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    Ikea desk gallery

    The shipping is outrageous, 120% on my order which I refuse to pay that much for fake wood. If you have the time you can easily copy the design and build your own, even use ikea legs which I plan to do for my own desk. go to your local lumberyard, if you have a car than it's better to get...
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    Was there ever an alternative to the SR-X capable of any overclocking?

    Xeons are meant to be stable, you can't be stable if you're overclocking. Plus xeons are server grade CPUs and will take more beatings than the highest i7 available as it's there nature. Stability comes at a price though...
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    I'm giving in and starting from scratch. Some of the best cases around, quality does come at a price. The m10 will suit your needs but the corsair 900d may look nicer but not necessarily better.
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    Computer Desk (3 monitors wont fit)

    I'd recommend the galant desks from ikea, those are pretty sturdy and affordable. $300+ may sound like a lot but space to cost ratio is pretty cheap. The other way is to get a 3 way stand for 30" vesa displays, this way you don't have to spend more money on a desk.
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    2013 Buld (Gaming, Video Editing, Photography, Music Production, Game Production)

    I'm actually buying everything all at once, I never buy 1 piece at a time. The monitors though will probably be bought last or just 1 at first until everything is setup as they're about $1000 a pop ( I love color accuracy^^) and plus my father's in the business and they only use Nec.
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    Building a gaming PC

    I'd personally try to shoot for the 7970GHZ edition, if you're just gaming your GPU should usually be your most expensive component.
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    Building a gaming PC

    Games are still applications so the better the hardware the better, however 16GB of DDR3 2400 is perfect and a 4770K will be great. Since you are gaming I'd get 2x MSI BE Lightning 7970GHZ-E gfx cards for video stability if doing multi monitor setups, sure you can run 6 displays off of one gfx...
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    2013 Buld (Gaming, Video Editing, Photography, Music Production, Game Production)

    "Dead Thread" But here's my answers. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Video and Audio Production, Game Development, 3D Modeling, CAD 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? No Limit, buying over a period of time. 3) Which...
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    2013 Buld (Gaming, Video Editing, Photography, Music Production, Game Production)

    After reviewing the current parts available I went with the following, keep in mind that I will water cool just about everything and so far from the 7970GHZ variants I went with the closest to reference available which is the BE Lightning and it loos neat) Motherboard ASUS P9X79-E WS LGA 2011...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    What galant pieces did you use? and what file cabinets are those?
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    3 Monitor Desk Mounts?

    Spacedec SD-FS-T Atdec is the way to go, you can adjust the spacing, tilt, swivel like you can on it's normal stand so that means it's perfect for portrait as well. You can also screw it into your desk if it's wood that is.
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    Looking for a water block "7970 GHZ-E"

    You can view more about the card here. I've been searching for awhile now but have not been successful finding a water block as I plan on water cooling my cards and going in with a 3 way crossfire for stability and awesomeness...
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    Eyefinity desk size help. I seem to really like this one plus 96" in length^^ Now to just select some cabinets and bam easy installation.
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    Eyefinity desk size help.

    Looks like my guesstimates weren't off at all, pretty sweet! Saw some picks in the ikea desk gallary thread and the black-brown finish seems to be my favorite and it matches my room pretty well (got to repaint those walls><) Went with the A-Legs as I liked the shiny chrome/steel, the T-Legs...
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    PC can't get into BIOS

    Try removing your usb and mouse/keyboard devices as sometimes that won't allow you to post, it could also just mean the mobo is dead or it could be your cpu and if that's the case well.. you may have to contact intel or amd depending on what your cpu is to see if you can get a replacement.
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    Eyefinity desk size help.

    I'm currently upgrading my system and pretty much want everything on a single surface so was looking at either just building a desk from scratch using high quality wood or just mod and hack ikea pieces for something awesome. I'm looking to either do eyefinity 5x1 or 3x2 but leaning towards 5x1...
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    IPS - Small bezel for eyefinity

    I'll be using 2x ASUS MATRIX-HD7970-P-3GD5 in crossfire so I'll only be using displayport. Also I found the older lightning be not the new one, my bad.
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    Dell S-Line Screens - S2740L, S2440L, S2340M, S2340L, S2240M

    I've had a good bit of time with the 24" models and they're OK monitors but do not represent colors well and glossy is a no no.. But if you're strapped for cash these are okay in eyefinity or nvidia surround. But if your a gfx artist, cad user, 3d modeler/designer than I'd probably go their...
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    IPS - Small bezel for eyefinity

    Nice suggestion, but the MSI BE Lightning is discontinued, of course I'm water cooling my cards to save space I still have to fit that zxr sound card and water cooling actually saves quite a bit of space. I'm still thinking the asus or dell as they have 1+B colors which is awesome but I think...
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    Multiple U2412M Displayport problems

    Check each monitor to see if it's a display port problem, if it persists on every monitor it's likely to be your gfx card. Unlike dell's PCs I prefer their Monitors and see them as their flagship product, and never have I seen any issues with a dell ultrasharp but I never purchased a...
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    IPS - Small bezel for eyefinity

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working out a new setup and I decided to go with AMD this round instead of Nvidia, the titan and 780 and 790 do look nice but I'd like to see where the other side of the table is this round. Now I'm looking at IPS mainly because I play around with cad for fun...