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    Anyone backorder 3080 RTX through Tiger Direct ?

    Has anyone placed an order through Tiger Direct for a 3080 RTX? It appears you can place an order, they will ship it as soon as stock is available. I used to buy PC parts from Tiger Direct back in the days when they had a large presence like Newegg. Did anyone have any success in getting a...
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    5900X with asrock taichi x570. Need ram suggestion.

    Hello all, I am slowing selecting parts for my new build and decided on AMD 5900x with x570 Taichi motherboard. This pc is primarily for gaming. Can anyone suggest which DDR4 memory I should consider without breaking the bank (no more than $130, if possible). Considering 32 gb of ram...
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    6700k paired with 3080 (bottleneck?)

    Hello everyone, I usually upgrade my gpu every other generation. I currently have a 6700k (overclocked 4.6) with a gtx 1080 and plan to game on my 4K tv (120 hz, g-sync) via hdmi 2.1. Do you think a gtx 3080 would be bottlenecked due to my older sky lake cpu at 4K resolution. My current...
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    Swapping Mobo require clean install of windows?

    Hi: I have planning to upgrade mobo, gpu, cpu, and ram but keep the hard drive and everything else. Question is since I'm using the same hard drive am I still required to do a clean install of windows? Also, I have the window 7 upgrade version not the full version. Will I be able to...
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    560 ti 2win (Your thoughts?)

    I was wonder what you thought were on the 560ti 2 win for those running on single monitor (1900x1080 max res)....Its essential two 560 ti in one. They are 30% fasters than GTX 580 and cost about the same $500. The only downside is 1gb vram.
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    PSU suggetions for 580 GTX SLI/i5 2500K setup

    Hi: Would like some recommendations for a good power supply unit that will be able to handle i5 2500K and two 580 gtx SLI (gonna start with one and another later down the road) and couple of other things like optical drives, hard drive, etc. I need something with at least two 8 pin connector...
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    Would like comments on my parts before I hit the purchase button!

    Hello: I have carefully selected all my specs and plan on revamping my old Alienware Area 51 7500. This is my first build so I am pretty excited!:D I am basically keeping the 1000 watt psu, optical drive, and case and am essentially replacing CPU, mobo, ram, and gpu. I have $1,000 budget...
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    My PSU and GTX 580 mismatch pin connectors, is it a problem?

    Hi: My current 1000 watt PSU has two 6 pin connectors while the 580 gtx has one 6 pin input and one 6 pin input. Anyone know if this is gonna be a problem. Are there extention available to convert one 6 pin to an 8 pin? Thanks in advance!
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    New Mobo & Old Computer Compatibility Question

    Hello: I am thinking of regutting my old Alienware PC to add new mobo, cpu, ram, and gpu and was wondering if the new mobo's (with i7 sockets) will fit an Area 51 Case. As a point of reference, I currently have an Nvidia Geforce 680i motherborad. I plan on keep my optical drive, hard drive...
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    QX6700 bottleneck a 580 GTX?

    Hi: Thinking of upgrading my 275 GTX SLI for a single 580 GTX and would like to know if I might have major bottleneck issues if I do get the 580 GTX given my older hardware. Playing on 27inch with 1920 x 1080 native resolution. Specs: Core 2 Extreme QX 6700 3.0 ghz OC'd 3.2 ghz...