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    Need a good monitor, mine got busted.. I haven't researched in years, what's good for a 200 to 300$ budget Used or New?

    I was on a DELL S2415H monitor. It was true 8bit, it got busted so I ordered BenQ GW2480 off amazon thinking it'd be an upgrade, but it feels like a downgrade. It uses 6bit + 2 bit FRC dithering and just generally feels weird on my eyes TBH I'm debating on buying another S2415H, or maybe going...
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    Monitor for PS3

    Hey, I need a 24" to 26" 1080p or 1200p with 1:1, true 8bit or static dithered (no temporal or spatial), none PWM flickering monitor for a ps3. I currently have a dell 2209w it's 1680x1050, and the ps3 stretches the image. I recently found this...
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    Need a Monitor for Consoles

    Hey, I need a 1080P monitor for consoles, 60hz preferably as I'm use to that, an IPS without dithering preferred, I had a bad experince with dithering before (where it trys to make true 10bit or 8 bit by flashing colors instead of laying them in the RGB positions like IPS does) I'm hoping to...
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    Need some advice

    Hey, I've been looking up spaekers and studio monitors for like a month or so I've been trying to decide on a better pair then my current 100$ klipsch for use inside DAWS and mixing music but I want my songs to sound good too right so I was looking up and people said to get studio monitors then...
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    Hard time finding a PS3 display

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    Best joystick for BF2/BF3

    Hey, I've always loved flying in BF2, I'm pretty good with the helicopters on mouse but when it comes to the jets I can never turn sharp enough or aim properly. With BF3 coming up I'm siked about flying again and I want to get a joystick and launch BF2 back up again. I could only find old...
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    Lowest input lag HDTV or Monitor for gaming (IPS panel)

    Hey, I want to get a PS3 and SSFIV and need to get a 32" HDTV with low input lag. I heard if you connect ps3 to these TVs with HDMI to component cables (or VGA i forgot) you can bypass the internal filtering that slows down the input response. I'm trying to find one under 1frame if possible...
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    Thinking of buyin the Swans M200MKII

    Hey, I looked at most of the desktop like speakers, and swans seems to be best for size/quality for the money, but I have a couple questions before I get em (they won't be in stock till mid august anyway) I'm pretty much an audio noob, so sorry if some of these questions are dumb. I mostly...
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    How can I hook my Comp to my TV?

    hey, my TV is a 4:3 flatscreen 19" it's got red, white, yellow connections and blue, green, red. Is there anyway I could get picture and audio from my computer to display on it? It also has a comcast box hooked to it and I think on the back of the comcast box I see a VGA socket I'm not sure...
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    Question about building a site..

    Hey, this is probably the most asked question on the internet but well here it goes: Can anyone reccomend me some good sites on what I should learn in order to build a website? I'm trying to build one just to showcase a product of mine, I have already bought the domain on godaddy (although I...
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    AM3 Heatsink that doesn't block ram slots

    Hey, I'm getting this soon: Phenom II x3 720 BE GIGABYTE GA-MA790XT-UD4P Antec 902 and 8GB of G.Skill 1600 ram and I've been trying to find a heatsink other then stock that wouldn't block any of my ram slots, I need 8GB for memory extensive programs but would also like to keep my CPU cool and...
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    quick question about gamma

    Hey, I'm wondering about the gamma test over at do they mean it should be as closely matched to the two big fat lines sticking out at 2.2, or the thing with the little grids going down it? Also, should the colors at 2.2 blend in perfectly...
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    Hey, I'm trying to find out the black level of my LCD

    Hey, I want to compare my black level to the current newer panels black levels, everyone rates them as x.x cdm/2 and such for black level (lower is better right?) I tried to find a review for my monitor with the information, this is the only thing I could find...
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    How do people do that display test on their monitors

    Hey, I have an old monitor that I think is pretty good, and would love to give it a display test against the newer ones to see how much of a difference I'd be getting... I'm talking about like, that lil alien in the car that people take screenshots of for ghosting, and other things, all...
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    I don't get it, how come these are so expensive. They are like 4x the normal price, I don't get it... btw, anyone know some good glossy 19/20/21/22" none-tn panels
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    Monitors vs HDTVs in terms of picture quality

    Hey, I'm wondering what would be the better choice for watching movies / shows? A HDTV or a LCD Monitor... I know about the 16:10 and 16:9 stuff, I'd rather not have black bars but heres my current situation; I could either get: LCD2490WUXI 1040$ or Samsung 32A650 900$ With the...
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    Question about 720p/1080p screen/size ratio stuffz

    Hey, this has been bugging me for while.. Say I have a 720p video playing on a 32" 720p screen, then I have that same video playing on a 32" 1080p screen but it's being upscaled to 1080p to play on it. Will I notice any difference at all? Because It's the same exact size screen, but one is...
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    Just deleted a partition with all my data on it...

    I just deleted my external HDD partition from my Disk Management and it had like 30gigs of files on it, is there anyway to recover the files or undo that?
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    Surge Protector for HDTVS?

    Hey, I just read up recently it's a good thing to have a Surge Protector for your LCD HDTV.. I'm wondering what is the best price/protection ratio one I could get to prevent my tv from getting killed lol
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    How do I get the audio to go to my TV?

