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    Bizarre MS Word Ribbon is Stuck

    I am trying to fix this but I'm getting stuck at every turn. This is not my PC it belongs to a business associate hundreds of miles away. I can't use TeamViewer or similar as the policy is that he can't install that type of software on an office computer. He says that this is MS Word 2010 but...
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    Set up home intranet for specific devices/user accounts

    I have an extremely precocious 4 year old kid who reads better than my 30something brother in law. She has grown up with iPads and PCs and now I'm very concerned that she's going to start exploring sites which aren't exactly Disney or Barbie. BTW, yes, we do limit her screen time and supervise...
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    M.2 in RAID 1 or 10?

    I asked this question over on Intel Processors as I'm starting to figure out the configuration for my Skylake-X system (yeah, I know I'm way early but I have to start saving my pennies now so I need to know the approximate cost of all this stuff). So the question is: I'd also like to get the...
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    Saving up for killer Skylake-X system, please help configure it

    I'm already starting to put $$$ aside for the system which I fully expect to be my last conventional PC as I want to keep it for several years at which time I don't know if we'll be using holograms or bioembedded circuits or whatever. Unlike many of my builds, sound is not an issue as it's...
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    Win10 Weird Select Text Problem

    Very strange problem with Win10 selection process. In previous OS (on all my PCs and all my mice) I can select text and then copy in one swoop. Win10 makes me select text and then click before copying. Is that standard behavior for this OS. If so, it sucks
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    How to remap MS Comfort mouse leftclick to thumb button?

    I've probably owned 5 or 6 MS Intellimouse units only because the software allowed you to have the thumb button take the place of the left click (and drag, etc.). Of course they're now long gone and I just bought a MS Comfort 4500 with the assurances that I could do that but of course MS gives...
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    Set up 1 PC in home net as a file downloader

    As you can see in my sig, I have a house full of computers. They're all on the same 120Mbps cable provider network, the i3-4170 is wired, the others are on WiFi. What I'd like to do is to use the HP All-In-One as a full time downloader. In order to control and shift the downloads around from the...
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    Skylake/Z170 finally available

    MSI Z170 under $150 on They're finally starting to show up and just two hours to go to the formal launch in Germany. Not a badly priced board... a bit high but I'm sure that they will adjust pricing a bit as we go on through the next few days. Here are the first from Gigabyte...
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    Help me configure 6700K system

    Ok, the latest round of pre-launch info has finally convinced me to drop all pretenses at living long enough to see the 5775C sold in North America and hold on for another month or so for a 6700K system. The octocore is moving to the office so the old trusty 2600K is going to go to the wife's...
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    Help me configure 6700K system

    Delete me.
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    Please recommend best 4K 32" or smaller monitor for GTX750Ti

    I finally managed to find the card I need for my build: Palit GTX750Ti Fanless The CPU for the build will be a... who the heck knows? With LGA Broadwells being a vapor launch I MIGHT wait for the LGA Skylakes, or I might just say the heck with it all and go 4790K. The primary question...
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    10nm CPUs to not launch, replaced by more 14nm!

    No Cannonlake Wow. There must be some serious rumblings behind closed doors at Intel. I would bet my bottom nickel that they have run into a brick yield wall and that those problems are definitely tied in to the LGA Broadwell vapor launch!
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    Iris 6200 to run 4K display @ 60Hz?

    According to the Intel specs on the LGA Broadwells (if any of us live long enough to actually see these vaporchips ship!) it will run a 4K @ 60 Hz. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but that can only be achieved on HDMI 2.1 and up. So when I look at displays I should ensure that they meet that...
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    Suggestions for MiniATX for i7-5775C

    As I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Intel to pull it's thumb out of its collective butt and turn the LGA Broadwell vapor launch into a real one with shipping silicon, so I might as well start looking at the motherboard options. It's a fully silent build with no moving parts at...
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    Safe to Sleep Mode with H110

    The H110 is keeping the octocore marvelously cool. Haven't seen a 40C yet. The question is that with all the weird sleep states that this CPU has is there any chance of getting it a bit too toasty during sleep with the pump shut down?
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    Fastest Closed Loop Video Card

    I need a closed loop video card to shred Adobe CS. I don't want to do my own watercooling I just want to open the box plug it in and work. Any suggestions?
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    Project Silent i7 8 Core - No Moving Parts

    I was literally the first customer to order all the bits for an i7-5960X system from NCIX (they didn't even have the CPU and mobo on the site yet) and they're winging their way to me now. I'm going to set up the system so that under normal operating conditions there is not a single moving part...
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    Finally settled on an i7-4790 build

    I've been waffling on this CPU or that CPU for a good long time, but I'm finally ready to start accumulating the bits for my super silent build and I'm going to base it on the i7-4790. There's several reasons for settling on that one: I use a proprietary legacy (horrible) software which is...
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    Crazy idea for silent system with Dyson Cool AM06

    I hate freakin' system noise and I'm dumping my Alienware Aurora R4 3930K system because I am either going to take a spike to its fans or to my eardrums. So I came up with a really weird idea. How about a custom straight-through airflow cube-type case with this monster at one end of it: Dyson...
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    Forget Haswell-E, Configure An E5-2697V2 System

    I believe it's better to start a new thread than to extend Starting to plan my Haswell-E build since we have to change plans. There are two basic reasons why I'm giving up on Haswell-E: I can't wait until mid to late Q3 to replace my system The RAM situation is simply unacceptable...
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    4K 50" Sideways Mount, Multiple Feed?

