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    New Camera for Travel

    Canon S95 is pretty good. It's on the higher end spectrum of compacts which is reflected in its price. The new Sony H series looks pretty good as well. The Canon G11 is a bit bulkier but better image quality. I've been using my Nokia N8 for a point and shoot lately, the image quality is...
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    New GPU upgrade time....maybe?

    I was thinking something more along the lines of the 5870 but I can wait. I was thinking about just doing a whole new build. I don't feel like redoing my loop and I can probably get decent performance out of a <$1500 built. Sorry to OP for jacking the thread lol. I guess it is semi related.
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    New GPU upgrade time....maybe?

    lol I'm in the same boat. A watercooled 4870X2.... except I game at 1900x1200 so I want to side grade to something less expensive maybe. Not looking forward to changing my loop though.
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    Never tried multiplayer before but my mincraft id is Edinator.
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    PS3 Firmware 3.40 Online (PSN+ Support)

    I just finished the download, I'm in Canada if that means anything.
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    Bad Company 2

    If it's not posted on the steam game page, chances are I will miss seeing it. And anyways, I haven't been playing BC2 that much lately. I got back into Counter Strike haha.
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    Bad Company 2

    I see, well I guess after that broken patch it certainly made it more difficult.... Hopefully they actually fixed it this time. Other than that, the patch seems to address quite a lot of issues. Now they just have to bring out some actual new maps.
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    My first TN panel after using PVA for 3 years

    I have an HP LP2475w. 24 Inch 1900 x 1200 resolution. I really can't complain. It is my first IPS panel monitor and it is great. I do a lot of photo editing and gaming on it. Maybe hardcore gamers will notice some input lag but I play CS and BC2 and I don't think it has hindered my gaming...
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    Bad Company 2

    But isn't that suppose to happen? I mean it will be more like MW2 but I don't see how it could be any other way unless you make the don't make the knife an insta-kill.
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    Bad Company 2

    Gameplay - Knifing people in the back works again (we backed out the change that we had done for Server R11) Wait wtf? They disabled knifing in the back in a previous patch? That explains why they wouldn't die.... They just turn around and shoot me in the face. Why would they do that....
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    EOS D60 question

    Wow tone down the ISO one those shots hahaha. Back on topic... it could be a camera hardware fault. It is a pretty old camera, did you buy it used?
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    Nikon 24-70mm lens? What to do with it?

    I have the Sony/Zeiss 24-70 :D I love that lense, it's definitely an investment.
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    Is Counter Strike still single elimination round based?

    I just got into CSS. I use to think it was dumb but it's actually a nice change from MW2 (sucks) and BC2. you just have to find some good servers.
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    Windows 7 backing up then fresh install

    Maybe this is a simple question but I've always hated working with transferring files in windows... I need to reinstall a version of windows 7 but I want to keep all the programs, files, settings. Is there any way to do this? It is currently windows 7 home premium and I want to install the...
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    Logitech G13 + Bad Company 2 = ?

    I have a G13 too. I love this thing. I'll try out some of the layouts you guys have. I like the thumbstick for weapon switch as well.
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    Hardware Poll as of March 2010

    I voted quad core AMD/Intel but I actually have a Tricore. So far it handles BFBC2, and pretty much any recent games. Only problems I have involve video card drivers...
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    Modern Warfare 2- New Map Pack Info

    Are you saying i can only play these maps in TDM mode? That would be BS.
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    5D Mark II

    I'd say go with a Canon 7D. It is a prosumer camera and honestly, getting a full frame MkII will be a waste of your current lenses. The 7D also has great ISO performance and a very high fps if you need it.
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    Any hope for resolving all the cheating in MW2?

    I have the PS3 and PC version. All I can say is that the people on the PC are on average better player with less whiney 12 year olds. Problem on the PC? Hackers. I usually play HC TDM and you don't see as many hackers there but once you get into domination and ground war, hackers galore...
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    [H] Flickr Group! and post your Flickr link here Thread Group looks pretty inactive lol
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    G9 or Mamba, decide my fate

    I vote for Sidewinder X8. Cheaper version of the Mamba. Build quality is poor (cheap plastic), ergonomics are not that good but it offers most of what the Mamba does for a lower cost. I got a great deal and I got the Sidewinder for $70 new.
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    Do most gamers use with wired or wireless mice?

    You should never use the wireless mouse/keyboard to game. Lag is terrible and I think it is due to the two devices slightly interfering with each other. I've bought these combos in the past and they have never worked right out of the box. On the other hand, I've bought two wireless mice and both...
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    Do most gamers use with wired or wireless mice?

    I've been using the Microsoft Sidewinder X8. It can switch between wired and wireless when charging. I'm not a hardcore gamer but I play quite a lot of MW2, Dead Space, Bioshock 2 lately and there has been no noticeable lag. This mouse uses blue track technology, don't know if it is really...
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    Proportion of X2 / X3 are "unlockable"?

    And it depends on the motherboard. I still have an AM2+ motherboard with my X3 720 so I haven't tried unlocking it.
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    Phenom II 945 AM3 Idles at around 50C

    How did you apply the thermal paste? Look up tutorials to make sure you are doing it right.
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    Xonar dx wont slot in on motherboard

    You can slot it into any other free psi-e slots as well including x8 and x16. Not sure what's wrong though.
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    Just installed 550BE - Oops...4 cores.

    I really need a new motherboard. Everyone has these unlocks and i'm stuck with an AM2 motherboard that sucks for overclocking.... Anyways congratulations, really jealous right now :P
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    Between these 2 CPU's?

    If you are doing encoding and stuff, the more cores the better. I would have to say the X3 720 or 710.
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    Kingston SSD V series 128GB

    I bought the 64 GB version. It has the same controller. I haven't run any benchmarks but it's fast enough. It boots into Windows 7 in around 35 seconds.
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    Thanks, I'm hoping it is that simple and that no programs will screw up. Windows 7 is certainly a step forward at making this stuff easier.
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    7 gives my system a score of 5.9?

    Well the high end SSDs like the Intel X-25 as mentioned above, scores higher. I don't think the Hard drive space has little if anything to do with the score. jjz, whats your boot time like? My Kingston drive is around 35 seconds. But this is on a clean install, i'm sure things will get slower.
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    I've been thinking about setting up a three way partition but I don't know how well this will work. I will have 3 separate drives: A) 1000 GB for data (pictures, music, videos, etc) B) 500 GB for programs C) 64 GB SSD for Windows 7 I was wondering if anyone runs a setup like this. I...
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    7 gives my system a score of 5.9?

    My Kingston 64 GB SSD drive only gets 5.9. It's not a very highend SSD but I expected better. And yes the scores are really useless.
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    Possible to lock a PII 720 down to 2 cores for a better OC?

    If you do that you could probably get away with lower voltage but I don't think the you could clock it much higher.
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    Router to router internet connection help

    Well it's an option but it's a lot of digging and it's a three story house. It's just not the best landscape to dig in either with rocky patches and it's hilly.
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    Router to router internet connection help

    THe boathouse is stationary, it's just where we keep the boat. I think I'm going to buy a wireless N router that is cheap and capable of using the modified firmware. I'll turn that second router into a bridge and see how ti goes from there. If it doesn't work, i'll be out $50. I think i'll be...
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    Router to router internet connection help

    Another question. I think this might be the setup i'm looking for. I want to use my current Linksys WRT330N router and connect it to a D-Link DAP-1522 wireless bridge. The Router will be connected to the modem. The bridge will be in the house receiving the wireless signal. I want to connect one...
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    Router to router internet connection help

    Sweet, thanks guys i'll see which is the best option, reception and price wise.