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    Why do I like FUEL so much ?!

    I picked up FUEL at walmart for no reason other than boredom.. Well, I love the free roaming environment, but not the vehicles particularly.. Its an arcade racer similar to Just Cause, but with cars, and racing missions.. It boasts 75 vehicles, ( all crazy looking post nuclear themed ), 14,000...
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    Call Of Duty: WaW. FP client downloading.

    Fileplanet demo reserve just started downloading.. 845meg client. Anyone else interested in checking this out?
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    Bioshock STEAM unlocking?

    Hey so since I cannot seem to get anywhere on the steam forums and it seems they are being pounded, I'm gonna put this here. Anyone here pay and preload through steam and now are waiting for the unlock? I'm in North America, so it isn't because on the wrong day... The countdown on Steam is over...
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    RA4 Beta is out! ( Q4 mod )

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    RA4 Beta is out! ( Q4 mod )

    Rocket Arena 4 RA4 Forums The best mod ever created for Quake is now for Quake 4. This is the teams first beta release, so there are a few bugs. You will need to roll back to q4 patch 1.0 if you installed the beta 1.1 patch already. Instructions are on the forums. Im still so excited its...
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    New Gaming System. Need Feedback.

    Well, after almost 2 years since I've last purchased any hardware, I've decided to order the parts so I can build a decent new gaming machine. What I currently use : Heavily Modded Enlight case (beige),2500 barton, 2x256 OCz 3200 ram, 160gig HD, ATI 9800 pro 128, Asus A7N8X-E deluxe mb...
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    ETF: Enemy Territory Fortress beta released !!

    ETF: Enemy Territory Fortress For those seeking a new "fortress" game, look no further than above... Download the free enemy territory client, patch it to 1.02 and then download the beta client for ETF. The above link provides many different links to this mod. Being a fan of all TF mods...
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    Flatout PC demo Flatout demo for PC is released. Post comments here! :)
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    Saga Of Ryzom Beta Issues?

    I have recently decided to check out the beta for the mmorpg Saga Of Ryzom... I downloaded the >1gig file and installed it on my computer (specs below). Since that day, I have not been able to stay ingame for more than 30 minutes. ( actually the longest was 32 minutes, according to the error...