    For a very special application I want to mount a 4K 50" TV sideways (turned 90 degrees CW or CCW) and then provide at least a double feed so that the top half of the screen would be displaying one feed from a video card and the bottom half would be displaying a completely different feed (it...
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    Starting to plan my Haswell-E build

    My current primary system (see sig) has been a bit of a lunchbag letdown. It's noisier than a Justin Bieber concert (even though I yanked the HD fan), the Alienware OS add-on is buggy and unstable, it runs at least 10C hotter than my somewhat similar 2600K (which has the world's greatest cooler...
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    .htaccess to block an entire region???

    I know that I can list IP addresses to block them but in this case I want to block an entire region like a state. Is there any way of doing this without entering thousands of IPs and then risking that there are some IPs that will slip through the cracks and access the site anyway? Any assistance...
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    SimCity Debacle: Could EA have messed it up any more?

    The writing was on the wall from the first minute that they announced server-based SimCity. I warned them so much on their forums that they freakin' banned me, and then I turned out to be 100% right. How can a billion-dollar company be that shortsighted and just plain stupid? If it was up to me...
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    Set up always-on videoconferencing via Skype/TeamViewer or ???

    Here is the topology: I'm here. I have three people working there... there being an office 10 miles away. I want to set up webcams behind each of these people so I can see the back of their heads, at least half of their monitors, and listen in when I want to. I would set up a separate...
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    Will new Crucial M4 256GB have 000F update?

    I am currently running 3 M4s in my 2600K system and I got caught unaware of the 000F update. If I buy a new one this week for my new 3930K system, am I going to get the latest firmware, or do I have to watch out for the same problem a few months down the road?
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    Transfer Win7Pro from HD to SSD

    I've just ordered today an i7-3930K which is coming with a 2TB HD as the C: drive. I already have an SSD that I'd like to use as C: relegating the 2TB to E: drive. I'd like to keep the installed configuration exactly as it is, as it's an Alienware and it's not going to come with media. Ghosting...
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    Want to expand LGA2011 to 40GB RAM

    Well, the i7-3770 system I ordered is going to have to go to one of my subcontractors since they just blew up theirs and they're in a real mess, so I just ordered an Alienware Aurora i7-3930K (OC'd from the factory) today. It's coming maxed out with 16GB RAM (strange that it's not offered with...
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    i7-3770 + HD6870 OK For New SimCity?

    Yesterday I placed the order for my 3770 and I matched it up with an HD6870 1GB GDDR5. The only game I'm ever going to play on it is the new SimCity which is in the Origin cloud (when it finally debuts in March). The minimum requirements for the game are very very very low, so I think that this...
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    So... is AMD killing all the big cores?

    Even the "retraction" doesn't seem too convincing... According to some "other" forums, SA's Charlie has some good inside sources at AMD so there may be some fire here to match the smoke. Gotta...
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    Need to set up a Chromium OS boot from USB Flash

    I have a friend running XP Pro who needs to dual boot but wants to do it with Chromium OS. The optimal arrangement would be if the PC runs XP all the time and then if he restarts with the Chromium OS USB in the slot it will just boot to the Google software. I'm pretty sure that this can be done...
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    What's this about an AMD-ARM server CPU?

    I might have been not paying attention to anything AMD since BD put me to sleep but did I miss this?
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    Q4'13 IB-EP 12-Core Xeon - Killer Workstation?

    About a month ago the news started filtering out that IB-EP was gonna be 12 not 10 cores. I know we're still a year away from the debut but it's got me seriously thinking about putting...
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    SSD Data Drives Keep Disappearing!

    Everything has been absolutely rock stable with my system (see sig) for almost a year since I built it. A couple of days ago all hell started breaking loose. Files would corrupt, wouldn't save, or wouldn't launch, shutdown would just go to the Shutting Down screen and stay there for hours until...
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    Is there a basic cheap LGA1366 mobo anywhere?

    One of my PCs is an old trusty LGA1366 but the mobo has unfortunately been damaged by a SELF-CENSORED individual. This is just an ancillary PC that's rarely used, but I don't want to junk it outright. Is there anything new and cheap out there that will keep this puppy running for a couple of...
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    Need to set up "RoadRacing Simulator" cheaply!

    I am being SELF-CENSORED to buy a birthday present for a horrific punk of a kid that I'm peripherally related to (by no fault of my own) and I've been pressured by all my other SELF-CENSORED relatives to get him a RoadRacing Simulator for his PC. (Not for game consoles.) All of the ones I've...
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    Time to add a 4th Crucial M4, this time external

    I have 3 internal Crucial M4s in my main 2600K system and all I can say is that they are flawless. Not a day goes by that they don't impress me. I have a need for an external drive for offsite archiving and I definitely want another Crucial M4 in there. My question is what external case and...
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    Approx. 120B SSD Recommendations

    My 2600K rig has two: Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III MLC SSDs It's time to upgrade the C: drive to a larger one as I was perfectly fine until I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud and now I need wads of GBs to install all that crap. Therefore please provide suggestions for a 120GB...
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    Any Center-Of-LCD-Display Webcams?

    I have an Asus 27" display and the problem is that no matter where I place my webcam the angle of the image is screwy. If I place it atop the monitor all the other person sees is the balding top of my head, and if I place it underneath the display on the base it looks like I have a bigger chin...
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    Amazing new server tech pitch: What to do with it?

    Last night I got dragged along to a venture capital forum as a JAFO (Just Another F***ing Observer) and nearly fell asleep from the pitches for incredibly stupid stuff that no one would ever buy, let alone finance. Then this guy made this presentation that stopped me dead in my tracks. He has a...