 sets of ipod /koss/ stock buds in my collection away inluding the mx500 senns.
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    woops almost blew it "not 56K friendly"

    as seen in this thread . i started an HTP build well I really wanted the other Asus board with the one PCI 16 slot but the egg had discontinued it. so I went with the A8N deluxe great board rock solid etc. but using the case i did. it...
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    This Build starts today

    The magic brown truck is due in today with the following for my HTPC/Gamer system. SILVERSTONE LASCALA SST-LC14M Black ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard POWERCOLOR X1800GTO 256MB Radeon Antec TruePower 2.0 TP2-550 EPS12V ATX12V 550W Power Supply AMD...
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    my A64 3000+

    is a 25% overclock considered good? running at 2250mhz for about a year now. stable as hell and runs at about 28c idle. I think the few times I tried to go higher where aborted by my mem . so ive happily sat here for a while. its a 0517 3000+ so i think there is more in there but at this time...
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    prospective HTPC build

    going to do this for a friend of mine. new egg wish list link whe want a damm good PC also HTPC so here is what i got.,
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    Arctic cooling Alpine 64

    WOW!.very nice economy heatsink fan. my OC'd venice 3000+ used to run at 32C idle now at 28 but the best part is when at 100% was 42C now 34C compared to the stock HSF this is a bargain.12.99 , and another goodness part is its not nearly as loud . linkage since it was so cheap I bought it...
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    Itunes is retarded sort of.

    ok in the last year I purchased about 100 songs via I-tunes to listen on my PC. every now and then I would burn these crappy 128kbs acc files to a cd so I could play them in my car.. sooooo now that I own a great MP3 player creative zen sleek photo. . didnt get a pod for myself as i wanted...
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    tell me which Mp3 player to get.

    between these 2 or another which meets this criteria. more then 10gb MUST have FM reception. very Important. ! between 0-275 dollars. video not needed. this is for work and I can only listen. I am looking at these 2 Creative ZEN Sleek Photo iRiver Remix Blue 20GB USB 2.0 the...
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    why i love my wifes Ipod but dont want one yet/

    wife has a 2gb nano and its great BUT!. is there some reason the apple wont make an ipod with an integrated AM/FM tuner " could use the Headphones as an antenna" i really hate having to carrie an AM/fm device and an ipod to work with me. and yes i due carry my sony portable radio with me to...
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    256MB cache?

    remember when 256k of cache on the motherboard was the norm?. after reading the Z-ram story..I got to wondering how many years will go by before we have 256MB L1 cache on the Cpu...
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    wth? my CPU is now at 25c from 30 without doing nothing

    ok for the last 6 months or so my cpu temps in speedfan read during normal use 29-30c. today I come home from work and it says 24c then up to 25c. going back and forth between the 2. now mind you the ambient temp here in the house hasnt changed all vid card temp is still sitting...
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    I got pwn3d by a website.

    was clicking away on an aviation site and found a link to a video. I watched the video no problems, then decide to goto the root of the site to see what else was there. Saw one I liked, clicked it and then POW! oh crap while typing this I found my problem. My enter key stuck anyway here...
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    remember the olden days when cache was on the MB

    I have been building PC's since the late 80's and came across this little reminder of how rip offs used to happen. bad cache
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    QEMM386 remembering

    was cleaning out the garage yesterday and found My Quarterdeck QEMM386 program. soon as the digicam batteries are charged ill post a Pic. anyway anyone else remember this masterpiece.? what I remember the most is everything must be loaded into upper memory or else. loadhigh etc is your friend.
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    Oldest Browser?

    just fired up an oldie still runs too
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    K this is bugging me. fancy graphic pics on video cards

    why does any MFR put pretty girls, anime pics cool logos ect on the heatsinks of graphics cards when the gdamm things cant be seen unless 1. the case has a window 2. said window is above eye level. I mean jeez your card has this uberultrax7800x800proultimateeditionsuperlogo and its seen...
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    argggh DVD recorder how to rip segments from dvd's

    ok short story I recorded an hour long show on my dvd recorder on a dvd+rw disk now this disk plays fine on any player of the 6 I have in my house. what I want to do is get the data to my HDD cut out the 3 min bit my wife recorded the hour for save it as a mpeg 4 file on my pc and be able to...
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    using ATI tool

    I have my x800pro with all 16 pipes enabled with bios at stock pro speeds 475/450. . what I am wondering. and think is common sense. is when gaming or benching. I boost the card up to 545/610 without any heat 38c/69c or stability issues. yet when doing other non3d things on the computer I back...
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    logitech rma?

    anyone had to rma a mouse to logitech ? i gotta 7 month old MX510 that the wheel has stopped working right on. wonder what the policy is. as far as time it takes etc.
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    remembering the old days win95

    in my goal to ready every word on the net I came across and it cracked me up 398.00 for this puppy.
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    newposts problem

    just wondering why every day when i come to sharkeys and click "newposts" it only comes up with exactly 100 posts is it limited to just 100? i cant seem to find out how to change this in the CP. same feature on other forum sites does not limit to 100 posts. thanks.