    Hey, this isn't exactly a HTPC question, but I'm going to connect my desktop to my TV via DVI-HDMI cord and I was wondering how I would get my audio to the TV... I only have a green audio input on my computer, which I could use for speakers but my TVs far away so I need a 25FT audio cable or...
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    DVI-DVI / HDMI-HDMI cable length question

    hey, I heard the longer the cable is the less quality the signal will be, I'm wanting to connect my computer from one room to the other with a DVI-HDMI cable, I'm wondering how long they can be before the quality starts to suffer
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    Question about Resolution / Screen Size

    I was wondering how come LCD Monitors stop having native 720p at like 20"s, but LCD TVs have native 720p at like 30"s or higher...
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    Looking to buy a LCD TV

    Hey, I'm looking to buy something around 26" to 30" LCD TV, 720p or 1080p I had a few questions about things though: I'm wanting to actually hook up my computer to my TV, I have alot of 1280x720 shows in .mkv / .mp4 containers, and if I hook my TV up to the LCD with a DVI to HDMI converter...
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    Show me some good none TN panels

    Are there any good 20" / 22" / 24" NONE TN panels out? Preferably the lower size would do aka 20" / 22" if there are any, price is probably out of my budget but list em anyway lol Oh and it has to be widescreen (well duh, like they make none widescreen anymore) Edit// Oh, I should...
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    Fraps skips when I record in games

    hey, everything I try to record ingame footage with fraps it records fine for like the first minute, then it starts skipping constantly like small freezes, my FPS stays the same while recording so I don't know what could be causing it..
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    Any deals on OS's?

    I was hoping I could get a deal on vista retail this black Friday or even some cheap windows xp OEMS, but so far I've not found any... Do you guys know anywhere I could get these cheaper then normal?
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    Dual Boot XP/XP?

    Hey, I'm wanting to dual-boot Windows XP Pro, and Windows XP Home. (yes I'm weird like that) But I'm wondering if this will work out okay? I already have XP Pro installed, I have another harddrive and I want to install Windows XP Home on it, but I'm worried it might overwrite the boot.ini...
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    need some new speakers

    Hey, I've had these Klipsch Pro Media Ultra 2.0's for the past 2 years, and for about a year now the left speaker would fade in and out, and I would have to tap the volume controll for minutes untill it comes in clear again. But now it's finally just not working anything, so I need a new pair of...
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    what do I use to wipe an external hard drive?

    Hey, I need to wipe my external hard drive (connected via USB) but I have no idea what to use, DBAN only works on external. Any suggustions?
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    Quick question about reinstalling an OS

    Hey, my computer came with an "Respawn Disc" Supposedly it's an image of the computer before they shipped it to me. It also came with the original Windows XP CD and Support Drivers CD. Now I'm wondering if just using the disc with the image on it to restore will be okay? Will it restore...
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    Question about image backups of drives

    Hey, I was wondering when you create an image backup of your harddrive does it also save all the freespace or the data that was overwritten? I made a harddrive backup along time ago, and right now my computer is loaded with stuff, going alot slower then it use to and some nasty viruses got on...
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    Any free color calibrating tools?

    Specifically one that lets you check how well your screens caliberated. I'm just interested in how well mine is calibrated right now.
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    Question about calibration on v2400w or such.. err..

    Hey, I just got my V2400W right, and right out of the box the colors were alot brighter then my old, so I played around with Nvidia display wizard, and settings and got it to look pretty much like my old one, then I went to The black and White test at and I couldn't see up...
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    Something weird I noticed with my new monitor..

    I've always used CRTs and previously 1 glossy LCD. I just switched to a larger 24" matte screen and when I look kinda close, actually only about an arms lengths away on bright colors such as all white, or so, I can see this glittery smudge... err.. it's like hard to explain, like the screens wet...
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    Color Profile question...

    Hey, I got a color profile file for my monitor from a site, it's an .Icc file, so i tried loading it through nvidias color profile thingy, and the colors went all out of whack like dark and luminated. My friend has the same monitor and uses the same profile (he told me about it) but he said it...
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    How do I set up multiple displays?

    Hey, I have a Nvidia 8800GT card and I want to run two displays at once on it, but I want one to display 1280x1024 and other 1620x1020, how do I do this? lol
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    Is the V2400W 22"'s tall? Err, here he says it's Dimensions: 563.8x369.4x191.7 (HxWxD mm) 563.8mm heighth? That would mean 22" tall, so I got a box and put my current monitor ontop of it to measure and geez that is way to tall, with my desk the middle toppish of...
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    Question for v2400W owners, also E2400HD vs v2400w>_>

    Hey, for anyone who owns a v2400w is yours crooked to the left a lil? Don't just say no, try to measure like this guy did. there he says it's crooked, so I was wondering before I buy Also, the E2400HD just came out? Do you think...
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    V2400W Question

    Hey, anyone who has one could you measure how tall the stand is till it hits the screen area? My current monitor is 2" 's till it shows screen, since there's no height adjustment it's kinda important.
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    Does the G2400WD come back instock on oct. 20th?

    Hey, I heard around here some people said that it would come back in stock on BenQ's online store on Oct 20th (Couldn't find the post) But I tried contacting them through email and talking with them on the phone line, and they couldn't give me any information at all. Does anybody know anything? :S