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    Ryzen 3 after 4 price speculation.

    Kind of in the same boat here, but going to wait it out. Have one PC left to upgrade. Currently have an x570 with a 2700 running in it because I was waiting for the 3950 to come back in stock. Now with just a few months left til R4 drops, I'm going to wait and see if the core improvements will...
  2. J

    Would you run you Ryzen CPU with these settings CPU fan 100% to keep CPU cool.

    That video is single core running at 1.45V. You're SS above is 4.5 allcore at 1.1V. That didn't happen. I don't doubt the ram settings are possible, but cpu settings aren't real.
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    Upgrade monitor or use 4K TV for new gaming PC?

    I understand it perfectly fine. An hdmi 2.0 can do 120hz 1440p just fine. None of them can do 4k 120hz. It wil *always* replay the frame twice. You will never see 100 different frame in a second through that connect at 4k. That was the point I was making. There is no 120hz 4k hdmi 2.0.
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    Upgrade monitor or use 4K TV for new gaming PC?

    Most "120Hz" TVs are not 120Hz inputs. They use things like backlight scanning to remove motion blur, but they won't actually display more than 60 updated images per second to the monitor. It's a cleaner 60, but it's not as good as real 100+ Hz displays in how smooth animation transitions...
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    3800x did I win silicon lottery?

    I don't know about not mattering. My 3700x at 4.25 all core gets a multi of 5124 to 5158 depending on which way the wind is blowing that day. A 300 MHz deficit should reflect more than 40 pts difference. The ram I'm using is at 3733, so I'd wager that's making at least some difference.
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    I just got a Radeon VII! Do I upgrade monitors?

    I've been using an Asus designo mx34vq for my main display with my VII. Works just fine and can usually his the 100MHz refresh cap at max presets for most titles. I think you'll enjoy it quite a bit...
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    AMD Black Friday

    I kind of doubt that. Good V56s are around 1660ti level performance. I dont think the 5500s will get that far.
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    2060 as a fully capable RT card.

    I think his point is that both of those cards are demonstrably better than a 2060. They are. But a 2060 also isnt something to consider for a high refresh 1440p system. That's 2070 Super and higher territory.
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    R7 core temp

    ?? There is no temp "per core". Just the temp of the die in the socket.
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Just something that crossed my mind the other day...check to make sure chill isnt enabled. As, even if the switch shows no, flip it on, restart, flip it off, restart again. Just a thought.
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    2700X vs. 3600X

    This. The MC on the CPU is the big contributor here. Much more than the MB. When I had my 1700 in my b350 Pro4, RAM topped out at 2933. Same mobo, bios 6.0 and I'm running at 3733 with my 3700x, completely stable.
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    3rd gen Threadripper, big fail and missed opportunity for AMD.

    Pretty much this. They aren't vying to be the alternative HEDT cpu anymore. When you *know* your new product is crushingly good vs your opponent, you don't have to price check so hard. Intel's HEDT stack had to drop into the price range of AMD's consumer stack...because that's what it's worth.
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Not sure. I'm mostly current on my Win 10 patching. Been on 1903 for a while. I do use the amdcleanup util every time I install a new driver. I never just install over the old one.
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    How about a recording of it. You can se the game is active, Wattman in the background, card holding steady between 1900 and 1915, HBM 1199-1200. Then I click back to wattman and show that the driver is 19.9.2. Edit: looks like we have to wait for processing to up the resolution...can't read...
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    No. Mine holds 1900/1200 just fine in-game on 19.9.2, playing division 2, FF14 or Witcher 3.
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    FuryX completely abandoned now, barely matching the 1060 or 580!

    Just because of how old most of those benchmarks were, I dusted off tue fury x and checked out a couple of the titles. AC Odyssey, there's just no getting around it. 1080p Ultra requires more than 4 GB of memory. Lowering settings from Ultra to Very High (juuuust under 4GB) raises avg fps from...
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    2500k mobo is dying after eight years. What's the new bang-for-the-buck CPU?

    Whoosh...and the point is missed. If you've got the magic recipe to make modern multithread game engines that want more than 4 threads suddenly be indistinguishable with only 4, why would you spend more than just the bare minimum? You don't need it, right? You know how to make 6 or even 8...
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    Aftermarket GPU cooler - use backplate or individual heatsinks?

    ?? Top end card is $1100. 1/3 of $400 is not $700. If you're just starting out modding hardware, it is, in fact, a bad idea to start in top end hardware. Practice on the cheap stuff first.
  19. J

    2500k mobo is dying after eight years. What's the new bang-for-the-buck CPU?

    If you arent seeing any meaningful difference in gaming between a 4 thread and 8+ thread cpu these days, you arent playing anything that would tax *any* modern cpu. Get yourself a locked i3 and be done with it.
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    3900X Good Upgrade over 5820K?

    In as much as it is an upgrade to an 8700k or 3600. In short, not really.
  21. J

    3700x on ASRock AB350 ITX/ac?

