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    Noctua NH-U14S U-Type Tower Heatsink

    Its not as good as the D14 but has very similar performance numbers. Pretty good for a cooler that is over 3 years old. The real benefit is memory clearance for which the D14 had none.
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    Thermaltake Water 2.0 CPU Watercooler Review

    @RicheemXX I think I can answer those questions. Ambient temp was 25c and monitored using an IR thermometer (to check the wall temps) and K-type probe set on the intake side of the coolers. When ambient went up testing stopped until the temps dropped. The fans were PWM controlled using...
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    Overclocking with LN2 on livestream

    Well you're in luck. there is another one scheduled for the 22nd and 23rd of this month.
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    Overclocking with LN2 on livestream

    It isn't that difficult, in my area you can get it at Airgas or Norco.
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    ASUS OR DFI???

    Looking forward to the dreadnaught myself. The BIOS is likely to be the same features you'd find in Blackops but tailored for the 790i. Not a huge fan of the heatpipe to waterblock combo but that will be a "wait and see" sort of thing to know for sure.
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    ASUS OR DFI???

    Put my vote on DFI, DFI boards are usually slow to market but the care and quality show in the end.
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    Rounded corners in PhotoShop CS?

    Best way I have found is to create a new layer over the image you want to round the corners on, then fill it with white (or some other neutral color. Then use the shape tool (press and hold to bring up the flyout) and choose the rounded corner square. Create a layer mask on the new layer...
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    OMG I'm so sick of this 680i crapbox

    Any theory on why the Q6600 was frying boards whereas the E6600 would run fine??
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    DFI LP LT X48-T3R

    My sources tell me that the board should be available around April, and it initially won't come with the ICH10R but rather the ICH9R. Seems Intel gives teir 1 mfgs first pick. On the positive the pinouts on the ICH10R are the same so we might see a switch of the southbridge after board has...