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    2013 Buld (Gaming, Video Editing, Photography, Music Production, Game Production)

    After reviewing the current parts available I went with the following, keep in mind that I will water cool just about everything and so far from the 7970GHZ variants I went with the closest to reference available which is the BE Lightning and it loos neat) Motherboard ASUS P9X79-E WS LGA 2011...
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    Looking for a water block "7970 GHZ-E"

    You can view more about the card here. I've been searching for awhile now but have not been successful finding a water block as I plan on water cooling my cards and going in with a 3 way crossfire for stability and awesomeness...
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    Eyefinity desk size help.

    I'm currently upgrading my system and pretty much want everything on a single surface so was looking at either just building a desk from scratch using high quality wood or just mod and hack ikea pieces for something awesome. I'm looking to either do eyefinity 5x1 or 3x2 but leaning towards 5x1...
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    IPS - Small bezel for eyefinity

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working out a new setup and I decided to go with AMD this round instead of Nvidia, the titan and 780 and 790 do look nice but I'd like to see where the other side of the table is this round. Now I'm looking at IPS mainly because I play around with cad for fun...