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  1. xykreilon

    Best 28" 4k monitor?

    I'm looking for the best 28" 3840x2160 LCD monitor, with picture quality being the absolute primary priority. I don't care about viewing angles or refresh rate (because I plan to manually upgrade the refresh rate, explained below) in this case. I care a little bit about response time, but I...
  2. xykreilon

    CRT monitors with a small dot pitch

    Unfortunately, the spec listings of many CRTs inflate their max resolution past what their aperture grille or shadow mask is actually capable of resolving. To my knowledge, the ViewSonic G220f is the highest resolution CRT, when dot pitch is considered. With a dot pitch of .21mm at 20" viewable...
  3. xykreilon

    PWM flickering vs. refresh type display flickering

    Hi, I have a question regarding flickering. Why is PWM flickering noticeable (either visually or through latent issues like nausea, headache, etc.) when less than or equal to around 500Hz, despite flickering from the refresh rate of "refresh type" displays (CRT, strobbing LCD/OLED, etc.) being...