    Dunno, but they did pretty good with the b350m pro4 update. My 3700x is solid at 4.25 GHz all core @ 1.4V on the 6.0 bios.
  22. J

    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    Except when TPU excludes edge cases where AMD was significantly better (Forza) but keeps all it can find for NV (Ace Combat and Hitman 2). No single site is good enough on it's own.
  23. J

    Price being equal; 5700XT or 2070 Super?

    One outlier in a set of 12 isnt any worse than 2 out.of 21. Should techspot be using Forza when it shows a 5700xt nearly matching a 2080ti? No, not without showing the other extreme. Should TPU be using two titles showing a 1070ti being better than a 5700xt without the other extreme? Again no...
  24. J

    Price being equal; 5700XT or 2070 Super?

    But then quoting a source that also uses significant outliers in the opposite direction? There's a reason no one uses Ace Combat 7.
  25. J

    Intel Ice Lake (10th gen/10nm) - desktop processors not until 2020?

    Yeah, if you dont tune your memory to the hilt, Zen3 has some issues with lows. If you do though, it's damn near identical.
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    Price being equal; 5700XT or 2070 Super?

    He's reaching. He knows it. Everyone else here knows it. Just let it go.
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    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    It wouldn't be exaggerating to also point out that stock 2080 performance isnt too far off from stock 2080S performance. It's about 4-5% difference. Getting near stock 2080S performance *is* stock 2080 performance.
  28. J

    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    3440x1440. Once you dial in the card, the R7 is pretty decent overall. Has the same platform deficits that the 5700xt does (Far Cry games) but does pretty well overall. It's a lot closer to a 2080, stock, than a 5700xt is and it's pretty easy to get another 10-12% out of it with an HBM OC and...
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    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    Speaking as someone who has a Radeon VII, if I could get another for $500, I'd absolutely take it over other options discussed here.
  30. J

    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    Color me shocked that a custom cooled and AIB OC'd card can catch a reference card from a the same die. Did you miss the part about using comparable cooling? Not only that, but by the same flavor of cherry picking, I can grab a couple of titles *from that same review* and say the same thing...
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    Struggling to decide - 2070S vs 5700XT?

    ?? How would that work? The 2070S is a cut down 2080. Not "like" one. It is one. Same die, same memory, same bus, just less cores. It isn't ever going to be better than a 2080 with the same cooling solution. It's a much better value because it's $500. Not because it's as fast or faster than a...
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Had to hand tune a bit. It's not regular xmp. Just threw that image up to show what kit I was using. I'll attach my pic I referenced from ryzen calc. Don't have the SoC voltage quite that high, though. Running 1.075. Last set of benchmarks. Finally have a decent all around AMD machine. :)...
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    Who's Happy So Far with Ryzen 3000 Series?

    Intel is just plug and play it will work from go with high refresh gaming. The bare minimum you should consider is an 8700k. If you go Ryzen 3, you'll need to tinker/tune your memory to get Intel platform performance. If you do that, yes, you can do 1080p high refresh with a 3600. If you...
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    Post your Zen 2/2+ memory speeds!

    Finished tweaking the memory a couple days ago. This is my finalized 24/7 run. Still horse around with some things, but I've explored most of the chip and memory at this point. 3700x ASRock AB350 Pro4, Bios 6.0 (much better bios than the 5.9, but they dropped official support for all first and...
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    Post your Ryzen 3000 configs!

    Well, the VR PC got it's "upgrade". Dropped a 3700x into the old Asrock B350 Pro4. Boosts to 4.375 single core, at stock. All-core is 4.025. Tinkering with manual OC and I can get it to 4.275 all-core stable, but the VRMs are getting *really* toasty. "Old" mid-grade boards just can't handle...
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    That was kind of the situation for the 2700 vs 2700x. The boost clock algorithms reacted very differently to each processor, even though both were pretty regularly able to hit 4.1-4.2 all core OC. The 2700 natural behavior constrained it a lot more to keep it much lower on power draw, but you...
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    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    If someone who has actually talked with MSI board reps and has heard directly from them that high end R3 will *not* be supported on their b350/b370 due to the *very* high power draw ( for the design two years ago), I'll go with that.
  38. J

    Who is looking to upgrade to Zen2

    Maybe. $500 for a CPU is still a bit steep, not to mention requiring a 570 board to realistically OC it. But I like that the option is there.
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    Computex 2019 Keynote - AMD

    Considering that Intel didnt have one either until the I9s a year ago, I think AMD is gaining ground pretty quickly.
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    Sorry, no RTX2080 performance for $300 on Navi

    Aside from DLSS and RTX, *there is no reason to move to Turing*. At all. Regarding power consumption...I'm an enthusiast. My 850w PSU doesn't give a shit how much any single GPU pulls (unless I tried to power that new KP 2080ti). 225W or 350W...don't care.